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The magic of love: The story of a groom

Todays blogpost is about men, real men, those kind of men who consider to get married soon. Those men who really love their spouse and want to hit the jackpot by making a real commitment.

As a wedding visionary I am organizing wedding appointments for couples which roots are from all around the world. Its really mixed. There are german couples who want an elopement wedding, which means just having a time out and a wedding alone without a big blast… there are those binational couples who are really excited to marry at special places, like at the ocean, in a lighthouse, in an airplane or elsewhere which is not standard, but a little bit extraordinary.  And of course there are those who just want to get married in a wedding office and be sure to stay together afterwards.

I am so grateful for those heartpeople who contact me in order to arrange their marriage date, which is hopefully the start of a great future for them.

I admit that I am very emotional. I am quite moody. And somebody really gave me a compliment last week about the wedding I had arranged for him and his wife. His lovestory really melted my heart, because it felt so surreal for me to hear the view of the how-we.met each other- story of the groom. I never listened to those kind of emotional speech before, except of lovemovies, which are mostly exorbitant. It has proven to me that men are really deep beings but rarely show their emotions to anybody. Thanks for trusting me! The groom, who revealed his own lovestory preferred to stay anonymous.

He told me, that he knew right from the beginning, that she is the one for him. It was love by the first sight. His emotional state was really moody as he met her, because his last relationship was badly broken. He met her at a business meeting in London. She was really smart while the whole meeting and clear with her speech. Her confidence really impressed him and he felt melted away as he observed her explaining about an technique innovation system which would increase the sales volume of his company and the other businessmen which were invited to listen to that presentation too.


After the meeting she handed out her business card to all participator of that congress and advised them to sleep on night about her ideas in order to settle that input of information. Then she smiled at him and said: „If anybody discovers doubt or has any question, feel free to contact me via email or give me a call. I will be available today to give you the best feedback then!“ As he felt her eyes on him, he knew that there would arise a lot of questions in him very soon and his heart started beating faster.


So after one hour in his hotel room, tackleing to check the next appointments, he decided to quit another meeting and gave her a call. He asked her, if she would be available for a talk at afternoon and if she could recommend a place in London to have a piece of cake together. At first she laughed, but then she accepted his invitation and gave him an adress of a nice place called Patisserie Valerie. I added that place to my bucket list for my future trip to London. If you are a Londoner please give me a feedback in the comment, if you can recommend that place too.

Anyway the two met and ate cake and sat together with their two mugs of coffee. And as she asked him about the reason why he invited her and about the questions which are laying on his tongue, he was totally speechless. Yes, she blowed his mind away, just by nipping at this cup of coffee and taking a deeper view into his eyes.


Men often don’t know what to say, if they have deeper feelings inside themselves. They will not confirm that, but I am quite sure that they are afraid about an unexpected reaction of that other person who means something to them. It’s easier to stay safe, quiet and unsealed then being hurt, right? Many men love to have the control over the outcome, but if you fall in love with somebody and that very spontaniously you want to impress her, instead of saying something meaningless.

She focused on her cake and took a bite and then she mentioned that she did not expect that he would invite her. That speech finally broke the ice between them: He told her that he really was impressed by her confidence in front of all those entrepreneurs. He never sat in a congress before, where all members just were so interested and focussed. „You really did a great job today, you impressed all of those men by 1 hour of passionate speech and you made me sitting here like a stupid guy, totally speechless!“

She smiled at him and reacted grateful. „Thank you. I am sorry, but it was not easy for me. Perhaps it seemed like I did a great job, but honestly I barely enjoy to convince people about their improvement. I would love people to explore those magical tools by themselves instead of putting my finger on this or that software solution in order to let them realize that they can increase their growth very easily.“


He wondered because to him her passionate speech while the congress was full of power. „I worked hard to reach that position in our company, but I like to create more then to present. Now I am representing our company, because they think I can perform quite good in front of others. If Eddy spoke today instead of me, I assume you would not invite him to eat cake and connect with each other. Eddy is a very smart softwarecreater, but he is quite ugly, shy and fad too. Do you know what I mean? They put me in the front, because they think the male entrepreneurs wo are invited will snag and buy our products or do sign a contract or would subscribe to a certain service of us. So I am obviously an appetizer and I don’t like that position at all.“


„For me you are not an appetizer!“ he told her. „I did not expect that you did not enjoy the meeting, because you really acted smart, friendly and kind to all of us. So that was just your marketing technique? To get all of us on your boat? Hhhmm… so if you create all these devices, you could create a specific software which totally fits to my own company, right?“ She did nod in agreement. „So as a private person, without that commitment to your company and your boss, would you recommend me to buy a certain product of your company or would you recommend me to let you create a special product for me which I will buy exclusive from you?“

