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Happy marriage goals: The 8 character trait of the perfect husband

A happy marriage is not build in one day. Huge buildings are not constructed by one day neither. You need clear plans for both to get the result you are longing for. An architect can outline a scheme of a specific building and plan many details. But if the construction worker do not follow his plans, the building will be out of control. It will not be that masterpiece which it were meant to be if the workers tamper with the hole thing.


A lucky marriage is similar to this example. You can plan and put all your effort into it. But a relationship aka marriage is not a one-man show. Its a dialogue, an unit, a day-to-day investment. Honestly if you mess it up, it will be done before you already start the journey together.


I read a lot about the perfect wife and how she should be and how she can improve herself. And I was surprised, that there are no great advices for him. Okay, there are some authors out there, which wrote guidebooks for him. But those books are more about how he can be a gentleman, or how he can satisfy her sexual needs. There are a few books out there who might improve your mindset of being a man. But did they ever speak about the important character trait of a perfect husband? Nope.

If you know a book, which does, please tell me about it, because I would love to read it. But until then, I will try to summarize the character traits of the perfect husband. And please that is really my selective perception.

  1. Loyality: A  wife should have the possibility to put trust in her husband. If she tells him a secret he should be able to keep that private. Beyond that a perfect husband does not need to focus on other women. He should be able to satisfy his wife and his own needs inside his partnership. If a man is not able to be loyal, he should not consider to marry somebody. I don’t believe that a womanizer can perform the role of a perfect hubby. Loyality comes first.romance-1209046_1920.jpg
  2. Kindness: Its all about how you act with others. If a man is kind to people, the wife will feel good about choosing that person as her husband. If he acts with kindness, she will also answer with kind words, because if he offers a certain value to her, she will be able to respond to that. An unkind man will bother others and his wife by his embarrasing behaviour. affection-1867098_1920.jpg
  3. Respect: A true man, aka gentleman respects others. Even if he does not share the same opinion about a certain topic he is able to respect the other person for the different point of view. Women love to be valued and respected. If you treat your wife with respect, she will be gentle and reward you for this too.people-3264217_1280.jpg
  4. Pride: Whatever she is doing in private or business, if you show her that you are proud of her skills, intentions and her behaviour you will make her day. Being appreciative is very useful. Be proud of yourself, be proud of her and be proud of your marriage. If you love to improve your marriage you should focus on the good things in your partnership and show her what makes you really proud of her.swan-2077219_1280.jpg
  5. adventurous: Women gernerally want to be strong today, thats right. But beside this your wife loves you to be adventurous too. That kind of adventurous, if you just want to do something unexpected, which really blows her mind. Although she loves to have a certain routine, she will enjoy it if you go an extra mile for her, to show her that you will invent yourself from time to time. Thinking out of the box will help you to be that kind of human she is longing forever.biker-384921_1920.jpg
  6. homourous: If you can make her smile, then you will be really happy together. If not, then you should work on your sense of humor. Laughing is very important in life. If you cannot laugh and she is also not able too, then the marriage would be very sad. If you can make her laugh, she will enjoy your company on a daily basis for sure.actress-2868705_1920 (1).jpg
  7. reliable: If you promise something, that means a total commitment. If you cannot realise something, then it is better to stay quiet instead of giving a promise to her. She wants somebody to hold on not to wait for. So if you have an appointment with her, make sure to be on time, and if you will be late, give her a call. If she needs you, unindependtly if emotionally or physically- be there for her. She needs you, so be present. That is what a perfect husband can always realise if he is in love with her. No execuses.entrepreneur-2326419_1920.jpg
  8. flexibility : If something is not working as planned, then you can easily become angry or react irritated. By being flexibel you give yourself and your surroundings so many added opportunities. Try to be as flexibel as you can. She will be thankful for your effort. Many wifes have a hard time by dealing with changes. If you stay cool and flexibel, she will be more relaxed and happy, even if life is not easy at all. Being able to compromise is very useful. You could persist on your right, on your thoughts and your decisions, but it would be egoistic. So if you want to be a perfect husband then be creative and flexibel in order to realise great results.street-workout-2628919_1920.jpg

A happy marriage is possible. It is important that you remind yourself of the good things, try to improve your „now“ and that you have a certain vision of your „Future We“.

