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Motivational Monday: Do you like to sneak a peek into my work flow and my home office?

Actually there are so many people working from home. Onlinebusiness-Entrepreneurs are sometimes sticking in their home office but not productive at all.


I really love my work as I often mentioned it before. I mostly start my day very early. While my kids are in kindergarten and school I try to get the main things done. Thats covers important phone calls and writing emails as well as hitting the post office in order to send urgent documents.

In the evening I usually write down all the to-do’s which need my major focus on the next day. In the morning I will run a machine of laundry, have a plan for the lunch and will also do a certain cleaning-task and after a mug of coffee I will run high-motivated to my home office. That is the real life of a working-mom, who thinks productively and creatively every single day.

I really focus on „eating the frog“, so I try to get a most important issue done first. If I realized that a big issue is handled, the other to do’s are really peanuts for me afterwards.

Sometimes I need to refocus on myself, especially after emotional talk with some costumers. Because I am so emphatic, in some cases I really need to recharge myself after some phone calls to be myself again.

I use that small hack, which I like to share with you too. My mom gave me that advice as she realized that I will be overwhelmed by other peoples feelings and problems. Hopefully that can help you too:

Imagine you have an ocean with a couple of islands. There are those which are really sad and nothing is growing there. They are like sad desert pieces stocked in the big ocean.


And there are other islands which are full of palm trees and fruits and happiness, pleasure and freedom. That is my personal island, the island full of luckiness. It is shiny and brightens my day.


Everytime I am having a phone call with somebody who feels really depressed he shows me his personal island which might be similar to the island which looks like a desert. And he is thirsty to reach my island in order to feel better.

But the most important after that call is to realize that I am the owner of my happy-island and that I can feel emphatic and compassion for that sad person but that I can come back to my own island again. Did you get that?

You need to stay on your own island–in order to help those people to let all these palm trees arise at their own islands and that they are able to create a place full of happiness and freedom on their islands too.

If you help others to solve a problem, you need to find a solution. If you feel pity for that person he/ she might feel comfortable with you, but you can not have an impact on that person.

If you focus on a solution, you can find a solution for any problem issue in life. I am sure about that. Because I got sticked in so many different situations at myself and there was no hope, really from nobody. But by believing in finding a solution I always created a method of resolution.

Positive thinking even if you feel like every single cloud in the heaven is just over your own head— hands out the key to that closed door for you.

If you want to be motivated, you need to find you „button“ which will help you to motivate you. I love to help people with kindness and optimistic thoughts. Just because of my own positive point of view I am able to work effective and with all that joy in my heart.

Check out my video, in order to explore how I usually work in my home office. By clicking on the picture you will transferred to my Youtube-Video-channel.

the home office Agentur Herzensfreude insight.png

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Dankbarkeit und Wertschätzung die Kunst DAS ULTIMATIVE zu erleben

Die Erfüllung deiner Träume

Sei bitte einmal ehrlich zu dir selbst:

  • Wie oft am Tag bist du dankbar für all das was du hast/besitzt/erleben darfst?
  • Wie oft widmest du dich deinen Träumen/ deiner Zukunft/deinen Wünschen und Vorstellungen vom idealen Leben?

<<<<<<<<<<>>>>> und dann fühle<<<<An dieser Stelle hast du zwei Möglichkeiten für dein Konflikt-Management:

  1. du nimmst es hin, stehst auf und packst es an! (du darfst auch kurz den Kopf in den Sand stecken, bevor du dich aufraffst, falls du gerne im Sandkasten bist)
  2. du kämpfst dagegen, regst dich auf und erlebst es kurze Zeit später erneut

Immer wenn du in deinem Leben an dir selbst arbeitest, bewirkt das auch etwas im Aussen. Dein Umfeld reagiert auf deine Veränderung. Es geht darum eine Lektion zu lernen. Manche Menschen erleben immer wieder ähnliche Situationen, weil sie mit gewissen Dingen auf eine Weise umgehen, die dann Probleme regelrecht anziehen. Sie fühlen, denken und handeln in einer negativen Weise und dies hat dann auch zur Folge, dass es zu keinen positiven Erlebnissen führt.

Meiner Meinung nach benötigst du zwei wichtige Dinge, damit du deine Träume erfüllen kannst:

  1. Das Bewusstsein, welchen Traum du träumst
  2. „Das steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein-Prinzip“, sei täglich dankbar für all das was du hast, was du teilst, was dich ausmacht und tue eine Kleinigkeit dafür, dass dein Traum in naher Zukunft in Erfüllung gehen darf


Dein Fokus

 Sei fokussiert darauf…

…dass du es schaffst!

…dass du deinen Traum in Erfüllung bringst.

…dass sich alles zum Guten wendet.

…dass dich Dank deiner inneren Kraft niemand aufhalten kann.

…dass du alle Probleme die sich dir in den Weg stellen mit Leichtigkeit meisterst.

…dass du durch deine Dankbarkeit und positive Einstellung deine Ziele erreichst.

…wie sich dein Traum/ deine Erfüllung/das erreichte Ziel anfüllt.

…dass du dich selbst wertschätzt, für alles was du bist und was dich ausmachst!


Ich hoffe, dass du jetzt genügend Eigenmotivation hast, um deine Konflikte zu managen und deine kurzfristigen- und langfristigen Ziele zu erreichen. Das Leben ist ein Prozess, du wächst an allen Herausforderungen, die sich dir stellen, an allen Personen, die dir Steine in den Weg legen und an allen Menschen die dich liebevoll unterstützen, endlich deinen Traum zu realisieren.

Auf gehts…pack es an!


von Anders Noren.

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