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The magical power-tool: Re-connecting with yourself

It’s loud out there. Do you agree on that? People in Europe are busy like those hard-working bees in a beehive. Did you ever went to a public train station in Germany in a bigger township? It’s full and busy there in the morning. People run to catch their train or their subway railway… many of them are afraid to be not on time and catch their hands over their heads if the nice voice of the service person admits that the vehicle actually will be later as the timetable has promised.


A few month ago some eastern friends asked me why the life in Europe would be such complicated and stressful. And everytime I slow down, like know during the x-mas holidays I realize how full-pact our lives in Europe are and how many stress is constantly self-made by our own thoughts.

Okay we are spoiled with waterpipes who offer clean water access every time we want to have a shower or need to cook something…in eastern countries that not always a standard. We have great systems of electricity and things in general are really accessible if we need them.

manipulation-1875815_1920.jpgBut while some eastern people wonder about the fact that there is no electrical power outage in Europe many european people wonder about the amount of bills they find in their mail and how those prices of all necessary recources increase continuously day by day.

So it’s quite normal that people get stressed out about earning more money and running to the underground at 5 a.m. in order to be on time at the 9 to 5 job they do on a daily basis. It would be so beautiful to observe those people, if they would be happy with what they were doing.

Sadly that might be an idealistic picture which we hope to see. Did you ever went to a underground in a huge town on a monday? Did you ever recognize how sad, tired and demotivated are those folks out there? Do you need to watch a motiviational video before you can tackle your own tasks?


Lots of people maintain a certain attitude and hope to change their life to the good. But I promise you if you work somewhere but you don’t love what you do, then it is a waste of time. I often hear people say: Okay, but I don’t know what I should instead of that job, it gives me so much security. I don’t like to risk something. Later I will have regrets that I did quit my 9 to 5 job.

Nobody will tell you to quit that job. I will recommend to stay safe and secure until you fill good and safe with the thing you love to do…. Imagine you have that 8 hour job, which you don’t like at all, but you always go there because it feels save for you to get that constant salary at the beginning of every month. Thats okay. Don’t feel bad about it. But, and that is a huge but… every human on earth has 24 hours per day. So if you sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours, you already have  8 hours left which you can use to improve your life, YOUR LIFE… Even if you love sleeping and you usually sleep 10 hours on a  daily basis you will still have a time period of 6 hours per day, which you can use to realize your dreams.


Before I started my wedding agengy after given birth to our first child I supported all of our businesses just from the backround. I really felt proud as I recognized that I don’t like to manage things from the back anymore.

My personal light was too bright for just sitting there behind the scenes and acting in a passive way waiting to see if others can do what I want them to do. I am a person who is active and being passive is not healthy for me.

As our daughter was born I realized how beautiful life can be if you do the things you love to do. For sure my job contains parts which I don’t like so much as other parts… but generally spoken I can admit: My own business is a strong pillar in my life…. it brings so much joy to my heart, while it challenges me to improve my personal skills and the service of my company day by day. It’s a great process with many options. It is like you swim in the ocean and you can see that you will be confronted with huge waves… but you love the process and the feeling of being challenged and the water which splashes right into your face. You will dive through the water and constantly grow with the obstacles you meet.


As I started my business I wrote blogposts and invested all my freetime in analysing the market and finding cooperations and so on. It was a slow process and at first I did not earn so much. I knew that my husband was observing my journey and that he often thought I am silly, because I spent so many hours in my „company baby“. But I was full of passion and did sometimes not realize how many hours I was in my home office to move forward and become successful.

If you do content-marketing, which I basically did, you will not see great results after a few days. But if you want to build a company which is sustainable and strong, you need to become an expert and offer best service and insider knowledge for your costumer. If they trust you, they will pay you for literally everything. That’s valuable marketing.

I love to compare content-marketing with the work of a farmer. If he seeds, it takes a couple of month until he can harvests fruits and veggies. And sowing is not enough, the plants need enough sunlight and water. If you build a business and start it from scratch then you really need to invest time and your heart into the whole process.

But trust me, if you do what you love to do, then you will never want to stop it, and it does not feel like working at all. It’s totally fulfilling, a game-changer for your life and will satisfy yourself in so many ways.

Probably you will not find me waiting for a train at 5 a.m. I am an early riser but I scheduled my day and my working routine as I want to. It’s in harmony with my body, mind and soul.

The reason while I smile if I enter my home office is that I really appreciate my work. I am the boss. If I mess something up I need to take the consequences for my mistakes. If I perform good and do my best and a little bit more I will get great results and amazing feedback from my costumers and they will recommend me to others.

They believe in me because they realize that I am working with all my heart. They feel it with every step I make and every word I speak. If somebody needs an advise I don’t feel shy to speak out the truth. What’s about you? Do you love what you do? Do you like to improve yourself and learn more?

The key to your happiness is to do the things you always wanted to. Traveling? Freetime? Being creative? Being unindependent? Driving a Porsche or Ferrari? Owning a house with a pool? Helping others? It does not matter what is your engine to get yourself motivated… if you have a clue of your dreams… then promise yourself for 2019 that you will work on them to realize them as soon as possible.


