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Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger

Emotions are very powerful. If you feel excellent and positive it is quite easy to establish something belonging your business and become more successful: You meet people, interact, cooperate, feel valued and can achieve magical improvement.

But what about these other emotions, which suddenly occur? The most powerful negative emotion is anxiety. Why? Because anxiety is like the hand-break of your car. It will stop the process of going forward immediately.

Anxiety is full of self-protection. Actually many people have to deal with anxiety. Therefore I thought it might be helpful to write about it and how you can deal with anxiety, in order to grew bigger.  Weiterlesen „Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger“

How can I offer love and appreciation to my spouse if I am very busy?

  • Most of my clients run their own business. Entrepreneurship is what all people speak about today and it can bring a magical impact to your life:
    • If your good in what you are doing, hopefully you can earn a lot of money
      If you are successful as an entrepreneur you decide about what comes next and that is really powerful
      If you run a business successfully you define the rules about your life instead of working 8-5 for others.
  • There are lots of others advantages to be an entrepreneur. But one disadvantage can really eliminate your happiness. Perhaps you already guess what I will write about:
  • Relationship- aka private life!
  • Who wants to build an empire does know how it feels like to overwork and invest every second of time into your „business thing“. I really have a lot of experiences with that issue because I know that a qualified, wellstructured and successful business does not arise overnight.
  • To some people it seems like your success was gifted to you by a witch overnight. But I need to inform you about the fact that most successful people are full in their zone and that they did go through tough times until their finally succeed. And many of them are always working on innovations and taking care about their success because it is easy to loose the game.
  • Every person is offered 24 hours daily. You need to be aware about your priorities, especially those besides your business.
  • I know it’s really hard to switch the off-button sometimes. I personally went to a lot of extraordinarily mental issues of my costumers. And because I am so empathizing with other people, it is sometimes really hard to not overthink problems of others after my work is finished.
  • Imagine you run a business for technical devices. That business was build with all your heart and you feel connected with it every single moment in your life. You are sure about the fact that it will grow if you put more effort in it.
  • But then you see that face of your wife who loves that fancy clothes, and that house you bought a couple of month to show her that you love her and just want her to enjoy all the best things in life. But something is not okay with her. She became quiet. She is looking sad although in your opinion she should be happy about all that higher standard your smart business offered to her lifestyle.
  • While you are hustling, working day and night you did not realise that she feels lonely. Even if you are sitting beside her your mind is just thinking about the next meeting and how to convert that company which you are going to meet into an high- paying client.
  • Perhaps she does not want to be ungrateful. But time can be a big issue in a relationship. While one person might be happy with a functional sex life, the other person wants to connect and spend time with that person. Quality-time is the keyword to a happy marriage. It does not matter how many hours you can offer for your wife. But you should take care of her emotional needs. If you are physically present but your thoughts are flying to another area, then that does not mean quality time.
  • I really know how you feel about that because I really thought that if I invest more time in my business it will be more successful then before. That might be a great thought, but it will have private consequences.
  • If you still want that partnership while you are building your business then you should take care of it. Investing time in that partnership is necessary in order to offer appreciation and show your love.
  • Gifts might be a possibilty to build a bridge in busy times. But it should not be the main issue in your partnership. Your lady rather want to consume you and be entertained by you then being lonely in that house with a lot of gifts.
  • You can show your appreciation on a daily basis and this hacks don’t take a bunch of time:
    • Before you leave the house kiss her and say to her that you are looking forward to meet her again
      Write a post-it which really blows her mind
      Give her a phone call in between to meetings. Hey you find time to check you Instagram account? Call her and tell her that you just asked yourself what she is doing right now
      If you need to go on a travel because of your business, ask her to take a piece of clothes of her with you. That is way you want to have her smell close to you if you need to stay overnight in a lonely hotel room
      Use Skype and other divices to get a short personal review of her day
      Ask her which issue made her sad and which issue made her happy
      Hold her hand, touch her neck, put your arm over her shoulder
      Ask her about her personal wishes
      Surprise her by coming out of your comfort zone
  • You see there are lots of possibilities to connect with each other and to show her that you love her. Going out with her and having a dinner outside, having a movie night together…meeting for a lunch in a restaurant… there are lots of options.
  • I hope that you reconnect with your spouse this weekend. I am really busy all week long, but on my weekends I am just that mom of our children and a caring wife of my husband. Finally I realized that I am more successful if my husband and our kids feel loved and appreciated. It’s like recharging a battery. And my battery needs to be full too.
  • On mondays I will feel totally ready for business action. And on fridays I need to be totally aware of checking out of my business zone.
  • If I find enough time for those I love then I will be happier and can create new ideas and realize dreams for my business. If I feel bad about my private life, I will not have that huge potential and I will be emotionally distracted.
  • Being aware of your current situation is really important. It does not matter if you had a fight and if you feel depressed. You just need to focus on your partnershipgoal- like on your businessgoals. If there arises a problem you will be able to solve it immediately.
  • Why should you wait belonging relationships? Invest in your partnership and build a strong empire of love and appreciation. If your wife feels loved and respected by you, she will support you business too.
  • Have a nice weekend. What do you think about entrepreneurship and marriage? Do you think that my hacks could help you to improve your relationship? What can you recommend to connect as a couple while you are growing a business?
  • The Liebster Award Nomination for the first time

