How do you feel today? Are you totally happy with your life? Or do you need some improvements here and there to feel better then right now? Don’t feel bad about dark shadows under your eyes, dark shadows beside your heart or seeing just black right now. Its okay. There was that Black Friday! :O) And everybody was totally in that, while I was just trying to get over my influenza, which stopped me from achieving anything.

My mind was useless, I feld like somebody had hidden a huge piece of wood on my head. Totally exhausted and weak. Yes, don’t be sursprised. You are not the only person in the world, who feels a little bit dark here and there.

There are many reasons, why we feel bad and unproductive. Why we not function as we should, why we questionaire ourselves and our surroundings over and over again… I don’t blame you for being negative. And you should not blame me for being an optimist with a dark side, nor blame yourself for who you are.


  • Perhaps you get lost sometimes by thinking about your past.
  • Sometimes you might feel bad, because you cannot change some terms you want to change immediately.
  • Being with people who might got stucked in their lifes can stop you from being positive at all.
  • Especially feeling guilty for a disaster you are in right now will not change the game on the contrary it prevents you from solving problems because you already have put your head right into the sand!
  • Particulary assuming not deserving something, allthough you want it so much, is a big mistake you should not repeat.
  • Impatience might blind you for a lot of opportunities in your life.
  • You don’t have those people around yourself, who support you in a proper way.
  • Bad experiences taught your mind, that it does not work and will never work.


Okay, the dark side is in everybody. Some people try to hide them, some use their dark side to get better, to improve themselves to get motivated.

Do you believe somebody takes high risks and leaves his/her comfort zone just for fun?

No! Successful people leave their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals and to frame a picture of a great future.

If you can not believe in yourself– the unkind answer sounds like: „Nobody else will believe in you!“


If you have a dark phantasy then it can offer you a lot of creativity. Because totally thinking out of the box is a skill which not everyone is able to build. So if you see something very dark you can really shape the picture as gloomy as you can. Accordingly you might ask yourself about the opposite of that state. Is there a solution for the dark moment? Can somebody rescue you or something change that state?

The best solutions for other people problems were not created by positive thoughts and spontaniuous ideas, while everybody was happy and feeling fine.

Actually people find solutions for problems, because if they don’t they will earn less money or need to spend more time or loose their good reputation…

For example a hotel which needs to fix a pipe problem in the hotel bathroom and offers the guests a free meal in the restaurant in order to get them happy and not a bad judgement on a social media plattform later on. Good reviews of costumers are the best marketing for every company. And bad reviews are the last thing somebody wants to get, right?

Another example is a techniquel device. Why should anybody buy a device, if it does not solve a problem? A solution for  time-management, automatizing, making things easier for the user! I am sure that IT teachnician focus on solving problems while developing new products and software updates or apps.

youtube agenturherzensfreude.png

Do you know why I created that Youtube video where I tell people how to fill out a form in order to get married? It was a solution for a huge problem. People messed it up. They sent notice of marriage formulars to me which were a hot mess. And if I can’t read those scratchy writing, how should a registrar of a wedding office get trusted with it, right?

After having some nightmare couples which missed to write their adress right… and after a lot of calls of brides and grooms who I needed to tell the filling procedere over and over again… I decided to solve the problem: By creating a video, which shows people 1 to 1 how to handle the job. And the problem was solved, because now I just need to send the video link to the couples and they can sit down and tackle the formular within a few minutes of their time. One solutions: 3 Winners:

  1. Firstly the costumers are happy, because everything is easy explained to them and they can access the video again if they need it instead of having it generally explained on the phone.
  2. Secondly I am happy, because the couples mostly do their job good and are able to fill the form by themselves, and I did not need to spend time anymore explaining it on the phone, which I really disliked after a few times.
  3. Thirdly the registrars are happy because they can easily oversee the form and work on the cases and give me answers soon. Every bureaucrat enjoys clear writing and proper forms.

And there are some other couples who use my how to do video in order to get married with another agengy. And I am generous at this point. Its okay for me, if other people profit of my knowledge. I am sure every company has his own costumer. But inspiring people is still something I love to do.

the world is full of magically things patiently waiting our wits to grow sharper. bertrand russell.png

And you? Whats about your dark point? Are you still in that dark whole or already rising your head a little bit to see the light? I know, that you can  overthink any angle of your life. I trust you,  that your past can be a huge burden sometimes. What is about making peace with all that bad things which happened to you before? I just like you to motivate to give your future a chance.

All of the sudden you could magically detect that the past could be a book full of lectures which were written just for you. And per chance you might clarify some emotional junk inside yourself too. Make peace with people who did hurt you, make peace with yourself, if you did something wrong. Say sorry to somebody who needs your apology. Give something back to those people who helped you out as you did not expect it.


In the wintertime people try to hide themselves inside their flats and houses and make it warm and cozy. But if you curl yourself up into a ball you will be alone with yourself and your own mindset. And that might be dangerous sometimes, if you disappear into obscurity.

And every single person in the world has good days and some bad days too. And if such a dark day appears you will see everything darker as it already is. To protect yourself from living in a bubble in the past which is just taking place in your own mind… you should try to step a feet out of your door, in order to smell the world and your own future with all these unborn ideas and opportunities…


The darkest YOU might be more lighter then my own dark side. But I learned to find strength in all these darkness and to light a candle which brings me trough a state of darkness until there appears the real light. With my motivational posts I always motivate myself too. Thats sounds surreal, but its the dark truth.


I love to encourage you today:

  • Please, believe in yourself!
  • Please, don’t hide your skills, nor your emotions anymore!
  • If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, then their is a great path waiting for you.
  • Please, find joy in the little things and stay connected with your heart!
  • Instead of focussing on the past, concentrate on a great future, be aware of the present and take care of yourself and your energy!
  • create moments of joy instead moments of fear!

Do you feel inspired? Just a little bit?