Awareness is so powerful. If you are sure about what you want to achieve in the next years together you can support each other and enjoy each others company. Offering value to the other person is really underestimated. People think it will all fit perfectly and they could stay in their comfort zone. Suddenly they wonder why their marriage does not work as it should.

I can promise you that a marriage is full of up and downs. It is like a rollercoaster:


You will have those moments where you feel afraid & shocked. There are moments of having a hard time. Then other days you will be full of joy, totally lucky, secure and proud. Focus on the positive outcome. Trust in the process. If you invest, you will be rewarded later on. 

Which character trait is your favorite and why?

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7 Truth About High Sensitive People (HSP) That Few Understand

I love to share this great article with you, because  I am personally a HSP and I thought that description fits perfectly. So I love you to read this and by reposting it, hopefully many people who are not high sensitive can get an impression of how it feels like in my own world :O).

Motivational Monday: Are you able to re-evaluate a relationship?

Strong relationships are built by those people who care about. If you want good people in your life you have to focus on those who support you instead of judging you.

I was inspired by a humble woman who wrote about relationship skills and that she always had a hard time with her mother. They met each other and their get-together always did end up with the speech of her mother: „AcctuallyI regret that we met each other today. I am always so sad after meeting you.“ Usually they would not understand each other and have a verbal fight… but that woman loved her mom although both were so different. That is the reason why she thought about a solution to improve that relationship as soon as possible.


The great idea of re-evaluating a relationship came up and she decided to give her mom another chance. Before the next meeting she embraced the progress. She told herself to just stay in the moment: no past, no judging, not trying to convince her mom about her own opinions. She focussed on having a good time with her mom and just stay calm.

Surprisingly the meeting went really great. She enjoyed the company with her mom for the first time. They spent a whole day together: they went shopping, ate dinner and watched a great movie. They never had laughed so much before.


The daughter really improved the relationship with her mother by this meeting. She respected her for the first time with all these differences and opposite character of her own. By reading that story I felt so inspired by her course of action.

  • Why should we not give other people a second chance to be a part of our life?
  • Are we judging others because of our selective perception?
  • Do we take the speech and actions of others too personally?
  • Do we always need a confirmation of the outside to feel good? 
  • If we are able to change on a daily basis, why do we manifest a certain picture of people in our memory/mind forever? 

Unfortunately I am really bad in changing my mind about people who did not find the kind of respect towards me I assume to deserve. That is the reason why if somebody acts like a jerk towards me, that person will be strongly „game over“ for me. I am really friendly and uncomplaining, always trying to fit myself into situations with people. But if I find out that somebody is using me or unfair, then he/she has to bear with the consequences.


Perhaps it is just a manner to protect myself of bad people and evil. Nevertheless I am believing in the fact that everybody deserves to get good attention. People are so different. Everbody is unique. And with that knowledge you can really change your mindset. Why? Because if you know that somebody is the opposite of you, it is easier to understand, that the person has another perception then yourself. Other values, different opinions, another past, a different present and another future then yours.

try to be a rainbow in Someone's cloud

Very often we are in connection with other humans, which we would not choose voluntary. For example you are working in a company. Then you have to fit yourself with the other colleagues if you don’t want to be a smug.


Or imagine you are in a partnership with somebody. In most cases you will have contact with family & friends of your spouse too. That can be a big challenge. On other terms and conditions you could just walk away and focus on something different. In this case to look the other way is not an option for you.

Think about all those relationships, where your stomach starts to ache by just thinking of. Can you find a way to improve those relationships?