You can establish your own company or side business easily allthough you do that 9 to 5 job. You just need to reconnect with yourself. What is that thing I am burning for? Which things I am interested in? What is my hobby? As a child, before everybody told me what I should do…what did I really wanted to be or do? Do I want to change the world? Help others? Create things? Entertaining people? Writing? Inventing? Exploring? Ask yourself questions, like nobody every asked you before. Write your answers down and put all those little pieces of your puzzle together. I am sure you will be busy for a while if you reconnect with yourself. Deep inside you know what you would love to do. And if you finally find the key to your own heart, then it will feel secure. It will not be a risk at all.

You will be quiet, and confident and just go for it, because you follow your heart, literally. You will be honest to yourself and honest with all your fears. And you will be 100% authentic afterwards.

There will be no doubts and no execuses anymore. And after a while there will be popping up ideas, and you will be inspired by banal things and people. Perhaps you will see somebody in the train to your 9 to 5 job and that person will inspire you to accomplish something amazing belonging your dream. Hopefully….

I know I was quiet for a while. And my blogfollowers really were patient to let me publish again. I did not feel like writing at all. I also took a break of Instagram and social media, because I had too much input that I felt pretty overwhelmed. I am looking forward for 2019, and I really love to write blogarticles which inspire others  and motivate my readers to optimize their lifes and relationships, so they will be happy and lucky with their journey. Our lifes are too short to just run in a hamsterwheel which does not bring any joy or change to the good. Be you, absolutly yourself. 2019 is your year, you can open new doors and find new paths, if you trust yourself and believe in yourself.

I personally do believe in you. And you should also believe in yourself and trust in your skills and talents, no matter what they are. You can also educate yourself in many ways and find out what you are burning for. You should really invest in yourself and trust in your heart. I am looking forward to 2019. As an optimist I totally trust the journey and take care that I am well prepared for every challenge!

Thank you for reading this blogarticle. If you following me, thank you. If not, consider to follow my blog in order to not miss a post of mine in the future.


Successful people: Being superficial vs. profound

The last days while I have connected with other heartpeople I finally realized that a lot of people of our society are blinded by superficialities. I recognized that there are some persons who threat others better if they think those persons are kind of famous or wealthy. It might seem quite naive to expect others to see humans as deep as they really are. But as a child I thought that everybody else feels the deep inside of their conversation partners too. As an adult I admit, most of the crowd are not emphatic.


There is a big amount of people who try to achieve a successful life. They are thirsty. But do they really know what being famous means? Success can be defined in different kind of ways. For example a person wants to live in a villa with a swimming-pool. Another person just want to be free of working eight to five, for the third person success means to live his or her dreams, for example by traveling around the world. Its quite weird to write about it. But this is neccessary to point out that people are so different and their dreams of success too.


I really feel guilty sometimes, that my attitute towards a lot of things is so different of that of the crowd. I don’t respect or threat people right, because they are wealthy or famous. At the opposite if somebody appears very perfect in front of me, I find that failure inside this person very quickly. It is not a character trait, to be rich or a famous person. In my opinion a poor person who has great values and stands firm whatever people say, earns to be recognized and loved too. I never prefer people because of their clothes, money or status. The character traits as well as the habits seem more important for me.


I hope that others can see the beauty of some quiet people too. Beauty is another part of our modern society. On social media, we post our beautiful faces, our happy children and our well arranged food. But is that our reality or just an escape of our life in general? Do we really want to live that perfection? Do we really need all these filters we are using on a daily basis? Would you also put a picture of one of your untidy rooms, and share that with your social friends?

In my family we have that genetic thing with those dark eye shadows. Even if I am rested and relaxed I have two eye rings. In our perfect world I should put concealer on those eye rings in order to look fresh, beautiful and not tired.


But in reality I don’t like to use concealer on a daily basis. My skin is sensitive and feels bad with that. It does not feel right. It’s like putting on a mask to hide my real me. Okay you might think that it will look better and then make me feel better too…so it would be a winwin situation. Being imperfect and just me, even if I have those shadows under my eyes, seems authentic to me.

I love those people around me and I really like their flaws. The mistakes and small quirks of others make them touchable and lovable for me. If somebody feels embarrassed that is way he/she does not fit into a certain pattern. In my opinion our flaws define ourselves. That quirks can help us to connect with others who does not prefer being superficial. In the last couples of years I got grounded and I realized that helping others to threat themself with respect and love is one of my skills.

Hopefully you learn to love yourself too. Until you are not respecting yourself and not realizing your great value, you will not be able to have a successful life nor a happy relationship. People change. You can change to the good. You should not think that this is the end. Its the beginning of a great opportunity, if you take care of yourself, your values and your purpose.

As an european woman, converted to islam, I am always building bridges between different people, different cultures and different countries. I always want to show others, that the way of speaking with others can change ourselves to the good.

If I am at the supermarket checkout and I see a person who has just a little bit of stuff holding in his arms, it is so easy to do that person a favor by saying: „Oh, please go first!“ It will take a few minutes but „hey that person deserves your attention!“


Being nice to others starts with being nice to yourself too. If you see somebody has a bad time you can offer your help. If you realize that a person is in need of something you can decide to organize it for that human being. Hopefully money and fame will not change heartpeople. I recommend to stay down-to earth and just to be honest to yourself. If you need to have a rest– lay down and try to recharge your batteries. If you feel depressed, ask yourself why you got there and how you can fix that. Remember the life of everybody is full of ups and downs. Enjoy your life as much as you can.

How do you think about fame, wealth and superficiality? Do you think people can have a deep conversation allthough they are sorrounded by superficial people?

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