Some couples have trouble dealing with paperwork. Some struggle with completing a form. In most cases if you want to get married in denmark, it is necessary to get through that notice of marriage and fill it out. Even if you speak english, sometimes it is a hard job to fill out those kind of boring forms. Don’t worry. I try to help you with that.

As an owner of a wedding agency I just want you to have a nice time with your spouse, instead of getting stressed by a paperwork task you have to do. So I just show you in that short video-tutorial how to fill out the form notice of marriage at your laptop or pc. If you listen to me and use that programm nitro reader, you do not have to fill it out manually written anymore.

The registars, who will read through that form will be thankful, because they dont have to deal with an unclear handwriting  (scrawal) anymore. Its easy to read and so the whole process of organizing your wedding appointment is improved. I really recommend you to fill out that notice of marriage in that kind of way I am showing in that video. Hopefully you appreciate it and get that simple task done without unconficence anymore.

If you click on the picture below, the link to my video will be opened in a new window of your browser: