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1000 grateful thoughts make us happier on the long run!

So we already crossed a half of January 2019 and I felt it’s time to thank all those people who made me feel important, helpful and lovable in 2018.

It was a year full of lectures for me. I got through tough moments like the last minute emergency surgery of my lovely husband. After that happened I changed a lot. It made me strong because I did fight for him as I always do if somebody needs my help and full attention. I realized how impossible it is to plan, because you need to stay flexible for all those unknown things that might happen to you and to those you love.

I obviously become more spontanious in 2018, planning is great really, don’t get me wrong. But in the past I got often pretty moody if the things did not run as smootly as my plans were.

Now I am more then flexible and open-minded for everything new which crosses my path. My husband was surprised a few time how spontaneous I finally can be.

If things, people and thoughts are helpful and improve our lifes, why we should refuse them just we did not plan about those? Stay in the flow, that is magical and productive too!

I did not stop working while that tough time although it was very hard to stay on top of all my responsibilities. I spent a lot of time at the hospital and I became more grateful for the little things.

The shock was still in me but I did function. I remained strong for all the others who were confused and needed my confirmation that he is on a good path and that I care about him as a wife should do.

Our children were strong too and caring towards their mom and dad. They had great ideas to improve the first weeks after coming home and they helped me as much as they could. I am more then blessed to be their mom…and I often forget that if they refuse to sleep or are too loud…;-)

People literally get stronger if they conquer struggles in their life. I learned a lot, especially to find joy in those little things and being grateful for what I already have or did achieve. Are you aware of all those achievements of your own?

If you always want to improve, to become better, faster, stronger… the best of the best… you are kind of just in the future not in the moment which matters most.

Actually I am pretty grateful for the great cooperations I have, the nice people I am working with, those people who are always there for me, especially my brother in-law. The whole family of my hubby has proven their greatness and love again towards that time.

As I had that huge task to tell every single person of them about the surgery, my heart was in my mouth. They suffered about those bad news. But telling the truth is neccessary in those cases. You never know how it ends up so hoping and praying in a group and staying strong together is better then pretending that everything is fine but it actually isn’t.

Thanks to God that he saved him, that the surgeon was so kind and professional towards me. I will never forget how caring that doctor was and his honesty towards me about the diagnosis and the high risk. The fact that he promised to call me after finishing his job and how much relief he brought to me and my father in law by giving me that great news that he could save my husbands life… I found out that nothing matters anymore.

Suddenly the time stands still at those moments. You find out who is close to you and cares about you.

I am grateful for every minute of that lecture. It made me stronger although it was a freaking hard time with lots of trouble and unexpected surprises. I don’t know why I write about that. Perhaps it’s too personal but hopefully you will discover too by reading my words that our life can come to an end very fast. And that’s better to be aware of that fact. Enjoy minutes, seconds which might be the greatest ever!

It is more then necessary to be honest, to be authentic and real. I don’t care about superficial people who try to impress others. I like real people who stand up for others, who really care because they think it matters. Those who discover what there are passionate about it and give 100% just because they love what they do not just 20% because of earning the money and finding somehow security in it.

I want to help people like the surgeon helped me. He did his job as best as he could in order to save my husbands life. He send me home with our children and promised me to call me immediately after finishing the surgery. His call made me cry and laugh all together. It was a moment of stress relief and hope. He saved him. Thanks to God.

The whole hospital stuff did an amazing job while the time of recovery. I am more then grateful. No words can describe how much their care meant to me.

If I help couples to get married I am pretty the same like that surgeon. I tell them the truth, I am aware about the facts, the risks the whole scene. And then I am in my game. I literally burn for it. I want to help them as much as they need my help. I do the unexpected. I care. And I am more then happy if I get an confirmation for the wedding appointment. More then the couple can ever be. Today is a special day. One of my difficult cases finally will become bride and groom.

I did more then the bride had ever expected me to do. Her happiness is my happiness. Helping her to get her dream come true was a stony road with lots of difficulties. But it was totally worthy. I am grateful for the learnings in 2018 and her kind words.

I am grateful for all the couples who trusted me to organize their wedding in 2018. Especially those beach-weddings and weddings at other special occasions were a great opportunity for me to realize dreams of heartpeople. Thanks for all that great feedback!

If you decide to get married in Denmark and you want me to organize the appointment for you, be sure that I will be emotionally there for you. I will help you to stay patient and trust in my work and in my cooperation partners. I am sure you will be grateful and happy at the end of the road too…

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Motivational Monday: Figuring out that you can be happier with less

New year, new goals, new challenges, right? Perhaps you are already quite happy and don’t need that visualisation of that huge change to the good.

But although you might seem to be pretty happy by the first sight you might be struggling in a few parts of your life too, as I do and everybody does…

I had an awesome experience. At one of my last weekends I was searching in my home office and the whole house for an urgent document which I was quite sure about that I did copy it before sending it out via mail.

Honestly I had a bad time and really freaked out about myself on that moody saturday, because although I have systems I am still searching for things on a regulary basis, which I cannot enjoy at all.


