My name is Nicole Dellinger and I am the authentic person to contact, if you are interested in getting married, especially in denmark.

Show your deep love towards your partner by choosing the location for your wedding in denmark!

You can easily fulfill your dream by getting married with your big love there.

A few advantages should convice you to choose denmark as the place to say “Yes, I do!”:

  • you just need a few documents to show
  • you will get an appointment for your civil wedding very fast
  • the marriage certificate, which you will receive while the ceremony, is an international one, which is valid all around the world.

If you you are in a hurry or  just want to schedule your wedding forward looking… I will be there for you as the wedding expert you need to get that great appointment confirmed.

Special Attention- Corona-crisis

Currently the borders in denmark where closed (since 14.3-13.4.2020) by the danish politicians. That is why they want to protect the danish people. The registrar offices are closed since friday (13.3.2020), the danish authority who decides about each wedding closed their office too.

BUT- the registrars as well as the workers of the danish authority are working from home. So I can still apply your case- because they will check papers and offer permissions to get married in denmark.

What is important now?

  • First of all: Keep calm! :O)
  • check your visa, if you already have entered a schengen country with a visa which will expire soon, check if you can stretch this by communicating with the foreign office or the embassy who has offered that visa to you. (There are always some kind of exceptions-so just feel free to ask for it).
  • you can speak to a doctor, if you think you might had contact with a infected person , I don’t think that they will let you travel in your home country if you could be a risk person. Now what matters the most, is your healthiness and those you love. So take good care of yourself and your fiance.
  • if you love each other you will strengthen through that coronacrisis- and it does not matter if the wedding will be delayed.


I can do my best, if you tell me more about yourself and your “spouse-to be” in detail. Every couple is different and special. That is the reason why I love my business so much, because every new couple makes me excited again. Every background is different. The storys around the couples I am taking care about are touching my heart in a deep way. I am that person who like you to feel comfortable and well-protected while I am taking care about your case. Every spouse has is own story to tell. I am the person that will listen to your sorrows and wishes. My solutions for couples who want to get married in denmark is a customized one. Usually I will give individuelly advice to my clients. That personilized habit of mine helps you to feel free and looking forward to your wedding ceremony in denmark.

The name of my company “Agentur Herzensfreude” does mean “bringing joy to the hearts”. I am maintaing this attitude. I like you to feel lucky and to have a great time. Fulfilling your wishes and making your wedding dream come true makes me happy too. So if you feel joy, and I feel lucky it will be a great deal for all of us!

Marriage in denmark easy and fast!

There are still some appointments available:

tuesday 21.4.2020  wednesday 22.4.2020 thursday 23.4.2020

24.4.2020  friday

25.4.2020, saturday


Do you wish something different? Write me and tell me where you want to get married and at which date.

Just a small reminder, if you are interested in the exclusive beachweddings where  I will personally be present with you: Appointments are possible between 22.7.2020-8.8.2020. I am looking forward to hear from you.

(these dates are just for your orientation. There are other days and dates possible too. Just talk about your wishes, and I will do my best to realize it for you!)


It does not matter if you civil status is unmarried, divorced or widowed. You are entitled to get married.

I am looking forward to hear about you and your story. Choose the best way to contact me by writing an email to: agentur.herzensfreude@yahoo.de

Life gives you opportunities, that you can choose by your own. Everybody can achieve his goals, if he really want it by all his heart. If you dont know you should let decide your brain or your stomach: Listen to your heart. It lays between the others and mostly it is totally right.

These website is under construction right now. I am trying to translate all the textes as soon as I can into english. But please feel free to read all the other textes on my webpage, by using the google translate button at the sidebar.