    I’d like to thank DM for nominating me to this award. I was surprised by this nomination and it is a real plus to be nominated as a blogger. It is a great honor for me that you think I could deserve this award! Thanks a lot. I try to answer all of your really amazing and creative questions. By the way the first one is my favorite one ;O).

    The Rules

    • Acknowledge the person who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
    • Add the award image.
    • Answer the 10 questions asked.
    • Nominate 10 bloggers.
    • Ask the nominated bloggers 10 questions.


    My Answers


    1. If you meet an alien and it would ask you what a human is, what would you tell?

    A human is a being which has a free mind, but just a little group of that humans uses their mind carefully and free. Human beings are full of feelings, good one and bad one and they try to socialize, but until now they did not find the key to peace. Humans claim to be smart and many are blinded by money and fame. Humans are the most time very busy, some of them act like robots, some of them try to rule the world there are living in. But a bunch of humans really does not know at all how to change to the good. Perhaps you can teach them to stay calm and positive. But perhaps they will try to attack you because the are afraid of everything which they can not control. Instead of thinking of possibilities to cooperate, they just want to claim that the world is their own and that you are not welcome at all!

    1. What is the most important for you?

    Honesty & Kindness

    1. How would you like your life to be in 10 years?

    I like it to be totally different. A house close to the ocean and close to the woods. A lot of sport and a bunch of activities which challenge my body, my mind and my soul. Traveling around the world. I love to live in my zone. A peaceful environment which respects others and their differences. I want to help others to be happier and grateful in their life. Love is important for me. I want to  surround myself with those people who love me without condition and accept my flaws without doubt. Supporting others will be a great part of my life. But I will have a lot of time for myself to reconnect with my inner voice.

    1. What major change you made in your life last year?

    Oh, great question. Actually I challenged myself to bring my business on a higher level. I did a lot of things which I before never had the courage to do. Last year I stopped backbiting myself. I was always criticising myself and blaming myself for circumstances I did not create by my own. I just learned to accept to live with some things I cannot control. Giving up a control panel means freedom. I am totally out of control. Nobody knows what I will do next. That’s incredible. I am more creative then before and reading and writing brought a great impact to my life.

    1. What would you like to do more every day?

    Sports. I started exercising again. But my life is really busy and I often prefer doing sports more then laying in bed. I assume life is full of action and I should be active until I die.

    1. What is your motto?

    Be grateful for what you already have, listen to your heart and you can achieve all the things which you were meant to be.

    1. What word would you use to define your past?


    1. What does “happiness” mean for you?

    Happiness: I need to be in comfort with my senses. The view of a beautiful place, a good smell, a nice voice singing or speaking kindly, wearing clothes which are soft and being embraced by people I admire and love.