Paper clutter is one of the things I really hate and if you need to store so many papers belonging to different issues of your private life and professional life it’s more then worse.

So I am still optimizing here and there and searching for great systems and schedules to get over those paper piles which are constantly growing in our house as quickly as weeds does in the garden.

I decided to cross the administration building on monday and told the person who was responsible that I did not copy that file and would like to have a copy of it please. It was really easy. The woman at that office was so calm and more then kind to me. I wondered about my own phantasy which I had belonging that person on the weekend: I assumed that it would be more then embarrassing to admit that I did not copy that document nor stored it in a proper way.


In my mind on that saturday I really was full of negativity… I was overthinking that I am too messy, that it’s a huge problem to not have that important paper ready to tackle a certain issue which I needed to care of.

I created a nightmare in my own brain because I thought of bad consequences which could propably happen to me. Furthermore the visualisation of how bad the office person would think about me was incredibly dark.

But after one workout in the evening and night with sleep I just spontaneously decided to change my mind. At that morning I had that aha-moment:

I did literally find out that I did waste my whole weekend time with searching for a piece of paper, which was just a copy. I got to that certain point as I asked myself if I just thought I would have copied that document or really did. It was so embarrassing! I really got mad about myself and did create a home of hell instead of enjoying the weekend with my family. I was running around like a chicken and was unpatient and careless because my attention was all about finding that piece of paper which seemed to me like the most important thing in the world, but I was not able to find it anywhere.


Searching for things makes me more then aggressive. I completely assume: It’s a waste of time, really. How often do you miss something and search for it? How often do you questionare yourself where you did put something?

I am already well-structured and I really love organization and the idea of giving every item in the house a home. But I struggle with executing like I want to. Do you execute like you wish to?

If my mind is busy I will put things to places where they not belong to not paying attention to it and later on I will search for items and really get angry about myself. I am always amazed about the fact how easy rooms get messy, especially with kids who put things from here to there and bring their toys everywhere. I know now how my mum felt as she cleaned the floor and we just run around with a huge smile on our faces. Her housework skills were totally not valued as they had should be…and it is not because people expect us to be clean and tidy. But if our minds get messy and we feel bad and cannot tackle our scores… who can help us out?

Are we not deserving a magical hand which saves us from feeling gripped by that untidy monster, which just renews clutter and messes everywhere?


Do you care about your feelings? Sometimes I over organize and later I think I did not put all those stuff properly away, although I already did. Does this sounds familiar to you? Did you ever put something to a great place but finally did not discover where that place might be? Serriously?

I decided that I want to try to live more minimalistic in 2019. It will help me to focus on the important issues in my private and professional life. I literally want to let go of things which just make me busy and messy.

People who live a minimalist lifestyle are less busy then those with lots of stuff. They can focus on the important things in their life. Did you ever started a hobby, bought stuff for it and did not really find the time or muse for it? Why you should not get rid of that stuff? Because you invested money in it? But those things are just reminding you about the fact that you could not find time for them. They will trigger you if you see them and remind you about the fact that they make you feel strange, because you don’t use them. Don’t hold on those things. Get rid of them and that feeling of not paying attention to them in a proper way.

Our minds are already crowded and if your surroundings get easily messy then you can not relax at all, because you are always busy with cleaning, organizing and still searching for things… which takes a huge amount of your time which you could spend with activities you really love to do.

It’s not of being perfect stiril-clean and the possibility to eat from the floor. But I really love to get rid of stuff, bad thoughts and self-created stress in 2019. It’s one of my goals for this year to feel in charge and happy.

I really want to downsize all our stuff. It is a huge challenge because I will do that beside my job, being a mom and lovely wife. But I am sure that it will feel great to just have those things around you which you really enjoy and use… instead of holding on emotional stuff and things you might use once a day but if that day occurs you will not be able to find it.

I love the input of clutterbug. She is a YouTuber which categorizes people into a certain type of clutterbug. There are butterflies, bees, crickets and ladybugs. You can try that test and find out which kind of organizing type you are… then you will realize your strengths and weaknesses and easily learn which kind of organizing system works best for you. It’s a gamechanger. Inspired to live with less and to declutter your space too? Hopefully you will get rid of lots of stuff as I do to free your mind and be more relaxed in 2019.

Perhaps this video will inspire you too. I like the videos of Matt D’Avella. Its more then worth to subscribe to his youtube channel. I really recommend to watch his videos:

What do you think about clutter? Do you to get rid of stuff and items which you not really love or use? I hope we all can free our minds and houses by decluttering and giving things to those people who need or use those we actually don’t.


Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody

It is not easy for yourself nor for the people around you if you are very moody. We are often pretty fast with judging others and it’s easy to blame others for our bad mood. For example if those people who we love, do not offer those things to us which we expect them to do, then we can easily be depressed or become aggressive without even realizing that we are overreacting or freaking out. Being moody is a nightmare for yourself, because those up’s and down’s can really make yourself kind of crazy and feeling strange… and your family, friends and colluegues barely understand what is going on in your mind. How should they? Weiterlesen „Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody“

Lerne wie du am besten mit Impulsen und Widerständen umgehen kannst!