So now she was speechless. What for a surprise. „Okay, I assume you want to be loyal to your boss. But I recognized that you are smarter then your boss will ever be and the whole company you are working for. So let me give you just that option: Her is my businesscard. I will book you a flight to Germany, I will book you an exclusive appartment and I will show you Cologne and the best places to eat cake and drink coffee there. I would appreciate to meet you again and I would love to work together with you too. I need an expert in my team. And I did not expect to meet that expert in England. But today in that world of online business and globality you could work from London too. But I prefer to have you close to me, honestly. The paycheck will please you and my company is a place where creative people get the option to grow and show their talent in order to achieve great results. So what do you think about my offer?“


„I think I need another piece of chocolate cake!“ was her laughing answer. He ordered it for her immediately and asked for more coffee too. They did not realize how much time they were sitting together. It was like the chocolate melted every shyness away. They spoke about a lot of emotional stuff and about their private lifes too. He told her about that he splitt with a girl, and she told him about the death of her mother who had died a few month ago, after her husband was injured by a car accident and died afterwards. „They loved each other so much. And after the death of my father I saw how her soul was disappearing every day a little bit more and more. Her heart was just seeking for him. She stopped eating, stopped speaking and one day as I came over to bring her some flowers, she was laying in her bed with those opened eays, her body already cold.“

As the Patisserie closed they decided to go to an art exhibition where she was invited to. She told him that the artist is the boyfriend of her little sister and that it means she is obligated to appear there even if its just takes 20 minutes to show off. So they went there and he got to know her little sister and that boyfriend of her sister too. Both reacted very positive towards him. It was already dark outside after they did leave the place full of paintings and sculptures.


Spontaneously she gave him a hug: „Thank you for today! I really enjoyed your company and I loved eating cake with you.“ He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered:“ We can repeat that, if you say „Yes“ to me, if I give you a call next time“. Then he told her to think about the business idea overnight: „Just let it settle and if you need my advise or have any question feel free to contact me!“ He smiled at her with the same smile she gave him while the ending of the congress.

At the next morning he was sitting in the hotel lobby, while she appeared suddenly. „Coffee and cake again?“ she asked him with a huge smile.


He confirmed and they went to the restaurant of the hotel. „Normally I should sit in our company right now and be available for those businessmen of our congress yesterday. But I told my boss that I will meet one of them and the secretary  told me where you checked in. I have questions. A bunch of questions to ask you… so she started to ask him about his favorite colour, movie, singer, hobbies… it was like two soulmates had met each other and connected so deeply that they would not be aware anymore about their surroundings.

As he realized that he needed to check out in order to get the flight back to germany, she asked him to stay one night more in London. „If you stay here, I can decide about coming with you to Germany…!“, she finally revealed. So he canceled the flight and decided to spend the whole day with her…

the story ended with a one way ticket to Germany. With an happy end and a marriage in denmark. She did quit her current employment and started to work with her soulmate. After some weeks working together and dating each other they knew that magic can happen and that the meeting in london was one of these moments were life stands still and the other people around get meaningless, because you find that person which means everything to you!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading that lovestory.

The power of love is really underestimated. I am convinced about the fact that everybody will meet his/her soulmate at least once in a life time. I love those soulmates to make a commitment. To live the life and their love to the fullest. To let them say „Yes“ to marriage and arrange appointments for those who deeply feel connected to each other.

If you want to get married in denmark soon, feel free to contact me! I will give you a feedback as soon as possible:

Why your perfection hinders you from being successful & lucky

In the past I met lots of people who really strived to be perfect or were busy with pretending a perfect life. Both of these activities are totally against yourself. But let me tell you why. If you try to be perfect, then you will put your „goals“ and „values“ so high, that you barely can achieve those.

People who want to be perfect, don’t focus at one talent they have. They want to have it all: A clean home, a great career, a good relationship with their wife, a spectular connection to their kids and good friends as well as vacations, voluntary stuff going on beside this, bring healthy and in shape… the list will never end.

That kind of path is very stony. The problem is: You put huge stones in front of yourself which hinder you from being grateful and enjoy the moment, because you always want to have it perfectly and it is not that perfect at every minute of your life. So you will not feel happy at all, because you will just try to do it perfectly and thereby realize that it isn’t.

The other activity to pretend that your personal world is perfect, is a very bad emotional state too. Why? Because you pretend that your life is great, while in reality you could need some help. But you don’t admit because you want to show that you are great and that your are strong.

Perhaps you already know that I am married and my spouse was born in northern iraq. In the kurdish culture as well as in all the other oriental cultures, superficial perception of others get a lot of attention.

Many of my clients are orientals, it does not matter if you were born in turkey, afghanistan, iran or syria… I understand your kind of thinking and feeling, because I feel very familar with the oriental mind. As I finished school we had that book where other pupils will write about you. One person commented that I am an oriental soul in a german body. I laughed at it. But I assume that I can build a bridge between orient and the western world because of my character and my experiences with foreign people.