    1. What are you the most proud of?

    Of my business. That’s my creative baby which brings so much value to other people and my heart.

    1. What would you like to be known for?

    Being honest & using direct speech and supporting others to listen to their heart and helping them to bring their love and life on a higher level.

    I nominate the following 10 bloggers for The Liebster Award:

    1.DM (I know you are already nominated, but it feels good to nominate you)

    2. Max

    3. Gary Vee

    4. Art of blogging

    5.Felix Thönnessen

    6. Joanna Venditti

    7. Megan

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    9. A bowl full of lemons

    10. Thinkkindness

    Okay, lets ask the nomineses 10 questions:

    1. Which character trait do you admire the most if you meet people and interact with them?
    2. Which improvement do you want to offer to the world?
    3. Do you play a safe game or do you prefer to take risks in your life?
    4. Which activity do you need on a daily basis in order to be happy?
    5. Which flaw do you have and what does it provoke in your surrounding?
    6. Which is your biggest challenge right now?
    7. Which is your biggest impact right now?
    8. Do you feel connected with your inner child? If so, what do you do to make it happy?
    9. How do you define happiness for yourself? What do you need in order to feel happy?
    10. Imagine you could restart your life right from the beginning. Would you do everything similar then you already did?


    Motivational Monday Partnershipgoals: Why does a fight with my spouse help to clear the air?

    Hopefully you had a great weekend and you are high motivated to start this monday with good intention and happiness. Did you had a great weekend so far?

    I am grateful about the fact that my weekend was really awesome.  I enjoyed my me-time, quality-time with my husband as well as some adventures with our children.

    On sunday I went to a circus with my family and I realized that the people around me were full of conflicts. I thought, its really bad for people, if they are having an argument but don’t know to handle their problems with each other in a proper way.

    Honestly I often feel so emphatic that I could literally cry for other peoples headaches… but if those people would realize how powerful a fight can be and how much impact a solved conflict can bring into a relationship they would not be scared of fighting anymore. I am really optimistic about the fact that every interaction between human beings can help us to know each other on a deeper level, as well as explore ourselves.


    Most people are not able to handle conflicts in a decent way. They actually did not learn it as a child nor in their partnership. If a conflict arises a person which is not able to manage that problem in a professional way will react mostly in one of those four ways:

    1. He/she withdraws, like snails hide into their houses.
    2. He/she becomes silent and reacts offended and starts ignoring the other person.
    3. He/She attacks and insults the opponent without thinking about the consequences.
    4. He/She leaves because of the leck of ability to handle any conflict.


    The reason why people are afraid to handle conflicts with others is that they did not learn it. We can compare it with a small lesson of your childhood, like riding a bike or learning swimming. I am sure about the fact that at the first try of both activities you were uncertain and concerned about your ability to get through that exercise in a good way.

    And that is totally okay. Why? Because people always need to do things more then once in order to get sure about it and to develope a certain confidence. The ability of proper conflict-management is not a native skill. You need to fight a couple of times in order to learn fighting in a wiser way.

    If you recognize that fighting is not the end of the world, you will also learn, that fighting is quite usual and can even bring an impact to your relationship.  In most cases a great solution is on the way if you put your effort and your kindness into that conflict:


    Most reasons for fight:

    • People fight because they are different.
    • People fight because they have various needs.
    • People fight because of their selective perception.
    • People fight because of their different opinions, goals and values
    • People fight, because they misunderstood a lot, or misinterpret words, emotions and reactions of others
    • People fight because of cultural differences and lingual gaps.
    • People fight, because of bad habits and frustration.

    This list could be a never ending one. Because there are so many reasons and options to start a fight with your spouse. But it does not matter, WHY you are fighting. Sometimes there is something in the air and a conflict arises suddenly…

    The important thing about fighting is to prepare yourself for that „war“. You might laugh about my words, because I describe it in this way!  By preparation for a conflict I don’t mean to arm yourself and to check your weapons to be ready all the time. On the contrary I recommend that you should try to strengthen your skills belonging conflict-management. Then you can easily figure out how to fight with an successful outcome.