  1. Embrace the moment.
  2. Stay friendly and calm
  3. Let the other person as he/she is (no judging)
  4. Respect that another person acts different to you
  5. Be aware of your good character and stay politely
  6. Sometimes less speech is better then discussing (save your energy for the important stuff!)
  7. Focus on having a good time (be positive, supporting and low-key)
  8. If somebody offers you an execuse, you should consider to accept it.
  9. Make peace with your past.
  10. Try to bring something new into a relationship, which got kind of stucked.


We as humans are living in communities. We are all different but we can support each other with our unique views of the world. I am always dreaming of a society which does not need envy, hate and war. Sadly it all starts with one person: ourselves.

  • If you are not able to forgive, another person will not forgive you either.
  • If you are not able to improve your character, who else should do that job for you?
  • It is your life! Be aware avout your decisions and your own faults first, before you put your finger on somebody else.

Most of the time it is a big mistake to be filled with bitterness. Perhaps the other person was not able to act different in a certain situation towards you. Why you should be bothered forever because somebody hurt you?

I know, its complicated. But if you are able to re-evaluate your relationship, you will be surprised how happier you become afterwards. At first it might look like a huge mountain you have to climb. After embracing the situation it will not feel like this anymore. You will become stronger then before, smarter and more aware of yourself and your surroundings. 

Hopefully I could inspire you today, as the woman inspired me this weekend. Which relationship should you re-evaluate? Have a great start into your new week! Use the comment-function to write your insights down.

Listen to your heart, please!

Are you in your zone? Do you feel comfy right now? There are some of those dark hours in everybody’s life. But just a few people have the courage to be aware of this.


I am one of those and I often have moments in my life where I feel pretty overwhelmed. Its like you are standing in front of a volcano uncertain if the lava will break out and burn you totally or stays calm and disappears after you become clear and powerful again.


The fact that we are humans with feelings might not surprise you. But did you ever lose your sanity because of the lack of control? Once emotions overwhelm your body you might feel insecure or mad.

At first I thought I should not write about craziness nor how you can overcome feeling low. That is way I am afraid of the reaction others who might not feel as deeply as I feel.

I imagined that it is kind of weak to write about it. The possibility of being criticised by those who are just rational hindered me to find the right words.


But after a week of high emotional clients I decided it’s the best idea to write about insecurities and being out of control.

There was a costumer who really asked so many questions and called me a lot of times to tell me about his worries. All though in generally I am very friendly I kind of got lost in the dialogue.

I realised quite soon that the person wants to be in control of the whole process. But if you ask somebody else to organize a wedding appointment that means you book that person in order to manage and be in control instead of yourself. You don’t organize it, you let somebody organize for you.

I know he was just insecure if the documents will fit and if I can realise his wedding with the love of his life…but I felt like he wanted to get rid of all his sorrows by calling me.

I was trapped in a situation where I did not want to be. A part of me told myself: Hey Nicole, stay calm and kind, he is totally concerned and overwhelmed. Give him the space to get all all his fears out of his heart. And then there was another part inside me which told me: hey Nicole! You are a professional wedding organizer, not a psychologist! You don’t need to listen to all this no-brain-stuff. You totally got distracted because of his Q&A!

So I fought with myself. I am aware of the fact that I am not a psychologist. And I am sure that „listening“ was the right thing to do, although one part in myself felt argued and misunderstood because the bunch of fears sounded absurd to me.

I remembered a speech of Garyvee, which is really great: the best marketing strategy? CARE!

Gary is totally right. A lot of people are really lost, because they have nobody who cares nor listens deeply to their inner state.


By caring and being present you offer the other person unconditional positive regard.

At the end of the week I am happy that I listened to my heart. Finally the wedding date is organized too and the gratefulness of the costumer was awesome! He felt listened and secure, because I was present as he was concerned and I did not judge him, I just gave him that space to breath and put all that insights to the outside.

I am really sure about the fact that you improve your life if you listen to your heart, instead of listening to all the thoughts which hinder you from being smart. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, because people don’t understand your thoughts, nor your emotions or plans. But its your life, and that means your choices.

I am far from mother Theresa, but until I die I want to help other heartpeople to listen to their heart and connect with their inner power. I am a businesswoman thats right, but what is striving me the most, is to change people to the good, to help them to feel complete. You can totally put trust into your inner voice. Don’t ignore your feelings.


