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Bridal innovations to get ready: An interview with the fashionlabel Domenica Domenica

As I was a child I was always melted away by classy women who had a great style. One of my best friends mother was always wearing lovely morning robes if I came over with my bicycle to catch my friend up in order to drive together to school. I assumed that her taste was really great and that her husband must have been appreciating that his wife preferred to wear fine robes instead of a typical pyjama in front of him.

Especially for the winter period everywhere we find offers of those pyjama overalls. But please, which guy would love to see his girl in that overall? That is more for a girls movie night on the couch, right? Therefore I wanted to inspire other women and their future husbands to let those „dreamwives“ wear more lingerie and to recommend investing in fine robes, which help you as a woman to not freeze but while still obtaining a great relationship too.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to interview the head of a fashion brand called DomenicaDomenica based in Miami, Florida in the USA. Mainly they sell robes which are made for pre-wedding, soiree-ing & just because! So let’s jump right into the interview:

Video: producer: @hausumedia for @haikulovestories

makeup: @anjack_hairandmakeup

model: @eastynn

1.Domenica, thank you so much for revealing some further information about your brand. Please tell us, how did the company was built and by whom?

Hi Nicole, it is lovely to have this opportunity to talk about my brand and it’s journey. The brand Domenica Domenica officially  launched June 28, 2017 by myself, Domenica. I noticed a rising trend in professional „getting ready“ photos with brides and their bridal parties and little no option in terms of what they had to actually „get ready“ in.


2.What is your goal? What do you want to improve with your robes? 

I noticed a huge discrepancy in the bridal lingerie market in regards to options. There was not much out there for brides who were looking for a gorgeous garment to get ready in the morning or afternoon of their wedding. My friends were having issues finding classic robes for their bridal parties AND themselves. Prices were allover the place- from $48 for a pack of 6, or $2000+ for a head to toe embroidered chantilly french lace robe. There was no in between, price wise or aesthetic-wise. Everything was very bridal-y.

I wanted to create something different. Something you could gift your bridesmaids and truly wear again. Most of our pieces are designed to go on honeymoons, as cover ups, or, like you said, morning robes. They are bridal but have a very contemporary, ready to wear feel to them, serving more than one purpose.

My goal is to make the entire wedding process curated and distinct. Our manifesto states that we create clothing that are „made for the moments that move you“ and surely, getting ready before you walk down the aisle, whether you are alone with your photography or surrounded by your closest friends and family- these are the moments that literally move you into forever. And so, one should be well dressed.


3. A bride want to feel special and adorable at her wedding day. Am I right that your robes are the invitation for a stunning wedding night and the morning afterwards?

Absolutely.  Wedding night, and many mornings after 🙂 Must haves for the honeymoon.


4. Which kind of colours are available and which materials do you use for the robes?

We are playing around with textures this season. We are introducing plenty of new lace pieces, lots of flowy chiffon, even some 3D embroidered pieces. We are working with lots of pastels, watercolor, and also bringing in more black (all of our Noir pieces sold out last season!) DOMENICADOMENICA-ONEFINEDAY2018-239

5. Do you have a shop, where future brides can go in and try the robes on or do you have a webshop in order to send the products worldwide? Where do you ship to?

Domenica Domenica does not have a flagship store but we do have various boutiques and larger retailers that will be carrying the brand next month. This includes Anthropologie’s bridal division, BHLDN, and Vogue’s Wedding Salon in Tokyo. For now, our site is our 

6. You also offer giftcards. Can you please tell us more about that? Are those digital?

We do offer gift cards. They are digital, never expire and can be used for multiple purchases. DOMENICADOMENICA-ONEFINEDAY2018-97.jpg

7. It looks like you are thinking effective, because a robe is wearable after the wedding over and over again. Do you produce with the intention, that the robe will be a favorite clothing for a longer time period?

I do, absolutely. I create things that don’t follow rules, which is something I love about the bridal industry. We follow different rules than those of our contemporary RTW brands. We are based in beauty and distinction (the bridal industry as a whole) I am endlessly inspired, to create pieces that one is unafraid to buy. When else would you give yourself permission to buy a multi-color chiffon robe? Or a cascading lace kimono with a train? For weddings, normal „rules“ go out the window. You get to write your own story.

Hopefully futurebrides and futurehusbands find joy in reading this interview! I am still convinced that those robes are a great gift too, for people who want to feel special everyday and everynight over and over again ;O). Check out Domenica’s Website! Thanks to all those creative people, who made this happen:


photographer: @aprilelizabethphotography

makeup: @mghairandmakeup and @belladinapoliprofessional

model: @cynthina_xin929

Why should you apologize for the love of your life?

We all fall in love. There are a few people and the amount of that people is growing constantly, that find themselve attracted to a person of another country or culture.

There are a lot of prejudices cruising around and heartpeople are often suffering with the questions they get asked by others about their binational relationship.

  • Why do you prefer her?
  • Do you really think that relationship will last?
  • Don’t you have a lot of differences with each other right from the start?
  • How do you want to deal with that partnership in the future? Isn’t its better to quit it soon?
  • Don’t you think the person just uses you and your feelings in order to get a residence permission?

I admit those questions sound weird, but believe me most binational couples are asked that questions by their closest surrounding, i.e. family and friends & colleagues. And there are a lot of people outside, who just love to interfere into your lovetape.

getting married in denmark

It is not about black & white, yellow & white, muslim & non-muslim, oriental & western.

Its all about the case, that you did not choose, nor prefer a person of your country, your colour-race and culture.

Imagine that we are living in a global world and that we connect with each other via worldwideweb so easily. People present themselves openly to the possibilities that networking and internationality can offer.

But in private? Connecting with foreign people? Living with a person who is totally the opposite of yourself? Sharing a life with somebody who is so different? A few people cannot imagine, how you can deal with that.

But hey? Is that your problem? No, definitively not.

Your choices and your life dicisions might not fit to their goals. But it does not mean that you do wrong. On the contrary you should feel more confident in what you do. Don’t let their prejudices become your reality.

Prejudices are not the truth. They are made by humans who don’t share your values:

“Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice.”
― Michael CrichtonState of Fear

You don’t need to justify yourself for the love that you feel in your heart. You should not apologize for you emotions. Its your life, means your rulings.

There are a lot of people which plan their entire life in advance and think that they will be happy forever.  Their goals as a couple might be the same and their values might be similar too. Nontheless they finally need to quit their relationship because its boring or does not fulfill them anymore.

As a wedding visionary and a relationship expert I admit there is no guarantee about the success as a couple, neither if its a national relationship nor a binational one. There are some living together until forever and others which get seperated after a few time-period.

binational couples marriage in denmark

Stop apologizing yourself to others. You derserve the life you were meant to be. Live you dreams and enjoy the love which is so deep that nobody can influence it nor control it. Binational love is an intellectual challenge, because you will always try to be smarter then others and to stay on target belonging your lovetape. 

I always tell my clients:“ If you invest in a relationship and you don’t do ist selfishly you will be rewarded after a while. True love is not just an emotion, it’s a choice!“

binational love

If you want to put your relationship on a higher level, you should think about getting married. As a wedding planner I organize civil marriages in denmark, especially for binational couples. Feel free to contact me via Email:


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