    Most parents show their children how to share a bar of chocolate and how to fight for their rights. But just a few adults teach their children how to handle with personal conflicts.

    Especially that ability of conflict-management is needed and helpful in a partnership as well as in other aspects of our society. People who can calm down and stay politely in conflicts are an enrichment for all of us.

    The generation Y was full of children which witnessed the divorce of their parents. I was really lucky that my parents did stay together, but in my class there were daily news about new fights of parents and claims of divorces.

    I remember how broken those pupils were but actually they were happy about the fact that there were no more fights anymore. But some of them got that kind of commitment phobia. They were unable to trust someone close in their life afterwards, because of the divorce of their parents. Others thought they would do it so much better as their parents did, but they really failed.

    A happy marriage is not build in a day. It needs the ability to invest and the investment is not allowed to be onesided. If both spouses are on the same level they can improve their partnership day by day. A qualified conflict-management system can realize building up a strong relationship: If you know how to fight, you can learn through all your conflicts. It is like an app which is updated. You will create the opportunity to have more space and be faster and safer afterwards.


    I like to compare a relationship with entrepreneurship. If you are running a business there can happen a lot of unexpected circumstances aka conflicts. If you learn to handle these problems and stay motivated you can bring your business on a higher level. If you create solutions for problems and conflics you can really be aware of everything and stay on top.

    It is similar in a relationship. A good fight can clear the air. Your space you are living in sometimes needs an intensive housecleaning process. The emotional impact is huge, because you bring all these feelings out of your mind and give the other person access to exchange data with your heart.


    I personally don’t believe that a relationship does work without fighting and making ones peace with each other afterwards.

    If one person is shy to fight or afraid of conflicts, he/she will do everything in order to please the spouse and to avoid a conflict. But that kind of relationship is not a healthy one. Because that person which is always swallowing his/her feeelings in order to keep a „peaceful environment“ will suddenly burn out. It is just a question of time.


    There are some rules, which are really helpful, if you are in an argument and belonging your future as a couple:

    1. You should start always with an I message: “ I am concerned.“, „I am sad.“ „I am angry“. And you should not say things like: I am sad because you are a jerk.“
    2. Explain and express yourself without complaining or warming up old stuff of the past!
    3. You should try to act honestly & politely allthough you literally would prefer to throw a plate on the floor ;O):
    4. Listen, what the other person has to say. And try to stay silent until the other person finishes his/her explainations. Don’t interrupt. I know that’s really hard but you can train yourself to stop interrupting. Give the other party that space to express his/her feelings and sorrows
    5. Review about the situation and ask the other person about personal wishes and suggestions to solve a certain problem.
    6. Mention which is important to yourself and stay calm.
    7. Agree on a compromise, even if you would like to win this fight. In most cases both spouses are right. But naturally you feel that your point of view is the right term. A compromise is the tool which let you both become winners instead of a winner and a looser result. You should always support a win- win situation
    8. Reflect about the feelings and the needs of the person you love and share your life with.
    9. How can you support that person? Would it bring an impact to continuate in this condition? Evaluate the consequences of your speech, actions and intentions and try to bring a greater value into your partnership
    10. Balance is the key to handle any conflict. If you are sad about something and you miss to point this out, it is possible that your spouse is not aware of your sadness. Communication is the key to a happy marriage. Try to express your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis in order to avoid that you collect a huge amount of unpleasent feelings.

    Fighting with your spouse is not as bad as it might seem by the first sight. It is the oppurtunity to get to know each other better and to connect and find compromises. Fighting cleans the air, because you can express yourself. If your spouse is able to have a good fight with you it can intense your partnership. Solving problems brings a great value. So if you learn to fight with introducing peace into that process, you will really fresh up your partnership after every conflict.

    Hopefully you enjoyed reading this. WAIT! If you did, please press the like-button or share this with somebody who should read this blogarticle. I really love people to stay connected and try improving themselves. If you want to help others too, then hit the share-button: Because sharing is caring!

