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Motivational Monday: How to deal with a lack of creativity

The start of a fresh week can decide about your own mood, as well as your success level. Just imagine you are not on time, quite tired, feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and your own skin, because you are sure that is one of those crazy days where everything and everybody gets out of control. Imagine you have an important appointment and allthough you thought you were well prepared for it, your mind is getting a little bit too dark. That is the moment where your realize, that something is not right. Something does not fit. What’s wrong with you? Do you feel moody? Overwhelmed? Uncertain?

Where is all that creativity gone, which usually boosted yourself to provide a unique result, which others totally adore? If you are a musician, or an author, an artist or a human who loves to change the world to the positive by creating ideas or products, which improve the life of others… then you usually have a lot of creativity inside yourself. Its like a neverending fountain, popping up with  „crazy“ ideas and visions, nobody else would have.


Creative humans are a huge blessing for our society. Without art, music, lyric, prosa and innovations the world would be a dark place with humans who rather would die then live here. Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for a company: With you creative output you help others to get out of a certain pattern which would stick to them like superglue, if they would not escape here and there.


For example there is a guy working in a huge building analyzing the results of profits. For sure his work needs his full attention and if he does mistakes, this will have a bad impact of the business client he is working with. So he is totally focused and juggles with figures.

And what helps him to do this job for hours? In his break-time he gets out of the office building and takes a deep breath firstly. Then he will usually plug in his headphones and listen to music. He will relax and feel good vibes while enjoying the voice of his favorite artist. Having a snack and recharging his own batteries is neccessary for him, in order to get back to that office room at the 13th floor with huge windows but no fresh air and a secretary who’s shoes make a lot of noice if she is handing out papers to him he needs to sign.


If he would not have that break-time, where he totally releases his stress because of being outside, having some food and listening to good music, he could not be successful and productive as he usually is. That music makes him happy is great, right? So once there was a creative person, who started writing a song and did put together the notes for the composition. If that person did not, the guy could not enjoy that music.

People often are not aware about the luxury creative people offer to them. A nice picture of a photographer can increase your mood, because if your eyes see something beautiful your mind will calm down and release stress immediately:


Perhaps you love pictures of happy people, or couples who love each other, children who smile or beautiful humans. I personally prefer pictures of the ocean, because I love water and will feel connected with the ocean if I see photography of it. Everybody is different and thats such an opportunity.

As a blogger and a wedding visionary I am always very creative. I love to be creative and to show my own style. Its part of my business to represent innovations and to have ideas which others might not have. As a creative human I love to express myself, whether its taking photos, writing blogposts or creating solutions for individuals who want to marry at special places.

No matter what I do, until I can be creative I am really productive and happy. But there are tasks too, which really can be boring. Like writing bills and preparing the results of  bookkeeping in order to deliver it to the tax office. That are tasks I am forced to do, but do not enjoy at all.

Procastinating things you don’t like can become a huge issue for creative people. The reason why I write about is, because actually I feel guilty by myself. I am sure about the fact, that creative people will loose their huge amount of creativity by feeling uncomfortable, stressed out and under huge time pressure.

For me it might be the date I need to hand out the tax information. If I procastinate because I do not love to take care of the bills— then I will have a lot of pressure on my shoulders to get those urgent things finally done. At this point I will not have the time nor the potential to be as creative as I am in a relaxed situation. And I will be moody too, allthough nobody around me deserves that. But being stressed out will have consequences right?


There are authors out there who really can write in a creative and unique way. Their use of words can rise up their readers heartbeat, because they get passionated to read through the lines and are totally in the story the author tells his readership. But many authors loose their creativity level, if the publishing company puts a certain timeline on the authors shoulder and if a person of the publishing stuff asks over and over again how many days he needs to fulfill the next bestseller.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh.png

The main issue is not the lack of creativity which arises. As a creative person you should realise which thing or person disturbs you. Which situation triggers something in you and closes the door to your heart? Some pressure can be productive. I like to set a timeline for myself sometimes, because you can really get lost at a certain point if you are creative. You will not have a feeling for the hours you already spend on a certain project, right?

Usually if you paint, you can express your inside to the outside. If you write a song, you can do that too. Creative people express themselves and others are impressed by them, right?

But imagine there is something crazy going on, which really makes you feel strange or nervous or irritated… do you still feel creative at this point? Some people might become more creative and increase their output… but I am quite sure about the fact that most creative people can feel a lack of creativity and overthink that issue too. Suddenly they are frustrated and bothering themselves because they don’t get things done as they wanted to.

