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Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody

It is not easy for yourself nor for the people around you if you are very moody. We are often pretty fast with judging others and it’s easy to blame others for our bad mood. For example if those people who we love, do not offer those things to us which we expect them to do, then we can easily be depressed or become aggressive without even realizing that we are overreacting or freaking out. Being moody is a nightmare for yourself, because those up’s and down’s can really make yourself kind of crazy and feeling strange… and your family, friends and colluegues barely understand what is going on in your mind. How should they? Continue reading “Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks to become less moody”

Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks To Speed-Clean Your Work Space

Today I really like to motivate you to get ready and clean up. If you already are a nead freak, then congratulations to you! But usually even organized persons can feel quite overwhelmed, if they are too busy or emotional not on top! Sometimes it’s just a flu which hinders you from cleaning up a mess… and then suddenly you don’t know how to create a clean space quickly, because it went totally out of control! Learn how to tackle the mess…

Continue reading “Motivational Monday: 5 Hacks To Speed-Clean Your Work Space”

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