    How do you handle your conflicts?  I would really love to know how you think about managing conflicts in a relationship. Which hack do you want to share? Do you like to point out something which was not mentioned by me? Please use the comment function to interact!

    Which problem do you want to solve in your relationship?

    Many people enjoy reading lovestories and most people love to get advices for a happy relationship. Why? Probably because we love that feeling of reading romantic stories or listening to someone who can show us, how we can be happier then right now?

    I personally like to watch romantic movies and I like those kind of movies where couples go to a lot (!!!) of struggle but at the end of the movie there is a kind of happy end. Okay, sorry that is to much illusion for you? Might be, because the reality is not about rainbows and butterflies… Weiterlesen „Which problem do you want to solve in your relationship?“

    Lerne: Warum die weibliche Kraft dir mehr Erfolg bringt

    Als weibliche Unternehmerin konnte ich in vielen Jahren meine Kompetenz unter Beweis stellen. Jeder Mensch entwickelt sich im Optimalfall immer weiter und entfaltet ungeahntes Potential. Das Thema Persönlichkeitsentwicklung ist in aller Munde. Die meisten Menschen unserer hiesigen Gesellschaft möchten sich gut vermarkten und das Beste aus sich herausholen. Die neue Generation postet täglich alle möglichen Updates ihres Privat-und Geschäftslebens online. Wir versuchen authentisch und transparent zu sein, suchen Bestätigung im Außen. Da viele meiner Kunden selbst Unternehmer sind, habe ich mir gedacht, dass ich einfach ein bisschen über die weibliche Kraft schreibe. Unternehmertum, welches auf dem weiblichen Prinzip beruht kann meines Erachtens nach das effizienteste und erfolgreichste Imperium herbeiführen. Weiterlesen „Lerne: Warum die weibliche Kraft dir mehr Erfolg bringt“

    Heiraten in Dänemark: Welche Agentur ist die Richtige für mich?

    Mittlerweile gibt es Agenturen wie Sand am Meer wenn es um das Thema Heiraten in Dänemark geht. Wenn du in Google die richtigen Keywords eingibst, dann spuckt die Suchmaschine unendlich viele Ergebnisse und Agenturen für dich aus. Du hast also die Qual der Wahl. Und welche ist nun die Richtige für dich?

    In meinem Video gebe ich dir ein paar Tipps, worauf du achten solltest und welche Fragen du dir stellen könntest, um die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen. Wenn du das Bild anklickst, wirst du zu dem Video auf meinem Youtube Kanal weitergeleitet:

    Heiraten in Dänemark_ Wer ist die richtige Agentur für mich_ (1)


    Definitiv hat jede Agentur ihre eigenen Kunden. Jeder Geschäftsführer hat seinen persönlichen Traumkunden oder sollte ihn zumindest haben.

    Als Herzmensch mit Menschen zusammenzuarbeiten, die auf ihr Herz hören ist mein persönliches Ziel.

    Ich gönne jeder Agentur von Herzen ihr eigenes Klientel. Mit diesem Beitrag möchte ich dir einen Einblick in meine persönliche Sichtweise geben. Je besser du jemanden kennst, um so eher kannst du demjenigen dein Vertrauen schenken. Ich hoffe, dass dir die Entscheidung leicht fällt und du die Agentur findest, die genau zu dir passt!

    Wenn du meine Agentur als die Richtige empfindest, dann kannst du mir gerne deine Hochzeitsanfrage mailen:


    Motivational Monday: Do you like to sneak a peek into my work flow and my home office?

    Actually there are so many people working from home. Onlinebusiness-Entrepreneurs are sometimes sticking in their home office but not productive at all.


    I really love my work as I often mentioned it before. I mostly start my day very early. While my kids are in kindergarten and school I try to get the main things done. Thats covers important phone calls and writing emails as well as hitting the post office in order to send urgent documents.