Most people try to show their best side, and thats good. But often people put too much pressure on their own shoulders because they are afraid about the other persons opinion. As a child an oriental girl as well as a boy will be told: Don’t do this or that, because people would think bad about you/us. Family comes first. And you are representing the honour of that family with every step you make or don’t.


A clean home means- I am a good person. Preparing lots of good food- is an unspoken rule. Your clothes, your style, your manners everything will be recognized and can lead others to speak about you. Allthough oriental people are the most charming and loving people I ever met, they really need to be connected with their inner voice again. Because the voices of all other people around them will be so loud and be overrated, because they were used to grow unselfish.

For sure everybody wants to be representing the best of himself. But if you do things because you are afraid of being judged by others, then its against yourself. If you clean your messy home, because to feel comfortable and to make your home a heaven, that is different. Its for you and your comfort. If your home is filled with good vibes, a visitor will feel happy and welcome there too. If you clean because of others– you will hate the task and you will hate the other person, before that crosses the doorstep. ;O)

Over the years I developed lots of organizing skills, but until today there are times where my house is a mess, especially if my mind is too full and I cannot get everything finished as I want it to. Oriental visitors can appear very spontaniously. Knock-knock! There is a kurdish speech with says:

vistors are like rain, they come suddenly!

Of course I adapted a lots of trained attitutes all over the years in that binational relationship with a big family. Spinning all these plates around is a masterpiece: Cooking spontaneously for 20 people, cleaning the house, taking care of our children beside this, then entertaining the visitors and bring those people to malls or special places…and just keeping on going the business beside this, the laundry, my sports exercises, and all these other things which might happen…

And I always was seeking to be full of perfection. And… surprisengly as I changed my mindset about perfection– I really increased my success and the level of happiness after given up my old dogmas. People will meet my real me not a person who pretends to be friendly and kind but is totally overwhelmed.

I really had both activities inside me… seeking for perfection and pretending to be perfect, which is now a NOGO for me anymore. If people want to speak about me, I will not have the ability to stop them. But what I can hinder is that their backbiting will hit me anymore. If somebody loves me, then because of ME, not because of my house, my tasty food or any other superficial thing in the world. If somebody does not like me, I prefer that person to avoid me.

While in the past I always wanted me to fit with everybody, today I am aware about the fact that I am polarizing and it is an advantage, really.

I can promise you that if you try to be perfect you will miss the whole life and the deeper impressions it delivers to you. Being perfect is an unreachable goal, because nobody is perfect. We strive to be perfect, but we aren’t, we will never be. And that reminds me of the picture of a donkey who has that carrot in front of his head:


And the donkey is running and running and trying to reach that carrot in order to eat it, but he will stay hungry because his owner putted the carrot in front him in order to let that donkey run and transport stuff.

Time is the most expensive thing we have.


If you spend all your time in being perfect, you will just always see the carrot but not eating it.

  • If a writer would erase every single word which he wrote because of imperfection, he would never publish anything
  • If a runner, would avoid a race because he assumes not to do it perfectly, he will not develope at all, because he stops himself to do a great run and have that experience.
  • If a technician would not give a devise or a software a test in order to refine that product or program an invention or upgrade could not happen at all
  • If a musician would just wait and always try to be more perfect before performing that written song, perhaps he will be sorry at his deathbed, because he missed the opportunity his whole life to release that song

Why do I write about this? Because imperfection leads to success! Its not about to be the best at your first step. Its about to have the courage to go and be totally you, uncensored and authentic. The world is full of pretenders & wannabes. They are not perfect at all. 

If I would give the perfection more power then my creativity and my heart, then I would not publish any content nor do my job as wedding visionary as good as I do know.

You can easily get lost in the details. If you strive to perfection you will not perform as good as if you go out, do your thing and then wing it. Perhaps you wonder about my mindset. My own experience can teach you that people who get creative and smart in situations where others would quit, need to let go all these superficial perfection.

One costumer asks me why I am so steady, allthough her case is not confirmed right now. She was so uncertain and really got overwhelmed, that she always asked me for an advise. That does not sound perfect. But there are cases where it needs more time to check the papers. Actually italy passports or residence cards need to be controlled by the danish police office, before a wedding office can give the permission for a marriage. That is why some people tried in the past to marry with faked documents.

I told her: We are sitting on a boat. And while we are sailing with our ship on the ocean suddenly a storm appears. So you got stressed out and are concerned about the outcome… should I get stressed out too? Or would it feel the best for you if I am steady and secure and telling you that there is appearing the sun on the left and the storm will leave us again? She was happy about my speech, because she felt sure that we are on the same boat, that means I am fighting for her and her future husband to get that wedding appointment arranged no matter how complicated that case is. And my optimistic view helped her to stay patient until the great news could be finally delivered by me: successful wedding appointment arranged!