Ich freue mich sehr darüber, dass meine Leserschaft kontinuierlich wächst. Da auch einige gerne meine deutschen Blogbeiträge lesen, werde ich heute mal wieder was in meiner Muttersprache schreiben. Es ist für mich eine Herausforderung auf Englisch zu schreiben, aber mittlerweile macht es mir sehr viel Spaß, denn ich habe das Gefühl, dass man im Englischen viele Dinge ganz einfach ausdrücken kann. Vieles klingt weltoffener und lockerer, weil der deutsche Sprachgebrauch zwar sehr vielfältig ist, aber natürlich auch nur diejenigen erreicht, die der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind, sprich Deutsche, Österreicher, Schweizer und jene Ausländer, die die deutsche Sprache beherrschen.

Als ich mich dazu entschieden habe, internationaler zu arbeiten, da war mir klar, dass ich mit vielen Menschen zu tun haben werden, deren Herkunft sehr unterschiedlich ist. Ich finde es wirklich spannend zu beobachten, wie Mult-Kulti funktioniert und wie andere binationale Paare glücklich miteinander sind.

In letzter Zeit ist meine innere Stimme immer stärker geworden. Ich habe mich sehr gezielt damit auseinander gesetzt. Es war eine bewusste Entscheidung, mich meiner inneren Kraft zu widmen. Meine innere Stimme hat mich noch nie enttäuscht, es war immer der Verstand, der mich dazu gebracht hat Fehler zu machen in meinem Leben. Meine inneren Impulse, die ich so habe, kommen intuitiv und sind große Gewinn-Bringer. Wenn ich hingegen Widerstand verspüre, dann kann ich schon mit 100% iger Garantie sagen, dass es schwer und kompliziert wird.

  • Hast du schon mal etwas gemacht oder getan, weil andere es von dir erwartet haben?
  • Hast du schon mal innerlich gespürt, dass du eigentlich etwas nicht befürworten kannst, es aber trotzdem durchziehen willst? (vielleicht aus finanziellen Gründen oder durch Druck von anderen?)
  • Hast du manchmal das Gefühl, dass es Menschen gibt, denen alles in den Schoss fällt, während andere einfach nur ein Problem nach dem anderen magisch anziehen?

Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich ein Gespräch mit meiner Mutter geführt. Sie hatte mit mir über einige Paare gesprochen. Ich hatte ihr erzählt, welche Art von Kunde ich super gern betreue und wo einfach alles TOP ist, Kommunikation, alles im FLOW, schnelle, reibungslose Organisation des Termins, alle sind glücklich. Und dann gibt es jene, die immer wieder alles hinterfragen, obwohl du es schon x mal erklärt hast–da hast du einfach das Gefühl in einer anderen Umlaufbahn zu kreisen, weil anscheinend die Information nicht ankommt oder derjenige so verunsichert und emotional mitgenommen ist, dass derjenige andauernd anruft, um noch mal nachzuhaken, zu kontrollieren oder neue Ängste hat, die ihn verunsichern.

Dann gibt es noch jene potentiellen Kunden, die einfach gar nicht deine Kunden sind. So eine Art von Blutsaugern, die einfach anrufen, um Infos von dir zu bekommen und deine kostbare Zeit und deine Helfer- und Fürsorge-Kraft für lau in Anspruch nehmen, obwohl Sie eigentlich gar nicht deine Kunden werden wollen. Sie möchten einfach mal mit dir sprechen, und versuchen es dann alleine oder sehen ein, dass du zu teuer bist und buchen eine Billig-Agentur. Nutzen aber liebend gerne deine kostenlose Beratung aus.

Meine Mama sprach von einer Ampel. ROT-GELB-GRÜN.


Ich würde schon einen Impuls bekommen, wenn ich an den Hörer gehe (Rot = Blutsauger, Gelb = Problemfall, Grün = Traumkunde)

Ich habe erst darüber gelacht. Wie so oft, wenn meine Mutter mit Ihrem „Psycho-Gequatsche“ um die Ecke kommt. Sie ist halt Expertin auf diesem Gebiet und manchmal klingen Dinge halt etwas komisch auf den ersten Blick. Allerdings profitiere ich immer von jeglichem Input den ich von Ihren Psychologie-Know How bekomme. So auch diesmal:

Ja, ihr Bild von einer Ampel ist mir quasi ins Gehirn gebrannt: Jedes Mal wenn ich ein Kundengespräch geführt habe, kam mir wieder ihr Ampelsystem in den Sinn und ich realisierte nach einigen Telefonaten, dass es wirklich so ist und meine Mutter Recht behielt. Da habe ich dann nicht mehr über die Ampel gelacht, sondern der Tatsache in die Augen gesehen:

Wenn die Ampel auf Grün steht, dann hast du den inneren Impuls, dass alles harmonisch ist. Das Gespräch läuft flüssig, oft kurz und knapp und jeder weiß, was er will und man wird sich einig. Fühlt sich startklar an– so als könntest du mit dem Sportwagen voller Power lospreschen und gewinnen.