    In the evening I usually write down all the to-do’s which need my major focus on the next day. In the morning I will run a machine of laundry, have a plan for the lunch and will also do a certain cleaning-task and after a mug of coffee I will run high-motivated to my home office. That is the real life of a working-mom, who thinks productively and creatively every single day.

    I really focus on „eating the frog“, so I try to get a most important issue done first. If I realized that a big issue is handled, the other to do’s are really peanuts for me afterwards.

    Sometimes I need to refocus on myself, especially after emotional talk with some costumers. Because I am so emphatic, in some cases I really need to recharge myself after some phone calls to be myself again.

    I use that small hack, which I like to share with you too. My mom gave me that advice as she realized that I will be overwhelmed by other peoples feelings and problems. Hopefully that can help you too:

    Imagine you have an ocean with a couple of islands. There are those which are really sad and nothing is growing there. They are like sad desert pieces stocked in the big ocean.


    And there are other islands which are full of palm trees and fruits and happiness, pleasure and freedom. That is my personal island, the island full of luckiness. It is shiny and brightens my day.


    Everytime I am having a phone call with somebody who feels really depressed he shows me his personal island which might be similar to the island which looks like a desert. And he is thirsty to reach my island in order to feel better.

    But the most important after that call is to realize that I am the owner of my happy-island and that I can feel emphatic and compassion for that sad person but that I can come back to my own island again. Did you get that?

    You need to stay on your own island–in order to help those people to let all these palm trees arise at their own islands and that they are able to create a place full of happiness and freedom on their islands too.

    If you help others to solve a problem, you need to find a solution. If you feel pity for that person he/ she might feel comfortable with you, but you can not have an impact on that person.

    If you focus on a solution, you can find a solution for any problem issue in life. I am sure about that. Because I got sticked in so many different situations at myself and there was no hope, really from nobody. But by believing in finding a solution I always created a method of resolution.

    Positive thinking even if you feel like every single cloud in the heaven is just over your own head— hands out the key to that closed door for you.

    If you want to be motivated, you need to find you „button“ which will help you to motivate you. I love to help people with kindness and optimistic thoughts. Just because of my own positive point of view I am able to work effective and with all that joy in my heart.

    Check out my video, in order to explore how I usually work in my home office. By clicking on the picture you will transferred to my Youtube-Video-channel.

    the home office Agentur Herzensfreude insight.png

    If you like to follow my blog, subscribe with your emailadress.

    Then you will be informed about every new blogpost of mine.

    If you want to get married in denmark, then contact me via e-mail:

    If you like to cooperate with me, then feel free to write me an e-mail too. Open-minded people should connect with others.

    Commitment: Happiness and Entrepreneurship

    The last couples of days I was very busy. It made me feel strange about myself. I felt productive as well as innovative, because I dealt with so many issues on one plate for a certain time.

    Do you know that feeling if you are in the flaw and want to realize something and could literally spend hours and hours with realizing a certain project? Yes, I was totally into that.


    As I had a little smalltalk with my husband, abruptly he asked me: „When are you going to plug out? Didn’t you want to do sport exercises instead of sitting every single minute of your me-time in the home office?“

    Oh. I suddenly became silent! Guilty! Totally right. He caught me just by one or two specific questions. Really, it hurt me, because I felt bad about the fact that I wanted to do more sports, but did not exercise right now. He definently did hit the mark.


    I am so greatful to have this guy around me who literally puts the truth into my face. I cannot ignore it then. He always helps me to find time to reconnect with myself. And he is that kind of guy who probably is saying nothing at all or just announcing an emergency case which needs a quick solution. At this point the emergency issues belonged to my overwhelmed me. He announced it and reminded me of my personal goals.

    The main problem of entrepreneurship is, if that most people are plugged in all day long.

    They are available with they smart-phones, have that „rings & peeps“ if an email is coming in. And because they fight for their business to be more successful, they miss to set boundaries for themselves.


    In the past I  was all day available. Customers called me even in the evening and I answered, because I just thought: Okay, one more couple will help me to achieve what I want to realize with my business.