5 Truth About How You Can Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Actually lots of people are totally stressed out. Productivity and being unique are main issues which people of our modern society have to focus on. If you want to be successful, usually you have to invest and put all effort into the „process“ and your „projects“ in order to achieve what you are longing for. However you will easily confirm that our lifes can be full of overwhelming thoughts and pretty stressful.

With my blogpost of today I want you to offer oppurtunities which help you to stay calm in stressful situations. Hopefully you will be reminded of my words, if you find yourself somewhere stressed out!


1.Presuppose the positive solution!

Do you really care about your stress or are you trying to ignore it? If you find yourself stressed out, then there were something before that stage which had triggered you. Limited time could be one stress factor, or high expectations of yourself or interactions with others. Whatever you have to face, believe me its just temporary.

Try to be aware of the fact that stress can deliver great results, if you stay calm. That is the reason why you are totally prepared for this… its all about your mental focus, your mindset decides about the outcome. If you focus on a solution and believe in yourself that you will create a way to get through tough times, then you will stay calm and solve every issue.


2.Focus on deep breathing!

Imagine one of our stressful situations in the past… How did you feel? Perhaps your heartbeat went faster then usually, your muscles got tight, your face were cramped and you just felt despaired.

Normally people tend to pause breathing if they get into a mental panic situation. Scientiest will confirm to you that this „emergency reaction“ of your body is not healthy and will not find a solution to get out of that stress. Rather a proper oxygyn supply cannot be provided. That is why your brain function will not be as good as it should be.

How can you increase your brain function? By taking a deep breath in and out you will release the leck of concentration soon and feel calmy too. Why calm, please? Because deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.

Its so worthy. If you feel stressed out, try to focus on your breath. Deep in & and deep Out. Why are those yoga-experts always so relaxed and easy-going? Because they deep breath on a daily basis with focus.

You could give it a try to integrate 15-30 minutes of deep breathing in your daily schedule. After 30 days you will not think about it anymore, it becomes a routine and you will feel energetic and calm on a daily basis.


3.Take care of your sleep habits!

That is a tricky one, because hey, who is really aware of sleeping enough? We are busy, some of us have kids, others have pets and we are busy with social media too ;O). Yes, I suppose that you as a person of our modern society are consuming media stuff too, no matter if its a movie, or a youtube video, a book, or a podcast… we are all in that.

I have a nephew and I am really proud of her, because she really focuses on her grades and her job beside the school…and she exercises too and reads lots of books, BUT she does not care about anything, if her time for sleeping is coming.

She is so secure that she does not care of visitors or anyone else, she will brush her teeth and  kindly say goodnight… in order to give her body enough power, to be active and smart again for the next day.

How often do we try to be awake until midnight? How busy are our brains with nonsense or doing stuff which is less important then recharching our brain, heart, soul and the rest of our body? You can try to get into a certain routine. It would be great if you can realize 7 hours sleep per night. Who can get 8 hours, congratulations.

People get easily stressed out, if they are tired. Toddlers also often meltdown in a temper tantrum, because they are tired and overwhelmed. Try to improve your sleeping habits. Do you sleep next to your phone? Do you assume thats a good idea? Be honest to yourself, if you find yourself scrolling on social media plattforms, then you should prefer an oldschool alarm clock next to your bed, instead of a smartphone which will hinder you from getting enough sleep.


4. Limit your caffain intake!

Oh that is a hard one, especially for me. I usually drink black tea & coffee every day. Its proven that an active person like me will even get more active with a high affain intake.

Believe me I tested myself and did not drink coffee and black tea for two month. Firstly it was horrable, I got that bad headache and I felt like I will attack somebody because of my withdrawal.

But after 3 or 4 days, the headache went away and I slept like a newborn. It was really good to take a pause of that hamster wheel of feeling like a coffee-machine. Instead of black tea and coffee I had chosen herbal tea.