Bei einem Gespräch, dass unter gelben Licht steht, wird es schon etwas anstrengender. Es ist eine Herausforderung, weil dir Fragen gestellt werden, die noch lange nicht jeder stellt und es wird mitunter anstrengend, weil du zwar großes Potential siehst, aber immer so einen Widerstand spürst, dass da halt kein grünes Licht leuchtet. Solche Fälle benötigen viel Zeit, volle emotionale Präsenz und viel persönliche Betreuung und Gespräche. Die Kunden hinterlassen ihre Spuren und bringen dich an deine persönlichen Grenzen. Sie inspirieren dich, Dinge in deinem Leben und deinem Unternehmen zu verändern, damit es bei den nächsten Kunden besser und einfacher wird. Du musst Farbe bekennen und Grenzen ziehen. Sonst nimmt es dich zu sehr mit.

Und dann gibt es die roten Kunden, die irgendwie seltsam sind. Entweder zu forsch, zu unfreundlich, penetrant oder respektlos. Ich habe mir angewöhnt, diesen Menschen zu sagen, dass ich der falsche Ansprechpartner bin. Es gibt Menschen, die nur auf einen Aufenthalt in Deutschland aus sind. Diese Leute bekommen von mir eine kalte Abfuhr. Ich möchte nur Paaren helfen, die sich wirklich lieben, eine Ehe zu schließen. Wenn ich das Gefühl habe, da wird herum „gemaggelt“, dann wünsche ich denjenigen ein angenehmes Leben und sage Ihnen, dass ich nur Liebeshochzeiten arrangiere. Wenn du einen inneren Widerstand spürst, dann kannst du einfach direkt wissen, dass es nicht stimmig ist. Dann brauchst du auch nicht herum zu hirnen und die selbst etwas vormachen, dass es doch klappen könnte.


Angenommen du möchtest gerne umziehen. Und du suchst dann so nach einer neuen Unterkunft und kontaktierst ein paar Eigentümer. Wenn alles ganz locker und flockig abläuft, dann klappt es meistens auch. Wenn du aber schon den Makler nicht erreichst, dann beim Besichtigungstermins in einen Stau gerätst und alles mehr als kompliziert und voller Widerstände verläuft, dann ist die Bleibe auch meistens überhaupt nicht für dich gedacht. Es ist so viel leichter, wenn wir im Leben unseren inneren Impulsen folgen, anstatt zu versuchen Dinge zu erzwingen, nur weil wir meinen, dass diese gut für uns sein könnten.

Oftmals ergeben sich ganz wunderbare Dinge daraus, dass wir mal loslassen und entspannen und dann auf unsere innere Stimme hören und den inneren Impulsen lauschen.

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft -Konfuzius-

Dieses Zitat ist mehr als wahr. Wenn du immer nur im Macher-Modus bist… dich kümmerst, tust und beschäftigt bist, dann kannst du gar nicht deine innere Stimme wahrnehmen. Es ist viel zu laut im Außen, um zu spüren, welche Impulse du eigentlich verspürst. Es sei, denn du stehst schon in einer guten Verbindung mit deiner inneren Stimme, dann brüllt die ganz laut, dass es so nicht weiter gehen darf ;O).

Wie kannst du deine eigenen inneren Impulse und Widerstände besser spüren?

Stell dir einfach mal etwas ekliges vor. Etwas was du so gar nicht essen oder sehen magst. So ungefähr fühlt es sich in deiner Bauchregion an, wenn du einen Widerstand verspürst. Er schreckt dich ein wenig zurück. Ja, es widert dich irgendwie an. Und genauso ist es, wenn jemand etwas von dir verlangt, was du gar nicht bereit bist zu tun.


Viele Menschen verkaufen ihre Seele und leben nicht nach den Werten, die Ihnen wichtig sind. Sie hintergehen sich im Grunde genommen aber selbst, nur um ein paar Euros mehr in der Tasche zu haben. Richtig wohl wird sich so jemand aber nie fühlen, denn derjenige missachtet seine eigenen Widerstände und wird dadurch aggressiv.

Wer allerdings auf einem starken Fundament steht und weiß, was er will und was nicht, kann ganz anders handeln. Du kannst spüren, was sich gut anfühlt und was nicht. Du kannst Ideen entwickeln, die mit deinen Werten zusammenpassen. Und es ist auch wichtig, einfach einmal NEIN zu sagen.