    But then, I realized I am busy all day long and my mind is cruising around all these problems of other people I need solve. After a while I felt like I am a bad mom and a horrible wife, because I got addicted to push my agency day and night. I caught myself once or twice by being careless about those people who love me. My mind was just full of thoughts and  random feelings of others. If  I was having an ipad or smartphone around  I was just searching for stuff belonging my business in order to push it further.

    Workaholic? Yes. And it might be great for people to work 100 hours a week, if they are unmarried and without any other responsibility.

    But if you also have high values and you are running a family with children besides that „business“, then you need to be smart and effective instead of just investing hours and hours into that „businessbaby“. If I would not have that husband and our children, I would spend a few more hours in my home office or would be traveling a lot belonging my company.


    But the reason I started that business was to realize a business which depends on my own skills and abilities and which delivers cash flow in order to realize our dreams as a family and my personal ones too. I wanted to run an online business to be present for my children and to be available as a wife too. I started with good intentions and believed in my vision of business as nobody else did, because I felt it deep inside.

    I wanted to do something I am passionate about and which did not depend on somebody else favour. I wanted to have a business which is not just at one place. Being flexible and not limited to a certain location was the most incredible thing about it.

    I could work by traveling around the world as well as moving my home, because I just would need WLAN and my technical equipment and beside this also all of my heart.

    I always pushed my agency in order to realize a better future for us & our children and to give them opportunities and to teach them high values. If I am an idol for my children, a lovely mother and a person who helps others, they hopefully will recognize how important it is to share thoughts and feelings with other humans and be caring and kind to people.

    being kind to people

    It was very important to set boundaries, rules and a certain plan for me in order to run a successful business but still being a happy person with a private life, hobbies and a family so far.

    Now my time for phonecalls is limited for monday-thursday between 9-11 am. If costumers call at other times I will not answer my phone anymore. If they are busy at my phonetime, they can write an email and ask me to call them back ( That’s different. How many times I got distracted, because I was doing certain things and then somebody calls me with a bunch of questions?

    In the past I learned a lot belonging business in general. Entrepreneurs often think, that they need to be available everytime. Most of them assume: „If I am not available for a specific costumer, he/she could contact another entrepeneur instead of me!“

    Perhaps that can happen, of course. But for me that is just a bad thought. You can change your mindset about that. If you are an expert and you are the best, people will call you even if you are just available once a month.

    Why there are so many restaurants out there, where people truly reservate a couple of weeks before in order to get a desk with food in that place? Because the restaurant is a special place and people love to go somewhere they feel important, even if they have to wait to get an appointment, or just because of that!


    So if you are an expert and doing your job well, people will be thankful to reach you and not consist on that being available everytime thing!

    There are so many musicians out there and their fans are begging for releasing the new album, but they just constantly wait. Do all these fans reject their music? No, they are longing for hearing something new of their favorite band and still stay tuned.


    So I literally pluged off and set a new plan for my new working schedule. I really felt guilty, because I know I am really passionate about my job as a wedding visionary and relationship expert. Honestly I firstly felt like I would do something wrong, because if I invest more time in my business I will also earn the fruits of my dedication.

    But I need to be happy too. If I am just stressed out, I will not be that person who can help others to solve their problems nor think positive for them, if they nearly turn apart. I truly recommend everybody, especially to people who run a business: Find the time for a certain hobby, some kind of activity which melts all your sorrow and creates happiness instead!

    For me its having a great, intensive workout. I feel bad about the fact that I allthough I really love it, did not find the time for it for a while.

    But this blogarticle is a personal commitment to myself and a great reminder if I will jump into that workaholic hamsterwheel again. Put yourself first. Find time for the things you really love and you will be lucky and more productive then before!

    Because if you do something you love and then plug in to work, your ability to create something new and be productive is amazing und you will become unstoppable.

    So let’s plug off and get those sportshoes on! ;O)


    What is your opinion about happiness if you running an own business? Do you find time for those things which bring joy to you? If so, which things do you love? Are you feeling more productive if you increase your happiness level on a regular basis?

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