Consider about your perfection. About your path. Think about your talents. I hope that I could inspire you today to be motivated to let go that perfection and live the life to the fullest and realize your future by trying things out and developing yourself step by step.

If you like my content, it would made my day, if you give me a like for this blogpost. And if you assume another person could help that post, please share it with that person too. Start doing things which are meaningful for you. Stop trying to be perfect. It’s better to be yourself.

Ziele & Erfolg: Wie lerne ich geduldiger zu sein?

Das Thema Geduld ist eine sehr emotionale Sache. Warum? Weil es den meisten Menschen sehr schwer fällt Geduld aufzubringen. Wer damit aufgewachsen ist, dass er quasi alle Wünsche erfüllt bekommt, nur wenn er sie äußert, der wird sich noch schwerer damit tun, sich in Geduld zu üben.

Als Kind hast du Träume. Du stellst dir eine Zukunft vor, wie kein anderer. Du bist voller Tatendrang und Elan. Und irgendwann erlebst du Enttäuschungen, wirst ausgebremst, hörst auf zu spielen, weil es unangebracht erscheint, weil du ja jetzt groß bist und dich erwachsen verhalten sollst.

Wie viele Menschen suchen nach einem Wundermittel für ihre Probleme? Es soll alles ganz schnell gehen.

Du bist übergewichtig? Kein Problem, wenn du Pille xy einnimmst, hast du in 7 Wochen soundsoviel Kilo weniger auf der Waage. So das Werbeversprechen.jogging-2343558_1920.jpg

Viele Musiker wollen am liebsten direkt einen Nr. 1 Hit landen. Das ist ihr Ziel. Und wenn Sie es dann erreichen, halten nur die wenigsten durch, weiter Hitmaterial zu produzieren. Wie viele Ein-Hit-Wunder kennen wir? Unzählige.


Spitzensportler werden nicht von einem Tag auf den anderen zum Weltmeister oder tragen eine Olympiamedaille. Es ist harte Arbeit und erfordert Disziplin und Geduld soweit zu kommen und dann sein Niveau zu halten.


Jemand wie Steve Jobs hat nicht von einem Tag auf den anderen das Iphone oder das Ipad auf den Markt gebracht. Es bedarf unheimlich viel Fein-Gespür, Geduld und Finesse solch ein High-Technologie Produkt zu entwickeln und so zu etablieren, dass es erfolgreich wird und bleibt. Hätte er kurzfristig gedacht, wäre solch ein Produkt niemals

Self-Made-Millionäre werden oft belächelt. Der Erfolg der Geissens mag für den ein oder anderen nicht nachvollziehbar sein. Dass das Ehepaar zu Anfangs ihrer Karriere allerdings geschuftet hat ohne Ende und immer an Ihren Traum geglaubt hat und geduldig war, wird meistens einfach ausgeblendet, wenn man erstmal sieht, was die beiden alles an Vermögen, Häusern und Autos aufgebaut haben.


Du wirst nicht einfach über Nacht reich. Es sei denn du erbst eine große Summe oder gewinnst im Lotto. Und warum können diese Leute nur selten ihr Vermögen vermehren, sondern haben es nach kurzer Zeit einfach verprasst? Weil Sie nicht geduldig sind und an Nachhaltigkeit denken. Sie denken, jetzt, wo Sie mehr Geld haben, können Sie sich was gönnen und mehr leisten, anstatt ihr Geld sinnvoll zu investieren, damit es sich quasi wie von selbst vermehrt.

Dieser Blogbeitrag soll dich dazu inspirieren, dich mit deiner Geduld auseinanderzusetzen. Ich bin ein sehr ungeduldiger Mensch. Ich bin sehr ehrgeizig und zielstrebig und ich mag es auch nicht, wenn ich nicht die Dinge, die ich gerne hätte sofort bekomme. Das liegt in der Natur des Menschen. Wir haben nun einmal alle Wünsche, die wir erfüllt bekommen möchten:

  1. Es ist völlig egal, ob du gerade an deiner Karriere feilst, oder an deiner Ausstrahlung.
  2. Es spielt keine Rolle, ob deine Wünsche materiell sind oder nicht.
  3. Es ist nicht von Bedeutung, was andere zu deinen Wünschen sagen oder denken.

Geduld kann man erlernen.

Wie? Ja, das kommt ein wenig auf deine Persönlichkeit an.