Ich hatte eine Anfrage im Dezember letzten Jahres von einer Dame, die angab, dass sie Studentin sei und dass ihr Studenten-Visum auslief, weil Sie die Prüfung nicht geschafft hätte. Sie gab an, dass sie jetzt Ihren deutschen Freund heiraten möchte, damit sie bleiben könnte. Ich hab dann mal nachgehakt, weil das alles so seltsam für mich klang und ich innerlich Widerstand verspürte, obwohl mich natürlich das schnell verdiente Geld einer Expresshochzeit reizte. Sie sagte, dass sie beide ja schon mal gemeinsam shoppen gewesen wären und sie ihn sehr mögen würde. Als ich sie dann fragte, ob sie eigentlich wüsste, dass ich nur Liebeshochzeiten organisiere und niemandem helfe, der nur wegen einem Aufenthalt heiraten möchte, wurde sie sehr nervös. Wir verabschiedeten uns und sie meinte, sie würde es nochmal mit ihm besprechen und sich dann gegebenenfalls bei mir melden. Ihr könnt Euch ja vorstellen, dass ich diese Hochzeit nicht organisiert habe. Denn sie entsprach nicht meinen Werten und nicht meinen persönlichen Moralvorstellungen.


Stehe zu deiner Einstellung, deiner Meinung. Höre auf die kleinen, winzigen Impulse, die dir deine innere Stimme gibt. Sei authentisch und du selbst. Du musst dich nicht verstellen. Menschen werden geliebt, weil sie Fehler haben und einzigartig sind, nicht weil sie wie Roboter funktionieren und keine Gefühle zeigen. Setze Grenzen, lerne Nein zu sagen, wenn du Widerstand verspürst.  Gebe deinen inneren Impulsen mehr Freiraum. Folge deinem Herzen und du wirst deine Persönlichkeit weiterentwickeln und so viel dazu lernen. Das Herz sieht mehr, als das bloße Auge je ergründen könnte. Das Auge sieht nur die Oberfläche. Das Herz und deine Seele ergründet viel tiefere Gefilde. Wenn du dein Herz öffnest, dann setzt es eine große Power frei. Du wirst wie ein Feuerwerk übersprühen voll von Kraft, Kreativität und deine gute Laune wird ansteckend sein und andere Menschen inspirieren.


Lasst uns in 2019 einfach mehr wir selbst sein. Die Welt ist bunt und impulsiv. Es wäre schade, wenn alles eintönig und kontrollierbar wäre. Es ist mir eine große Ehre, dass ich mich selbst zu den Herz-Menschen zählen darf, die die Verbindung zwischen den verschiedenen Kulturen schaffen können. Sei offen und freundlich und höre auf dein Herz. Du wirst soviel dazulernen und die Welt für uns alle ein Stückchen besser machen.

STOP! Dir gefällt mein Content? Dann like diesen Beitrag und teile ihn mit deinen Freunden und Bekannten. Wie gehst du mit deinen Impulsen um? Ignorierst du sie oder nutzt du deren Potential bereits? Ich freue mich über deinen Kommentar.

Wenn du keinen Blogbeitrag mehr verpassen möchtest, abonniere einfach meinen Blog, indem du herunter scrollst und deine Email-Adresse einträgst.

How you can upgrade yourself without any hesitation!

Finally we ended up in 2019. If you wonder that you are not totally exited about the new year…then you are not alone with that feeling. Some people assume that everything changes with a turn of a year…but it’s pretty the same until you switch your mind to do things better in the new year then you did in the last one.

Many people set goals already in december and after a few weeks in january they struggle with realizing those things they wanted to achieve or those habits they wanted to let go. I personally believe in the magic of 21 days to change a certain habit and creating a routine for a new habit. If you don’t trust yourself and don’t believe in your journey then you will already fail after one week.

Sorry, that’s the bitter truth. It’s all about your motivation, your believe and your own confidence. If you feel insecure you will perhaps start asking other people about their opinion…and if those people like you they will not be objective at all. They will prettify the truth and help you to be happy with your comfort zone and your status quo.

Be honest to yourself! Are you really satisfied with your status quo? Or do you have some areas where you want to improve yourself or change to the good?

Do you like rocket ships? Sorry that I switch a little bit, but they are pretty awesome.

Did you ever observe a rocket launch? No? You should watch a video on YouTube about rockets and see how powerful they start into the order to cross soon thinner air spaces.

After a while the rocket will continuously lean into a horizontal direction. The technique of rockets seems magical to me, especially because it’s all about maths and physics which is one of my weaknesses.

And I am really not an expert belonging rockets…it’s just enough to tell our children some exiting stories about Elon Musk and his ideas and innovations for our future. In general we can learn from the power system of that amazing vehicle: a rocket


A rocket pushes itself with a lot of power into the air… and if it gets to a certain point it leans to the horizontal direction. A rocket will start after the countdown is finished …3..2..1 bääähhhmmm. It will not hesitate, not overthink, not questionare if it is a good idea to fly to the moon or elsewhere. It will just raise with a lot of power and then after a while lean into a horizontal direction. Some of those rockets get rid of stuff on their journey in order to loose weight. That sounds great for us too. We can get rid of old dogmas and bad thoughts in order to accomplish our dreams and free our minds.

Imagine you have a great goal. You know that this thing will improve your life. At the beginning of every year the motivation to change our lifes is pretty huge. So why not starting like a rocket does? Just stright into the air?  Without any hesitation, doubts and without overthinking if its right or wrong?