I observed myself that I was more easygoing and got relaxed, perhaps because I was so proud of being in control of my unhealthy habits.

After a while I start drinking coffee here and there. But I found out that it is a bad idea to drink caffaine if you already are stressed out. Lavender-Tea would help you more to quieten down. So how many cups of coffee do you drink? Can you replace some of them with other drinks?


5. Be grateful!

Thank you. Try to be thankful. Be grateful for the little things. You can write your gratitute down if you like.

Some people journal daily about those things which make them feel grateful. If you are thankful for what you already have, then you are aware about yourself and your surroundings. Gratitute is the key to a happier life.

If you feel grateful, then you remember even in tough and stressful situations what you already have or did achieve. And that is the reason why you can stay calm in stressful situations. For which things are  you grateful today?


Try to be honest to yourself. If you find the connection to your heart, you will not feel insecure anymore. Every stressful situation will be executed by you with calmness and dignity.

Its up to you… are you ready for a change? Do you think one of these points could decrease your stress level? Which is your favorite one? It would made my day to read your comment. 

Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks To Speed-Clean Your Work Space

Today I really like to motivate you to get ready and clean up. If you already are a nead freak, then congratulations to you! But usually even organized persons can feel quite overwhelmed, if they are too busy or emotional not on top! Sometimes it’s just a flu which hinders you from cleaning up a mess… and then suddenly you don’t know how to create a clean space quickly, because it went totally out of control! Learn how to tackle the mess…

Weiterlesen „Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks To Speed-Clean Your Work Space“

The True 4 Helpers Of Partnershipgoals

A couple of days somebody told me, he admired the fact that I could write in a romantic style. Furthermore if I am interested in creating some advertising articles for his company, I would be very welcome.

I reflected about that message and I recognized how lovely that sounds, but I assume I am far away from being romantic, or writing romantically. In my opinion I am kind of disenchanted and pretty pragmatic. How do you perceive me?

Todays blogpost is stright-forward and honest as usual. I don’t like my readers to confuse with romantic phrases or with fantasy stories. My focus is always on facts combined with our emotions. The combination of the truth and the unknown, which needs to be revealed, is that knowledge which really drives me to write on my blog.

I hope, that you feel heard and respected by me as my reader. However you felt before you read my articles, I truly look forward, to help you to improve yourself and get deeper to those feelings inside yourself. I love you to feel valued and important, without being judged. Every person in this world deserves to be respected for its being.

It really matters, that you connect with yourself in order to get happier and positive on a daily basis. Life can be really full of struggle. I am always confronted with lots of problems too. People don’t know all about me. They just see that smart side of me, which helps others to get things done and to improve their game. That I by myself have a lot of issues going on in the backround, which make me nervous and need my focus, that is the other side of my life, which is okay too. Every person has problems to deal with and I just like you to know, that I also need to find solutions for my own problems too. But through all my problems I really learnt to get smarter and I am really grateful for every lesson of my life so far.

Lets speak about The 4 Truth about Partnershipgoals.

If you are in a partnership there are certain bounderies which might be unvisable.


They are unspoken rules, expectations and limitations in every relationship. These points can hinder your personal developement and influence your hapiness level as well.

The reason why I write about that is, that most people are not able to live their full potential, because they feel stopped or interrupted by the person they love. If you are living in a long-term-relationship you will automatically adapt a certain behaviour of that person you are living with. Additionally your thoughts can follow a specific pattern which is similiar to the thoughts of your spouse. Its like somebody has hacked your mind and has the ability to control you. The fact is, that you are emotionally involved and don’t want to hurt the person you share your life with nor be judged by that person, who admires you.

I really love people to connect with each other, to go deeply in their partnership and get that intense familiarity with each other. But couples need to be aware of themselves as independent persons. If I am not aware of myself and my own selective perception, I am living the life of another person or let another person decide about my life at all. And then at the end of the day, it feels surreal, because you dont live your own reality, but a life which is defined by another person.

So how can I live in harmony with my inner thoughts and rules as well as those of my spouse? 