Grundsätzlich kannst du allerdings wesentlich geduldiger werden, wenn du:

  • dir eingestehst, dass dein Ziel große Bedeutung für dich hat und das WARUM für dich klärst.
  • wenn du dein WARUM verstanden hast, dann weißt du Bescheid, wo der Hase langlaufen muss. Du wirst fokussierter und kannst dich deinem Ziel mit bewussten Schritten nähern
  • dein Ziel in einzelne Etappen aufteilst, damit du Zwischenerfolge feiern kannst. (Bsp. Wenn eine Dame gerne 4 Kleidergrößen abspecken möchte, sollte sie nicht von Gr. 46 auf Gr. 38 springen, sondern sich bei jedem einzelnen Schritt: Gr.44-42-40-38 ein chices Outfit gönnen oder ein neues Sportgerät (einen Yogakurs) oder irgendetwas, was sie mental bei ihrem Prozess unterstützt, also gewiss keine Belohnung a la Sahnetörtchen oder einer XXL-Packung Chips ;O)
  • lernst mit Ungewöhnlichem, ungewöhnlich umzugehen: Wenn etwas passiert, dass deinen Zielweg erschwert, dann gib nicht auf, sondern nehme die Herausforderung an, Dinge anders anzupacken und über dich hinauszuwachsen.
  • dich täglich neu motivierst: 10 Minuten optimistisch in die Zukunft blicken, Motivationssprüche lesen, Videos von Leuten konsumieren, die dich dabei unterstützen an dich selbst zu glauben. Was auch immer dich motiviert! Bleib am Ball und finde eine Routine, die dich voranbringt.
  • an deiner Persönlichkeit arbeitest: Werde dir über deine Stärken und Schwächen bewusst. Wenn du zum Beispiel weißt, dass bei dir sehr schnell der Geduldsfaden reißt, dann frage dich mal warum. Welche Vorbilder hattest du als Kind im Hinblick auf Geduld? Oftmals leben einem die Eltern und Verwandten etwas vor und man adaptiert deren Verhaltensweisen und Weltansichten ohne es groß zu hinterfragen. Das solltest du aber tun!
  • linear denkst und handelst! Stelle dir eine Tabelle vor. Mit einer Linie, die schräg von links unten nach rechts oben verläuft. Stück für Stück steigerst du deine Leistung. Du wirst kreativer, innovativer, lernst dazu. Entwickelst Durchhaltevermögen und entfaltest dein Potential. Der Weg ist das Ziel, sagt man so schön. Und an diesem Spruch ist viel Wahres dran. Denn wenn du vom einen Tag auf den anderen 10 kg Gewicht verlierst, aber deine Ernährungsgewohnheiten und deinen Aktivitätsmodus nicht anpasst, dann hast du die 10 Kg und noch viele mehr ganz schnell wieder auf den Hüften.
  • dir eine Treppe vorstellst, vor der du stehst. Mit vielen Stufen. Ganz oben ist dein Ziel, dein Herzenswunsch. Du musst aber erstmal alle einzelnen Stufen erklimmen, bevor du das Ziel erreichst. Wenn du dir vorstellst, dass du jeden Tag eine Stufe mit Leichtigkeit nehmen kannst, dann wird dich das wesentlich ruhiger stimmen und außerdem motivieren Dinge anzupacken, die dich deinem Ziel näher bringen.
  • dankbar bist, für das was du hast. Unser Konsumverhalten und unsere Standards verleiten uns oft zu Undankbarkeit. Warum? Weil es immer etwas neues gibt, dass vielleicht besser ist oder unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht. Obwohl wir den Schrank voll mit Klamotten haben, möchten wir uns noch etwas neues kaufen, haben konkrete Vorstellungen von dem was uns gefällt. Obwohl unsere Kinder die Zimmer voller Spielsachen haben, haben sie unendlich viele Wünsche, sobald sie Werbung, Kataloge oder Spielzeug in Geschäften sehen. Setze dich einfach zwischendurch hin und lasse Revue passieren, was du alles schon erreicht hast und welche Geschenke dir das Leben bereits gemacht hat. Dankbarkeit erweitert nicht nur deinen Horizont, sondern hilft dir dein Mindset auf eine positive Ebene zuzusteuern.
  • die Meinung der anderen außen vor lässt. Xy fährt einen fetten Porsche? Y hat ein tolles Haus mit Pool und Sauna, D fährt andauernd in teure Luxuxhotels? Na und? Fokussiere dich nicht auf andere, sondern auf deine eigenen Ziele. Schaue, was für dich wichtig ist, welche Schritte sind notwendig, damit du deine Ziele erfolgreich bewältigst? Höre auf dich mit anderen zu vergleichen. Du bist einzigartig. Und höre auf, die Meinung von anderen über deine innere Stimme zu stellen. Niemand anders als du selbst trifft hier die Entscheidungen. Du bist derjenige, der über sein Glück oder Unglück entscheidet. Pack die Dinge an, die dir wichtig sind.
  • aufhörst dich selbst mit Ausreden zu beruhigen: Ja, wenn das Wetter jetzt besser wäre, würde ich joggen gehen. Wenn Oma Erna mir nicht die Schokolade geschenkt hätte, hätte ich sie auch nicht verdrückt. Wenn ich mehr Zeit gehabt hätte, dann wäre ich ein besserer Musiker geworden. Wenn die anderen an mich glauben würden, dann wäre ich viel geduldiger und könnte alles erreichen. Falsch. Höre auf, die Schuld bei anderen zu suchen. Es liegt alles nur an dir. Du kannst entscheiden, dass du bei Regen mit Funktionskleidung joggen gehst. Du kannst Oma Ernas Schokolade einfach jemand anderem geben oder von mir aus einfrieren. Du kannst dir die Zeit nehmen, das Instrument zu erlernen, anstatt vor der Glotze zu hängen und über Zeitmangel zu klagen. Menschen, die etwas erreichen möchten nutzen ihre Zeit sinnvoll. Und du musst erstmal an dich selbst glauben, bevor es andere tun. Die halten dir nur den Spiegel vor. Solange du nicht an dich glaubst, wirst du auch nicht die Geduld aufbringen können, deine Ziele zu verfolgen. Keine Ausreden mehr. Widme dich deinen Themen, deinen Zielen, deinen Stärken, deinen Schwächen. Kreiere einen Masterplan für dich selbst und halte dich grob dran.
  • es dir so schön wie möglich machst: Zum Beispiel wenn du abnehmen willst und nur noch Haferschleim oder Kohlsuppe ist, dann wird deine Geduld bald am Ende sein. Wenn du allerdings kreativ, gesund kochst mit vielen Vitaminen und farbenfroh, dann wird sich das Mood-Food auch auf deine Laune auswirken. Sorge für einen Weg, der dir Spaß macht, einen ohne viele Schlaglöcher uns Steine, sondern wie ein bei Super-Mario Spiel, wo du springen darfst, und Früchte erntest, Bonuspunkte erhälst und fliegen darfst. Du musst dich immer wieder mit kleinen Etappenzielen motivieren. Und wenn du die ersten Erfolge feierst und dich an das Glücksgefühl gewöhnst, dann weißt du dass du auf dem richtigen Weg bist!
  • dich davon überzeugen lassen kannst, dass es besser ist langfristig zu denken, als auf kurze Erfolge zu pochen, die sich dann einfach schnell in Luft auflösen.