I am sure that you already overthought your goals as you did set them. So if you want to chase your dreams and realize those things which matter to you… then just remind yourself of the power of a rocket, which starts 3..2..1.. and does need often a lot of time to reach a certain goal.


While flying to the moon takes just three days… the spacecraft „Polarlander Phoenix“ which started in 2007  to drive from the Earth to reach the Mars needed 10 month of time to reach its goal. With a rocket which would be filled with astronauts it would take probably 15 to 16 month to reach Mars from Earth.

I like you to put that picture into your mind. If you think something is pretty impossible for you and you get weak and less motivated belonging your goals after a few days…then think about the power of a rocket or a spacecraft and that you can use that imagination to get your things done.


I am pretty obsessed with the believe in positivity. I don’t like to think negative, because I know that our thoughts are powerful and attract certain circumstances. If you believe in your own power an your ability to reach a certain goal, then you will achieve it, finally. Stay patient. I know that is soooo hard. But there is not only one way to reach a goal.

Make it fun, challenge yourself on a daily basis, document your progress, be proud about every step you make to approach your dream.

Honestly, I pushed myself a little bit to write something, which motivates you. My time-schedule is filled with to-do’s and I need to prioritize and to delegate to get all those things done. Sometimes I really don’t know what I should write which could be helpful or meaningful… but today I had that inspiration as I observed our son. He has that playmobil rocket and I just thought about the firework at 0.00 at the change of the year and how those small fireworks rockets flew in the air without any hesitation. Amazing!

For sure I am exited about my own goals, because I like to challenge myself pretty often. It is one of my character traits, I am sometimes overambitious. But that is the reason why I can help others, I am ready to solve problems and to get creative no matter how bad a certain situation might seem to be, while others already quit.

Just tell yourself: „Nobody can’t stop me, from doing what I want to do!“ And then start to what you need to do. Over and out!

So get those things done, which bring you closer to your goals, to your dreams…and please focus on the important stuff at first. We get so easily distracted nowadays. Important: Leave all those doubts behind and just imagine the power of a powerful rocket!

So I am pretty sure your 2019 will become amazing, if this blogarticle inspired you just a little bit! Consider to follow my blog in order to not miss a blogarticle again… I will regulary publish new content in German as well as in English in 2019. Being a blogger and having a readership which feels better after reading my stuff is very motivating for me. Hopefully I will inspire others and motivate myself too. If you already follow me, thank you for reading my content.


The magical power-tool: Re-connecting with yourself

It’s loud out there. Do you agree on that? People in Europe are busy like those hard-working bees in a beehive. Did you ever went to a public train station in Germany in a bigger township? It’s full and busy there in the morning. People run to catch their train or their subway railway… many of them are afraid to be not on time and catch their hands over their heads if the nice voice of the service person admits that the vehicle actually will be later as the timetable has promised.


A few month ago some eastern friends asked me why the life in Europe would be such complicated and stressful. And everytime I slow down, like know during the x-mas holidays I realize how full-pact our lives in Europe are and how many stress is constantly self-made by our own thoughts.

Okay we are spoiled with waterpipes who offer clean water access every time we want to have a shower or need to cook something…in eastern countries that not always a standard. We have great systems of electricity and things in general are really accessible if we need them.

manipulation-1875815_1920.jpgBut while some eastern people wonder about the fact that there is no electrical power outage in Europe many european people wonder about the amount of bills they find in their mail and how those prices of all necessary recources increase continuously day by day.

So it’s quite normal that people get stressed out about earning more money and running to the underground at 5 a.m. in order to be on time at the 9 to 5 job they do on a daily basis. It would be so beautiful to observe those people, if they would be happy with what they were doing.

Sadly that might be an idealistic picture which we hope to see. Did you ever went to a underground in a huge town on a monday? Did you ever recognize how sad, tired and demotivated are those folks out there? Do you need to watch a motiviational video before you can tackle your own tasks?


Lots of people maintain a certain attitude and hope to change their life to the good. But I promise you if you work somewhere but you don’t love what you do, then it is a waste of time. I often hear people say: Okay, but I don’t know what I should instead of that job, it gives me so much security. I don’t like to risk something. Later I will have regrets that I did quit my 9 to 5 job.

Nobody will tell you to quit that job. I will recommend to stay safe and secure until you fill good and safe with the thing you love to do…. Imagine you have that 8 hour job, which you don’t like at all, but you always go there because it feels save for you to get that constant salary at the beginning of every month. Thats okay. Don’t feel bad about it. But, and that is a huge but… every human on earth has 24 hours per day. So if you sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours, you already have  8 hours left which you can use to improve your life, YOUR LIFE… Even if you love sleeping and you usually sleep 10 hours on a  daily basis you will still have a time period of 6 hours per day, which you can use to realize your dreams.


Before I started my wedding agengy after given birth to our first child I supported all of our businesses just from the backround. I really felt proud as I recognized that I don’t like to manage things from the back anymore.

