There are so many moments in our lifes where we feel challenged. It would be quite boring if there would not be up’s and down’s in our life’s. Monotony is the death of our personal developement. It’s really desirable to have a certain schedule and to fix to it, but if you do not come out of your comfort zone, you can not change to the good.

You might say: „Okay I am satisfied, with what I already have or which things I have achieved…!“

But I forwarn you: Your status quo means „stagnancy“ could put you out of the game. For example you are working as a lawyer and you have all these clients which are totally enough for you. But do you actually deserve to work for them? Or did you help them in the past and think that they might contact you again because they are no other qualified lawyers in town?

laywer at work

Sorry, but you need to wake up!

  • You should think about your performance
  • about how you can keep those clients
  • and how you can grow your range of influence.

Perhaps as a lawyer you might think that there are so many crimes and that you will have a lot of willing clients. The reality is different to your personal opinion: Those clients you already had, might consider to contact another lawyer if needed, because they heard about somebodys great reputation. Why should a client find you? What is special about you? And which extra do you offer to them? The market does not sleep while you are sitting there in your comfort zone.


The reality might alarm you, but believe me I love to share these thoughts with you in order to help you to become that person you deserve to be. By being satisfied with yourself and your surroundings there might be happen a lot of stuff which will offend you after a while.


Your girlfriend for example might not be happy with the fact that you settle back. Perhaps she does not want to attack you with words nor motivate you to do more or to invent yourself. But believe me as a partnership expert I can promise you that the worst thing for a relationship is if the woman feels bored by her spouse. No surprises, no magical moments, no adventure anymore… that sounds really boring.

Perhaps she will feel to run away or she is keeping you until she finds that person who will deliver those things to her, which you are not able to offer anymore.


  • Don’t settle back- instead of this go forward!
  • Stay hungry!
  • Stay focussed!
  • Stay interested!
  • Show her appreciation!
  • Surprise her!
  • Be kind!
  • Create magical moments!
  • Help her to improve herself as well!
  • Share memorable adventures with her!
  • Speak about the future, her ideas  and your own visions
  • Be out of control!

be that person you would love to love

In every part of your life it is necessary to reflect and to investigate if you can improve your performance.

  • If you want to run a marathon you will practise for it right?
  • If you want that girl you will fight for her, yes you will!
  • If you want that working project, then you will find a way to show your ability to deserve it.

So why do we rest on our laurels afterwards?


If you are sleeping you are resting. I accept this. And if you are awake you should integrate a bunch of awareness into that time-period. You are able to realize what you are dreaming of. Its all about your personal commitment, challenging yourself day by day. Self-aware-ness will help you to become that person you want to be. Take care of yourself as well as those persons you are surrounded by.

Selfawareness and challenging yourself on a daily basis will change your game forever.

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