Zwei Dinge machen einen wahren Mann aus_.png

Was hilft dir dabei, geduldiger zu werden? Fühlst du dich motiviert? Ich hoffe ja, dann habe ich mein Ziel erreicht.


Be aware of who you want to be

In times of social media and unlimited access to viral knowledge it is very important to be aware about yourself. In the last weeks I recognized some people who I follow on Instagram (@nidellinger is my account if you want to check it out) who have taken a social media fast. The results of their fast were pretty the same.

Kimmy from @sheisinherapron shared her thoughts about her social media pause in her latest YouTube Video. If you don’t know her, she is living in the United States and a proud mom which shares her cleaning routine, home decor ideas, life as a mom and wife on her YouTube channel. She did speak about the fact that she did find out about her addiction to her phone while the fast.


She realized quickly that her smartphone was like something which gives her a kind of value by scrolling down the social media feed. She was a little bit shocked about her behavior, because she checked her phone too many times a day, especially her Instagram account. That is why she felt for example bored, sad or angry. It was like an escape from the reality of her daily life ;O).

While the social media timeout she detected that her hand just was searching for her phone in order to scroll and she wanted to stop that addicted behavior immediately.

The social media time out let her feel how often she checked herself out, her body was there but her mind not present for those she loves. She recognized that her kids did not got the attention she wanted them to offer.


Furthermore she found out that although Pinterest was a great inspiration for her so far, she was even more creative while she explored her own ideas during the social media time-out instead of just copying things and ideas of others.

Actually she found time for things she wanted to do since a long time before. Scrolling through your phone can take five minutes here, 10 minutes there and if you count the amount of time you are online— you will realize you were just busy with your phone!

By staying away from social media she stopped comparing her work to other mompreneurs and realized that her own way feels good. It made her stronger in many different areas. And grateful about what she already achieved and what is gifted to her in her life.

Kimmy’s story inspired me to write this blogpost, because she became aware of herself and her faults. And awareness is so important.

How often do you get distracted by scrolling down on your smartphone?

And did you know that it is really impolite to speak with somebody while taking your visual attention on your phone?

I love the sentence of Simon Sinek:

„When someone asks for your time and you took your phone away to speak to that person, that is real leadership!“

As a mom I am a certain kind of leader too. I take care of my own tribe ;O). And as a entrepreneur there are situations were I have certain deadlines or important tasks to do. It is very easy to get connected with my smartphone. I could allow our kids to watch lots of cartoons instead of playing with them. Then I could properly get more work done.

But it does not feel good, to be busy all day long with a smartphone for me. It feels bad if you think of the consequences of to much social media consume and using smartphones for many hours.