My personal light was too bright for just sitting there behind the scenes and acting in a passive way waiting to see if others can do what I want them to do. I am a person who is active and being passive is not healthy for me.

As our daughter was born I realized how beautiful life can be if you do the things you love to do. For sure my job contains parts which I don’t like so much as other parts… but generally spoken I can admit: My own business is a strong pillar in my life…. it brings so much joy to my heart, while it challenges me to improve my personal skills and the service of my company day by day. It’s a great process with many options. It is like you swim in the ocean and you can see that you will be confronted with huge waves… but you love the process and the feeling of being challenged and the water which splashes right into your face. You will dive through the water and constantly grow with the obstacles you meet.


As I started my business I wrote blogposts and invested all my freetime in analysing the market and finding cooperations and so on. It was a slow process and at first I did not earn so much. I knew that my husband was observing my journey and that he often thought I am silly, because I spent so many hours in my „company baby“. But I was full of passion and did sometimes not realize how many hours I was in my home office to move forward and become successful.

If you do content-marketing, which I basically did, you will not see great results after a few days. But if you want to build a company which is sustainable and strong, you need to become an expert and offer best service and insider knowledge for your costumer. If they trust you, they will pay you for literally everything. That’s valuable marketing.

I love to compare content-marketing with the work of a farmer. If he seeds, it takes a couple of month until he can harvests fruits and veggies. And sowing is not enough, the plants need enough sunlight and water. If you build a business and start it from scratch then you really need to invest time and your heart into the whole process.

But trust me, if you do what you love to do, then you will never want to stop it, and it does not feel like working at all. It’s totally fulfilling, a game-changer for your life and will satisfy yourself in so many ways.

Probably you will not find me waiting for a train at 5 a.m. I am an early riser but I scheduled my day and my working routine as I want to. It’s in harmony with my body, mind and soul.

The reason while I smile if I enter my home office is that I really appreciate my work. I am the boss. If I mess something up I need to take the consequences for my mistakes. If I perform good and do my best and a little bit more I will get great results and amazing feedback from my costumers and they will recommend me to others.

They believe in me because they realize that I am working with all my heart. They feel it with every step I make and every word I speak. If somebody needs an advise I don’t feel shy to speak out the truth. What’s about you? Do you love what you do? Do you like to improve yourself and learn more?

The key to your happiness is to do the things you always wanted to. Traveling? Freetime? Being creative? Being unindependent? Driving a Porsche or Ferrari? Owning a house with a pool? Helping others? It does not matter what is your engine to get yourself motivated… if you have a clue of your dreams… then promise yourself for 2019 that you will work on them to realize them as soon as possible.


You can establish your own company or side business easily allthough you do that 9 to 5 job. You just need to reconnect with yourself. What is that thing I am burning for? Which things I am interested in? What is my hobby? As a child, before everybody told me what I should do…what did I really wanted to be or do? Do I want to change the world? Help others? Create things? Entertaining people? Writing? Inventing? Exploring? Ask yourself questions, like nobody every asked you before. Write your answers down and put all those little pieces of your puzzle together. I am sure you will be busy for a while if you reconnect with yourself. Deep inside you know what you would love to do. And if you finally find the key to your own heart, then it will feel secure. It will not be a risk at all.

You will be quiet, and confident and just go for it, because you follow your heart, literally. You will be honest to yourself and honest with all your fears. And you will be 100% authentic afterwards.

There will be no doubts and no execuses anymore. And after a while there will be popping up ideas, and you will be inspired by banal things and people. Perhaps you will see somebody in the train to your 9 to 5 job and that person will inspire you to accomplish something amazing belonging your dream. Hopefully….

I know I was quiet for a while. And my blogfollowers really were patient to let me publish again. I did not feel like writing at all. I also took a break of Instagram and social media, because I had too much input that I felt pretty overwhelmed. I am looking forward for 2019, and I really love to write blogarticles which inspire others  and motivate my readers to optimize their lifes and relationships, so they will be happy and lucky with their journey. Our lifes are too short to just run in a hamsterwheel which does not bring any joy or change to the good. Be you, absolutly yourself. 2019 is your year, you can open new doors and find new paths, if you trust yourself and believe in yourself.

I personally do believe in you. And you should also believe in yourself and trust in your skills and talents, no matter what they are. You can also educate yourself in many ways and find out what you are burning for. You should really invest in yourself and trust in your heart. I am looking forward to 2019. As an optimist I totally trust the journey and take care that I am well prepared for every challenge!

Thank you for reading this blogarticle. If you following me, thank you. If not, consider to follow my blog in order to not miss a post of mine in the future.


Kann ich unter 18 Jahren mit Einwilligung meiner Eltern heiraten?

Ich werde immer wieder von Verliebten angerufen, die schon „Sa-Jagen“ möchten, obwohl einer der beiden noch nicht volljährig ist. Deswegen beantworte ich diese Frage in meinem Video auf meinem Youtube Kanal

bitte hier klicken, und du wirst zum Video weitergeleitetKann ich unter 18 Jahren mit einwilligung meiner Eltern in Dänemark heiraten_.png

Heiraten in Dänemark gleich Einbürgerung in Deutschland?!