4 Truth Helpers of Partnershipgoals

1. Brainstorm on what your goals are

Man and woman can be very different. And their goals can be totally unlike, allthough they are a couple. Personal goals need to be defined by yourself. You have that goals which you want to achieve by your own. Additionally there are those goals which you love to accomplish with your spouse. Perhaps there are some expectations belonging your partner too. Write it down and speak about it. If you have different goals, you need to  think and talk about possibilities to realize them. If you repress your thoughts and goals, you will feel dissatisfied after a while. It is neccessary to be aware about your purposes, in order to be real and honest to yourself. If you do not have any goals, you can drift away. If you do not focus, other people can decide about you and guide you. For some people that made be okay, but then you live anothers person truth instead of revealing your own hero.

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during hard times when the _hero_ within us is revealed.png

2. Take up challenges and disagreements early on

Neglecting or ignoring problems will have bad consequences. Small issues can grow quite big after a small amount of time. If you feel uncertain about a specific topic its better to point out your insecurities instead of pretending that you win the whole game. In a partnership you can not fight alone. Partnership means that two persons connect with each other and support each other too. So if you feel stressed out, you should point that out, so misunderstandings will not grow to weird fights which are out of control. Fighting is important. Don’t fit yourself into a situation just to have „peace“. Thats not a real peace. You will feel peaceful if you are able to discuss things out and get connected again after every argument. You should not try to avoid disagreements. Every person is different and therefore misunderstandings and conflicts will appear, don’t worry.


3. Adress both partners needs

It is important to be aware of the needs of your spouse. Needs can change, and being up to date is really important in order to stay tuned and connected with each other. Sometimes its okay to put the needs of your spouse over your own needs. But that should be a special moment. If you just take care of the other person needs and your spouse does not pay attention to your own personal needs, nor takes care to fulfill your needs, then the relationship will get out of balance, which is really unhealthy. Seeing that you will be disappointed soon and cannot hold on all your defined partnershipgoals, because your spouse operates careless. So why should you care about him/her anymore?


4. Understand one anothers limitations

You should be aware of your own skills and your mindset. Furthermore you should take care of the limitations of your spouse. Some people are limited by their mindset and need to work on that, others are just limited with their skills generally. I am really convinced about the fact that understanding the flaws of the partner and the personal boundaries can bring a great impact into that relationship. You can support each other belonging partnershipgoals. The result matters. People will ask you about how you managed all this. And I strongly believe in the fact that couples can use the power of imagination to realize their goals. Sharing the process is something which creates a deeper connection. And by understanding the limitations of the spouse and the awareness of the strengths you can become a dreamteam for life.


Hopefully you enjoyed reading this. Perhaps you already are aware of all these four components, thats great. My favorite is Number 2. That is way I am a „peacemaker“. Conflicts are great to express your upset and sadness and to feel how your own acting can bother someone else. But I really prefer to live in a peaceful environment, where everybody feels listened, honoured and loved. Which truth of the four points is your favorite one?




Heiraten in Dänemark: Welches Visa ist das Beste?

Weil ich immer wieder gefragt werde, welches Visa wohl das Beste ist, um in Dänemark zu heiraten, habe ich einfach ein Video gedreht mit meinen Antworten zu dieser Thematik (einfach das Bild anklicken, und du wirst zu meinem Video weitergeleitet)

heiraten in dänemark welches Visa ist das Beste um in Dänemark zu heiraten.png

Viel Spaß damit!

Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger

Emotions are very powerful. If you feel excellent and positive it is quite easy to establish something belonging your business and become more successful: You meet people, interact, cooperate, feel valued and can achieve magical improvement.

But what about these other emotions, which suddenly occur? The most powerful negative emotion is anxiety. Why? Because anxiety is like the hand-break of your car. It will stop the process of going forward immediately.

Anxiety is full of self-protection. Actually many people have to deal with anxiety. Therefore I thought it might be helpful to write about it and how you can deal with anxiety, in order to grew bigger.  Weiterlesen „Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger“

von Anders Noren.

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