  • But I don’t want it easy.
  • I want to offer them my best in order to get great results for their personal developement
  • I want them to see that they are important.
  • I want them to learn winning and loosing in life e.g. by playing boardgames or having a certain challenge
  • I want them to explore their skills and their boundaries by running and jumping outside.
  • I want them to value those things which we are gifted with
  • I want them to believe in themselves.
  • I want them to live a life according to their passions & talents

That is not build by social media consume, nor by tv or any other distraction which just seems to be the easiest way as a parent in our society. I was shocked about moms who give ipads to their children in order to fall asleep instead of reading a good-night-story and offering a hug to them. I still cannot understand why mothers hand out smartphones to toddlers in order to get them busy with that technology. And I will never understand moms who prefer to put their children in front of the tv or an ipad to eat their meals instead of sitting together as a family at one table and connect with each other.

Be aware about who you want to be, be aware about your surrounding, about those people who influence you and pay attention to your spouse in a proper way. Awareness is the key to upgrade yourself properly!


Strong relationships are build by awareness:

  • If somebody means something to you- take care, listen and be present (full not with a sideview on your phone)
  • Be kind to people who could need some kindness because nobody offers it to them
  • Respect others even if you dont share their opinion
  • Accept differences. Nobody is perfect. It would be very boring if we would be all equal and just running around like robots.
  • Offer your help and support others who go through a hard time
  • Stop to judge other people. If you cannot offer value or a certain solution for somebody, shut up!
  • Don’t pretend something which you are not ready for. If you promise something you need to do that thing. If you can’t – don’t promise something to somebody.


Be aware of yourself.

How would you like to be?

Which value do you want to bring in this world?

How can you realize your „vision“?

Update yourself by visualizing how you want to be seen by others: What should people say about you, if you leave a room? What do you want to be famous for? 

A stay-at-home-mom can inspire lots of others moms by her behaviour. It does not depend on your job, who you are. It is the deep inside. Your heart will connect with other people. Being aware of your skills, talents and your passion is very powerful. Once you learned to be aware about who you want to be, it is easier to focus on certain goals.


Today I like you to motivate to take a seat for 5-10 minutes and brainstorm about yourself:

  1. How do you see yourself right now?
  2. How would you love to be?
  3. How do you want to be perceived by others?

You can redesign you ego by awareness! YOU CAN CHANGE TO THE GOOD, if you focus and lead yourself to the point you want to see yourself!

Zeitumstellung: Fünf Alltagtipps, die dir dabei helfen in der dunklen Jahreszeit bei guter Laune zu bleiben!

Die Uhr wurde wiedermal umgestellt. Angeblich soll das im nächsten Jahr nicht mehr auf uns zukommen. Allerdings ist es jetzt wieder soweit: Die Winterzeit ist diejenige, die uns nun begleitet. Einigen macht die Zeitumstellung schwer zu schaffen. Wir Menschen sind bekanntlich Gewohnheitstiere. Und wenn du immer um 16.00 Uhr deinen Kaffee trinkst, dann möchtest du ihn auch um 16.00 Uhr (sprich 15.00 Uhr Winterzeit) und nicht erst um 16.00 Uhr Winterzeit (sprich gefühlter 17.00 Uhr Uhrzeit).  Weiterlesen „Zeitumstellung: Fünf Alltagtipps, die dir dabei helfen in der dunklen Jahreszeit bei guter Laune zu bleiben!“

Pure Anger: How to deal with that emotion in a proper way!

I was inspired by myself for this blogpost. High Five. Why? Because I really got mad the last time as my husband complained about something. And I literally felt pure anger like never before. Weiterlesen „Pure Anger: How to deal with that emotion in a proper way!“

Agentur Herzensfreude Youtube Kanal: neues Video: Wichtiges zum Schengenvisum

Auf meinem Youtube Kanal findest du bereits einige Videos, in denen du einen persönlichen Eindruck von mir gewinnen kannst und die dir hoffentlich einen Mehrwert bieten. Mein neustes Video setzt sich mit den verschiedenen Arten eines Schengen-Visums auseinander. Du kannst nicht mit jedem Schengen-Visum nach Dänemark. Mehr dazu in meinem Video:

Viel Spaß dabei, ich habe festgestellt, dass einige lieber die Inhalte per Video konsumieren. Liebe Blogabonnenten! Keine Sorge, es wird auch weiterhin traditionelle Blogbeiträge geben, wie ihr es von mir gewohnt seid. Auf Deutsch und auf Englisch Versprochen!


Wie kann ich sicher sein, dass Sie die Richtige für mich ist?

Du bist verliebt. Es passt, es fühlt sich schön an. Alles ist stimmig. Und dennoch ist da diese kleine Stimme in dir, die des inneren Zweiflers. Was ist, wenn sie es nicht ernst meint? Was ist, wenn die Flamme doch erlischt? Ist sie wirklich die Richtige für mich? Bereue ich das vielleicht später, wenn ich sie heirate? Weiterlesen „Wie kann ich sicher sein, dass Sie die Richtige für mich ist?“

Happy marriage goals: The 8 character trait of the perfect husband

A happy marriage is not build in one day. Huge buildings are not constructed by one day neither. You need clear plans for both to get the result you are longing for. An architect can outline a scheme of a specific building and plan many details. But if the construction worker do not follow his plans, the building will be out of control. It will not be that masterpiece which it were meant to be if the workers tamper with the hole thing.