Ein Anrufer hat mich heute ins Staunen versetzt. Ich habe mich echt gewundert, welche Halbwahrheiten & Fehlinformationen in den Köpfen der Menschen und im Netz herumschwirren. In meinem neuen Video widme ich mich der Frage: „Frau Dellinger, wenn ich meine Frau in Dänemark heirate, erhält Sie dann die Einbürgungsurkunde, wenn wir zurück nach Deutschland kommen?“

Viel Spaß dabei, einfach das Foto anklicken, und ihr werdet zu dem neuen Video auf meinem Youtube-Kanal weitergeleitet:

Heiraten in Dänemark Hochzeit in Dänemark = Einbürgerung in Deutschland_!.png


Heirate noch in 2018 oder in 2019 nach der alten Gesetzesregelung in Dänemark dank Hochzeitstermin-Organisation im Dezember! Nutze die Chance

Zum 1.1.2019 wird ein Gesetz in Kraft treten, das die schwarzen Schafe in der dänischen Hochzeitsbranche aus-selektieren soll. Da ich nur Liebes-Hochzeiten organisiere und mich von der Organisation von sogenannten Scheinehen stark distanziere, werde ich auch im Jahr 2019 mit meiner Hochzeitsagentur Herzensfreude die standesamtliche Trauung für Verliebte organisieren.

Allerdings werden dann die Dokumente durch ein Gremium geprüft und nicht mehr direkt durch die Standesbeamten der jeweiligen Kommune mit denen ich bereits eng zusammenarbeite. Da ich ein Optimist bin, habe ich beschlossen, das ganze positiv zu sehen und als Herausforderung dankbar anzunehmen. Ich werde mich darauf konzentrieren, meinen Service weiterhin auf einem erstklassigen Niveau zu halten und mit dem Gremium eng zusammen zuarbeiten.

Doch wie man so schön sagt: Was man hat, das hat man!  Sprich, wenn ich weiß, dass ich jetzt im Dezember noch nach der alten Gesetzesregelung für Euch einen Termin sichern kann, und Eure Hochzeit könnte dann  theoretisch sogar erst am 31.3.2019 stattfinden, da die Eheerklärung maximal vier Monate gültig ist. Entscheidend ist das Datum der Einreichung, um noch das alte Gesetz für sich zu nutzen.

Bis zum 21.12. werde ich Fälle nach der alten Gesetzesregelung einreichen. Danach haben die meisten Standesämter erstmal eine kurze Weihnachtspause… ihr lasst Euch am besten von mir individuell beraten, dann finden wir gemeinsam eine passende Lösung für Euren speziellen Fall.

Hier mein neues Youtube-Video zu der Thematik. Einfach das Bild anklicken, und du wirst zu meinem Youtube Kanal weitergeleitet und kannst dir das Video anschauen:

Heiraten in Dänemark Nutze die Chance nach dem alten Gesetz einen Hochzeitstermin für 2019 zu bekommen (1).png

Mir ist es wirklich wichtig, dass ihr auf dem neusten Stand bleibt. Ich werde Euch auf dem Laufenden halten, was die Zusammenarbeit mit der Special Unit angeht. Es kann durchaus sein, dass sich das Ganze verbessert, weil viele Möchte-Gern-Agenturen und diejenigen, die unseriös sind, durch die neue Gesetzesregelung wegfallen.

Ich freue mich riesig darauf im Jahr 2019 wieder mit weiteren Kooperationspartnern zu arbeiten und für Euch neue besondere Orte zu erkunden, an denen dann Eure Trauung stattfinden kann. Außerdem bin ich jetzt schon aufgeregt, was die exklusiven Strandtrauungen angeht, die zwischen dem 21.7.19-4.8.2019 stattfinden werden. Ich bin mit vor Ort, es gibt also eine 1 zu 1 Betreuung, professioneller Hair-and Makeup Artist ist auch schon im Team mit dabei…


Trauung unter einer schön dekorierten Pergola am Strand, professionelle Hochzeitsfotos und im Anschluss der Trauung ist dann Zeit für Action: Eine Motorbootstour… das wird ein Riesen-Spaß, freue mich jetzt schon enorm auf die zwei Wochen, die ich mir rot im Kalender markiert habe. Wer Interesse hat, sollte sich einen Termin sichern!


Egal ob ich vor Ort bin oder nicht…mir ist es wichtig, dass sich jedes meiner Hochzeitspaare emotional wohlfühlt während der ganzen Hochzeitsorganisation und dass die Trauung zu Euch passt. Ich freue mich über deine Hochzeitsanfrage, am besten per Email:


Wer noch im Dezember heiraten möchte, genießt Steuervorteile und bringt seine Beziehung noch vor dem Jahresabschluss auf ein höheres Level.

von Anders Noren.

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