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The magnificent difference between feeling & thinking

Todays blogpost is hopefully the right topic for those persons who might tend to overthink their daily performance in life. In a society which is so fast moving and pretty overstimulating, some of us never have learned the difference between feeling & thinking. Others lost their ability of feeling deeply, because they got hurt in the past or were told to be strong and act less emotionally in order to fit into a specific group or pattern.

voices of society

This wednesday post will hopefully help you to reconnect with the essence of yourself: your feelings! It’s about defining your own emotional skills. Its to prepare yourself for being confronted with others who are unable to find a connection to their inner state, because they only focus on the outside/others instead of their own inner state/ voice. Weiterlesen „The magnificent difference between feeling & thinking“

How to be strong if you actually feel weak

The key of being strong is not in your surroundings, it’s in yourself. If you learn to listen to your own voice your will become stronger then you ever would have expected.

Everybody knows those bad days, where literally everything goes wrong or you are totally overwhelmed. Having a bad day is a temporary thing. So if you are aware about the fact that there will be happy days in your future, it’s more easier to face those days which are challenging you totally.


Last week I had one of those days… it started with waiting up late, our son missing his school bus, driving him by myself to school, then missing something important for our daughters childcare place. Because I was already late I could not do my morning cleaning routine, I just run into the home office to get things done. I was busy with crazy cases, because the registrar office did not react as I wanted them to… spontaneously I got a visitor for lunch, my husband informed me quite late about that circumstance. So I was trying to get my work done and cooking something great. But after I had mopped the kitchen floor and opened the door of the fridge in order to put out some salad, an open box with tomato paste was falling right on the floor, in front of my feet, creating a disaster… yes I can have those days too which are a big challenge and bother me.

After the lunch I realized that I feel totally weak. I felt overwhelmed, tired, exhausted and I thought of just leaving everything and everybody without a word and having a warm shower!


With that picture I realised myself magically tackeling the whole pile of dirty dishes and answering our kids who consistently tried to argue each other on a higher level. I created hope in myself! Hope for a change to the positive outcome.

Honestly I knew the day would be like this, because I was really beyond myself. But while I listened to my inner voice which really seeked for a warm shower, I knew that goal would bring me through everything. Just the imagination of having a shower was like a reset button. I just restarted my mindset. Why should I get angry or get loud, if the others don’t listen to my advice? Why should I be sad about the fact that I did not get all the things done I usually get done? I realised that its really okay to just be in this moment and to create a place of happiness instead of perfection.

After the visitor said goodbye I just told my husband that I would go to have a shower. The children were playing all the time and were allowed to watch some cartoons. I really enjoyed my me-time, because usually in the morning I have some minutes just for myself before everybody gets up an we get busy. But if yu wake up late, you miss those minutes, and then you feel totally beside the road. I love to have a plan, I love to be strong. But if I realise that I have a moment of weakness, then its totally okay for me to find motivation by offering something to myself, which is important for me. Sometimes its reading a book, having a great workout—it differs on my kind of feeling weak-state. Sometimes I just imagine how the future will be and I remind myself about the fact, that this current time is just one small macro of a huge timespace which is offered to us. So if I realize that a bad day is nothing compared to all those great days I have/had, then the bad day is not so dark as it seemed to me by the first sight.

Your inner voice is the call of your heart. Its like a reminder. It will ring the bell, if you are skipping your needs because of duties and responsibilities. Be aware of that voice. It can be very silent, but it tells you always the truth and helps you to protect yourself to get recharged and powerful again!

How do you help yourself to be strong in stressed situations, where you feel overwhelmed, weak & tired? Are you a believer of powernapping?

von Anders Noren.

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