A lucky marriage is similar to this example. You can plan and put all your effort into it. But a relationship aka marriage is not a one-man show. Its a dialogue, an unit, a day-to-day investment. Honestly if you mess it up, it will be done before you already start the journey together.


I read a lot about the perfect wife and how she should be and how she can improve herself. And I was surprised, that there are no great advices for him. Okay, there are some authors out there, which wrote guidebooks for him. But those books are more about how he can be a gentleman, or how he can satisfy her sexual needs. There are a few books out there who might improve your mindset of being a man. But did they ever speak about the important character trait of a perfect husband? Nope.

If you know a book, which does, please tell me about it, because I would love to read it. But until then, I will try to summarize the character traits of the perfect husband. And please that is really my selective perception.

  1. Loyality: A  wife should have the possibility to put trust in her husband. If she tells him a secret he should be able to keep that private. Beyond that a perfect husband does not need to focus on other women. He should be able to satisfy his wife and his own needs inside his partnership. If a man is not able to be loyal, he should not consider to marry somebody. I don’t believe that a womanizer can perform the role of a perfect hubby. Loyality comes first.romance-1209046_1920.jpg
  2. Kindness: Its all about how you act with others. If a man is kind to people, the wife will feel good about choosing that person as her husband. If he acts with kindness, she will also answer with kind words, because if he offers a certain value to her, she will be able to respond to that. An unkind man will bother others and his wife by his embarrasing behaviour. affection-1867098_1920.jpg
  3. Respect: A true man, aka gentleman respects others. Even if he does not share the same opinion about a certain topic he is able to respect the other person for the different point of view. Women love to be valued and respected. If you treat your wife with respect, she will be gentle and reward you for this too.people-3264217_1280.jpg
  4. Pride: Whatever she is doing in private or business, if you show her that you are proud of her skills, intentions and her behaviour you will make her day. Being appreciative is very useful. Be proud of yourself, be proud of her and be proud of your marriage. If you love to improve your marriage you should focus on the good things in your partnership and show her what makes you really proud of her.swan-2077219_1280.jpg
  5. Adventurous: Women gernerally want to be strong today, thats right. But beside this your wife loves you to be adventurous too. That kind of adventurous, if you just want to do something unexpected, which really blows her mind. Although she loves to have a certain routine, she will enjoy it if you go an extra mile for her, to show her that you will invent yourself from time to time. Thinking out of the box will help you to be that kind of human she is longing forever.biker-384921_1920.jpg
  6. Homourous: If you can make her smile, then you will be really happy together. If not, then you should work on your sense of humor. Laughing is very important in life. If you cannot laugh and she is also not able too, then the marriage would be very sad. If you can make her laugh, she will enjoy your company on a daily basis for sure.actress-2868705_1920 (1).jpg
  7. Reliable: If you promise something, that means a total commitment. If you cannot realise something, then it is better to stay quiet instead of giving a promise to her. She wants somebody to hold on not to wait for. So if you have an appointment with her, make sure to be on time, and if you will be late, give her a call. If she needs you, unindependtly if emotionally or physically- be there for her. She needs you, so be present. That is what a perfect husband can always realise if he is in love with her. No execuses.entrepreneur-2326419_1920.jpg8.Flexibility : If something is not working as planned, then you can easily become angry or react irritated. By being flexibel you give yourself and your surroundings so many added opportunities. Try to be as flexibel as you can. She will be thankful for your effort. Many wifes have a hard time by dealing with changes. If you stay cool and flexibel, she will be more relaxed and happy, even if life is not easy at all. Being able to compromise is very useful. You could persist on your right, on your thoughts and your decisions, but it would be egoistic. So if you want to be a perfect husband then be creative and flexibel in order to realise great results.street-workout-2628919_1920.jpg

A happy marriage is possible. It is important that you remind yourself of the good things, try to improve your „now“ and that you have a certain vision of your „Future We“.

Awareness is so powerful. If you are sure about what you want to achieve in the next years together you can support each other and enjoy each others company. Offering value to the other person is really underestimated. People think it will all fit perfectly and they could stay in their comfort zone. Suddenly they wonder why their marriage does not work as it should.

I can promise you that a marriage is full of up and downs. It is like a rollercoaster:


You will have those moments where you feel afraid & shocked. There are moments of having a hard time. Then other days you will be full of joy, totally lucky, secure and proud. Focus on the positive outcome. Trust in the process. If you invest, you will be rewarded later on. 

Which character trait is your favorite and why?

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