You are totally in love.  You really appreciate that person your heart belongs to, but you cannot have that person beside you as much as you want to, because you are in a long-distance relationship! Does the possibility to meet each other once in a while not satisfy your needs? Do you want that person in your life, by your side, not just for a couple of days or weeks in the year.? If you want to share your life together, why don’t you change status quo of being a couple, into a higher level? Yes! I mean something like “marriage”?

Perhaps you think it needs a lot of documents to marry your foreign spouse! Do you think living together is impossible, because your home country unfortunately will not allow you to get married right now? Do you want to know where it is possible? Read more about it, I will tell you a great solution…People fall in love around the world. Love is not limited, nor depending on a nationality or place to live. If love happens, its magical. You don’t need to explain to others, why you are holding on to that long-distance relationship. If you know its the right person for you, you will be able to tie the knot with your spouse, without any barriers.

I know a place where you can easily tie the knot and the civil wedding certificate you will receive at your wedding day, will be valid worldwide. This magic place where lovebirds can easily marry each other is the country Denmark. It depends on your documents if you can get married on Danish mainland or a Danish island. No matter you marry in the south of Denmark, in the west, the capital city Copenhagen or one of those little Danish islands… you will be issued with the international wedding certificate which contains five languages (English, Danish, German, Spanish and French).

marriage in denmark

Honestly its easy to marry in Denmark. But you should decide where you want to live together afterwards too. Perhaps you need an apostille stamp. That’s pretty simple. In some case a legalization is needed. Don’t worry, most documents can be delivered via mail, so often you can order those extras online or I will organize it for you. It depends on your home country, if it is enough to show the wedding certificate or if you need an apostille stamp or legalization too.

Which 5 steps you have to go?

  1. loving each other
  2. commitment to be a part of the other one’s life right now and in the future
  3. getting married in Denmark
  4. requesting for a family reunification
  5. living together, which should be the long-term aim

marry in denmark

It is really up to that country you are living in. But here I present you the great news: You found me. That’s a very helpful fact for the third and the fourth step you have to go. Who is the right contact person for bringing your relationship on a higher level? Its me. With my wedding agency I help binational couples to get married in Denmark. For me its important that you feel comfortable in the whole procedure. My experience with couples around the world traveling to Denmark in order to get married there, is the reason why I can help you to change your long-distance relationship into a hopefully full filled life as wife and husband.


Don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me about your case! Don’t be shy! Being shy is the reason why right now so many long-distance relationships are existing although their love is intensive and true. Rumours and prejudices of other people should not prevent you from living together as you always wanted to. Everybody is responsible for her/his own luck.

Don’t look to the ground, take a view at the stars, explore your dreams and foresee how a life together can satisfy yourself.

Being honest to each other means, either you should split or you should bring your relationship on a higher value able level like a marriage. Don’t get me wrong, it might sound hard, but honestly a long-distance relationship should not be forever. It should be just a temporary thing.


After you realize that you two belong together in reality, in the daily life, you will find that bridge (Denmark marriage) which can achieve your goal!

If it’s not so, it’s just an easy flirt or an open relationship which one of the party is not sure about. So take care of your own feelings and be sure about those of your spouse.

If you are ready for a marriage, I am ready to organize a wedding date for you in Denmark.

I realize civil weddings in registrar offices, in lighthouses, in hotels, at the beach… there are endless possibilities of saying “Yes I do” in Denmark. You like me to fulfill your dream? Contact me via email please:

I am looking forward to hear about your love and your future plans too.