Now I will tell you something about myself. Hopefully you will get a first impression about me by reading about my work-related and private life!


After finishing my A-level I went to university in Cologne and took classes in islamic studies.  Parallel running I had several self-employed businesses (gastronomy & retail).

I am that kind of creative person who does have a lot of interests and never feels bored at all. So education in any kind of way, like learning languages, reading stuff about certain topics I am interested in or needing for handling a job always guided me through my whole life.

I am a very active person and I like creative thinking against the tide. Sometimes another perspective shows you new opportunities. Being pretty vanilla is not my style. I like to be special, unique and a little bit extraordinary (or a lot :O)

I am one of those high sensitive persons with intuitive powers. In the past (childhood) that was like I had worn a dead albatross around my neck. But as I learned to use my emotional power and my female intuition for business, these “skills” helped me to open the doors for working together with others and doing great work for my clients.

I am an optimistic kind of person. In my world there are not existing problems, no I would call them lectures. Everything which happens to you, which is not positive can become positive if you learn to manage it. If you think you fail, it could be the first step to find a solution to your personal success. Because of my mindset and my cognitive abilities I can listen to my clients and see a clue to their personal puzzle.

I like to create added value for my couples, like them to feel comfortable, respected and special. I prefer customized consulting, because I want to do the best for them I can.

private life:

I am married and have three children, two sons aged 10 years &

9 month old and a daugther (aged 6) with my hubby. We live together in a house in a smaller township called Windeck since 5 years. Before we were living in Cologne.

I like to be close to nature: A lot of trees and water are closeby to my home. So these idealic frame of nature here in Windeck is a eye-minded pleasure for me and my soul. If I get stressed out, I go nearby the water and suddenly will feel relaxed again. My believe in God is also an important pillar in my life, which offers me a lot of mental strengh.

My favorite hobbies are doing sports, listening to music, cooking and doing bakery for family and friends. Furthermore I am interested in furniture design, home design and storage solutions. I am that kind of person who would rather prefer to invest in a good furniture than other stuff. I love to be creative and open-minded.

If I am hanging around with people I prefer deep talk more then superficialities. I am not that kind of person, who is blinded by beauty or wealth. I prefer heartpeople who like to achieve something and take care of the feelings and thoughts of their surrounding. Easiliy I connect with others, but I prefer people who like to work on their personality development and share their emotions like I do.