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Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody

It is not easy for yourself nor for the people around you if you are very moody. We are often pretty fast with judging others and it’s easy to blame others for our bad mood. For example if those people who we love, do not offer those things to us which we expect them to do, then we can easily be depressed or become aggressive without even realizing that we are overreacting or freaking out. Being moody is a nightmare for yourself, because those up’s and down’s can really make yourself kind of crazy and feeling strange… and your family, friends and colluegues barely understand what is going on in your mind. How should they? Weiterlesen „Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody“

5 Truth About How You Can Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Actually lots of people are totally stressed out. Productivity and being unique are main issues which people of our modern society have to focus on. If you want to be successful, usually you have to invest and put all effort into the „process“ and your „projects“ in order to achieve what you are longing for. However you will easily confirm that our lifes can be full of overwhelming thoughts and pretty stressful.

With my blogpost of today I want you to offer oppurtunities which help you to stay calm in stressful situations. Hopefully you will be reminded of my words, if you find yourself somewhere stressed out!


1.Presuppose the positive solution!

Do you really care about your stress or are you trying to ignore it? If you find yourself stressed out, then there were something before that stage which had triggered you. Limited time could be one stress factor, or high expectations of yourself or interactions with others. Whatever you have to face, believe me its just temporary.

Try to be aware of the fact that stress can deliver great results, if you stay calm. That is the reason why you are totally prepared for this… its all about your mental focus, your mindset decides about the outcome. If you focus on a solution and believe in yourself that you will create a way to get through tough times, then you will stay calm and solve every issue.


2.Focus on deep breathing!

Imagine one of our stressful situations in the past… How did you feel? Perhaps your heartbeat went faster then usually, your muscles got tight, your face were cramped and you just felt despaired.

Normally people tend to pause breathing if they get into a mental panic situation. Scientiest will confirm to you that this „emergency reaction“ of your body is not healthy and will not find a solution to get out of that stress. Rather a proper oxygyn supply cannot be provided. That is why your brain function will not be as good as it should be.

How can you increase your brain function? By taking a deep breath in and out you will release the leck of concentration soon and feel calmy too. Why calm, please? Because deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.

Its so worthy. If you feel stressed out, try to focus on your breath. Deep in & and deep Out. Why are those yoga-experts always so relaxed and easy-going? Because they deep breath on a daily basis with focus.

You could give it a try to integrate 15-30 minutes of deep breathing in your daily schedule. After 30 days you will not think about it anymore, it becomes a routine and you will feel energetic and calm on a daily basis.


3.Take care of your sleep habits!

That is a tricky one, because hey, who is really aware of sleeping enough? We are busy, some of us have kids, others have pets and we are busy with social media too ;O). Yes, I suppose that you as a person of our modern society are consuming media stuff too, no matter if its a movie, or a youtube video, a book, or a podcast… we are all in that.

I have a nephew and I am really proud of her, because she really focuses on her grades and her job beside the school…and she exercises too and reads lots of books, BUT she does not care about anything, if her time for sleeping is coming.

She is so secure that she does not care of visitors or anyone else, she will brush her teeth and  kindly say goodnight… in order to give her body enough power, to be active and smart again for the next day.

How often do we try to be awake until midnight? How busy are our brains with nonsense or doing stuff which is less important then recharching our brain, heart, soul and the rest of our body? You can try to get into a certain routine. It would be great if you can realize 7 hours sleep per night. Who can get 8 hours, congratulations.

People get easily stressed out, if they are tired. Toddlers also often meltdown in a temper tantrum, because they are tired and overwhelmed. Try to improve your sleeping habits. Do you sleep next to your phone? Do you assume thats a good idea? Be honest to yourself, if you find yourself scrolling on social media plattforms, then you should prefer an oldschool alarm clock next to your bed, instead of a smartphone which will hinder you from getting enough sleep.


4. Limit your caffain intake!

Oh that is a hard one, especially for me. I usually drink black tea & coffee every day. Its proven that an active person like me will even get more active with a high affain intake.

Believe me I tested myself and did not drink coffee and black tea for two month. Firstly it was horrable, I got that bad headache and I felt like I will attack somebody because of my withdrawal.

But after 3 or 4 days, the headache went away and I slept like a newborn. It was really good to take a pause of that hamster wheel of feeling like a coffee-machine. Instead of black tea and coffee I had chosen herbal tea.

I observed myself that I was more easygoing and got relaxed, perhaps because I was so proud of being in control of my unhealthy habits.

After a while I start drinking coffee here and there. But I found out that it is a bad idea to drink caffaine if you already are stressed out. Lavender-Tea would help you more to quieten down. So how many cups of coffee do you drink? Can you replace some of them with other drinks?


5. Be grateful!

Thank you. Try to be thankful. Be grateful for the little things. You can write your gratitute down if you like.

Some people journal daily about those things which make them feel grateful. If you are thankful for what you already have, then you are aware about yourself and your surroundings. Gratitute is the key to a happier life.

If you feel grateful, then you remember even in tough and stressful situations what you already have or did achieve. And that is the reason why you can stay calm in stressful situations. For which things are  you grateful today?


Try to be honest to yourself. If you find the connection to your heart, you will not feel insecure anymore. Every stressful situation will be executed by you with calmness and dignity.

Its up to you… are you ready for a change? Do you think one of these points could decrease your stress level? Which is your favorite one? It would made my day to read your comment. 

von Anders Noren.

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