I love you to remind yourself on this motivational monday session to go deeper then you usually do. Feel deep within what causes that stress:

  • Do you questionare yourself?
  • Do others make you feel insecure?
  • Do others put pressure on your shoulders?
  • Does a certain time-line make you mad?
  • Are you afraid of the results?

Be sure, that if you get your problems fixed for sure the lack of creativity will just be a temporary issue and dissappear.

Be inside your heart and tell yourself, that whatever you have to tackle you will be able to do it. And then fix the broken pieces and figure it out. It does not matter how many hours it will take or how many days you need.

Be sure, there will be a light at the end of your dark tunnel.

Now please find your reason and help yourself to get back on track on the highway of the creative humans.

Did you enjoy reading this?  If so, I would love to read about your own point of view! Please use the comment function for expressing your insights.

The Liebster Award Nomination for the first time

I’d like to thank DM for nominating me to this award. I was surprised by this nomination and it is a real plus to be nominated as a blogger. It is a great honor for me that you think I could deserve this award! Thanks a lot. I try to answer all of your really amazing and creative questions. By the way the first one is my favorite one ;O).

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the person who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
  • Add the award image.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Ask the nominated bloggers 10 questions.


My Answers


  1. If you meet an alien and it would ask you what a human is, what would you tell?

A human is a being which has a free mind, but just a little group of that humans uses their mind carefully and free. Human beings are full of feelings, good one and bad one and they try to socialize, but until now they did not find the key to peace. Humans claim to be smart and many are blinded by money and fame. Humans are the most time very busy, some of them act like robots, some of them try to rule the world there are living in. But a bunch of humans really does not know at all how to change to the good. Perhaps you can teach them to stay calm and positive. But perhaps they will try to attack you because the are afraid of everything which they can not control. Instead of thinking of possibilities to cooperate, they just want to claim that the world is their own and that you are not welcome at all!

  1. What is the most important for you?

Honesty & Kindness

  1. How would you like your life to be in 10 years?

I like it to be totally different. A house close to the ocean and close to the woods. A lot of sport and a bunch of activities which challenge my body, my mind and my soul. Traveling around the world. I love to live in my zone. A peaceful environment which respects others and their differences. I want to help others to be happier and grateful in their life. Love is important for me. I want to  surround myself with those people who love me without condition and accept my flaws without doubt. Supporting others will be a great part of my life. But I will have a lot of time for myself to reconnect with my inner voice.

  1. What major change you made in your life last year?

Oh, great question. Actually I challenged myself to bring my business on a higher level. I did a lot of things which I before never had the courage to do. Last year I stopped backbiting myself. I was always criticising myself and blaming myself for circumstances I did not create by my own. I just learned to accept to live with some things I cannot control. Giving up a control panel means freedom. I am totally out of control. Nobody knows what I will do next. That’s incredible. I am more creative then before and reading and writing brought a great impact to my life.

  1. What would you like to do more every day?

Sports. I started exercising again. But my life is really busy and I often prefer doing sports more then laying in bed. I assume life is full of action and I should be active until I die.

  1. What is your motto?

Be grateful for what you already have, listen to your heart and you can achieve all the things which you were meant to be.

  1. What word would you use to define your past?


  1. What does “happiness” mean for you?

Happiness: I need to be in comfort with my senses. The view of a beautiful place, a good smell, a nice voice singing or speaking kindly, wearing clothes which are soft and being embraced by people I admire and love.

  1. What are you the most proud of?

Of my business. That’s my creative baby which brings so much value to other people and my heart.

  1. What would you like to be known for?

Being honest & using direct speech and supporting others to listen to their heart and helping them to bring their love and life on a higher level.

I nominate the following 10 bloggers for The Liebster Award:

1.DM (I know you are already nominated, but it feels good to nominate you)

2. Max

3. Gary Vee

4. Art of blogging

5.Felix Thönnessen

6. Joanna Venditti

7. Megan

8. Benedikt Ahlfeld

9. A bowl full of lemons

10. Thinkkindness

Okay, lets ask the nomineses 10 questions:

  1. Which character trait do you admire the most if you meet people and interact with them?
  2. Which improvement do you want to offer to the world?
  3. Do you play a safe game or do you prefer to take risks in your life?
  4. Which activity do you need on a daily basis in order to be happy?
  5. Which flaw do you have and what does it provoke in your surrounding?
  6. Which is your biggest challenge right now?
  7. Which is your biggest impact right now?
  8. Do you feel connected with your inner child? If so, what do you do to make it happy?
  9. How do you define happiness for yourself? What do you need in order to feel happy?
  10. Imagine you could restart your life right from the beginning. Would you do everything similar then you already did?


von Anders Noren.

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