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Motivational Monday: Are you able to re-evaluate a relationship?

Strong relationships are built by those people who care about. If you want good people in your life you have to focus on those who support you instead of judging you.

I was inspired by a humble woman who wrote about relationship skills and that she always had a hard time with her mother. They met each other and their get-together always did end up with the speech of her mother: „AcctuallyI regret that we met each other today. I am always so sad after meeting you.“ Usually they would not understand each other and have a verbal fight… but that woman loved her mom although both were so different. That is the reason why she thought about a solution to improve that relationship as soon as possible.


The great idea of re-evaluating a relationship came up and she decided to give her mom another chance. Before the next meeting she embraced the progress. She told herself to just stay in the moment: no past, no judging, not trying to convince her mom about her own opinions. She focussed on having a good time with her mom and just stay calm.

Surprisingly the meeting went really great. She enjoyed the company with her mom for the first time. They spent a whole day together: they went shopping, ate dinner and watched a great movie. They never had laughed so much before.


The daughter really improved the relationship with her mother by this meeting. She respected her for the first time with all these differences and opposite character of her own. By reading that story I felt so inspired by her course of action.

  • Why should we not give other people a second chance to be a part of our life?
  • Are we judging others because of our selective perception?
  • Do we take the speech and actions of others too personally?
  • Do we always need a confirmation of the outside to feel good? 
  • If we are able to change on a daily basis, why do we manifest a certain picture of people in our memory/mind forever? 

Unfortunately I am really bad in changing my mind about people who did not find the kind of respect towards me I assume to deserve. That is the reason why if somebody acts like a jerk towards me, that person will be strongly „game over“ for me. I am really friendly and uncomplaining, always trying to fit myself into situations with people. But if I find out that somebody is using me or unfair, then he/she has to bear with the consequences.


Perhaps it is just a manner to protect myself of bad people and evil. Nevertheless I am believing in the fact that everybody deserves to get good attention. People are so different. Everbody is unique. And with that knowledge you can really change your mindset. Why? Because if you know that somebody is the opposite of you, it is easier to understand, that the person has another perception then yourself. Other values, different opinions, another past, a different present and another future then yours.

try to be a rainbow in Someone's cloud

Very often we are in connection with other humans, which we would not choose voluntary. For example you are working in a company. Then you have to fit yourself with the other colleagues if you don’t want to be a smug.


Or imagine you are in a partnership with somebody. In most cases you will have contact with family & friends of your spouse too. That can be a big challenge. On other terms and conditions you could just walk away and focus on something different. In this case to look the other way is not an option for you.

Think about all those relationships, where your stomach starts to ache by just thinking of. Can you find a way to improve those relationships?

  1. Embrace the moment.
  2. Stay friendly and calm
  3. Let the other person as he/she is (no judging)
  4. Respect that another person acts different to you
  5. Be aware of your good character and stay politely
  6. Sometimes less speech is better then discussing (save your energy for the important stuff!)
  7. Focus on having a good time (be positive, supporting and low-key)
  8. If somebody offers you an execuse, you should consider to accept it.
  9. Make peace with your past.
  10. Try to bring something new into a relationship, which got kind of stucked.


We as humans are living in communities. We are all different but we can support each other with our unique views of the world. I am always dreaming of a society which does not need envy, hate and war. Sadly it all starts with one person: ourselves.

  • If you are not able to forgive, another person will not forgive you either.
  • If you are not able to improve your character, who else should do that job for you?
  • It is your life! Be aware avout your decisions and your own faults first, before you put your finger on somebody else.

Most of the time it is a big mistake to be filled with bitterness. Perhaps the other person was not able to act different in a certain situation towards you. Why you should be bothered forever because somebody hurt you?

I know, its complicated. But if you are able to re-evaluate your relationship, you will be surprised how happier you become afterwards. At first it might look like a huge mountain you have to climb. After embracing the situation it will not feel like this anymore. You will become stronger then before, smarter and more aware of yourself and your surroundings. 

Hopefully I could inspire you today, as the woman inspired me this weekend. Which relationship should you re-evaluate? Have a great start into your new week! Use the comment-function to write your insights down.

5 Truth About How You Can Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Actually lots of people are totally stressed out. Productivity and being unique are main issues which people of our modern society have to focus on. If you want to be successful, usually you have to invest and put all effort into the „process“ and your „projects“ in order to achieve what you are longing for. However you will easily confirm that our lifes can be full of overwhelming thoughts and pretty stressful.

With my blogpost of today I want you to offer oppurtunities which help you to stay calm in stressful situations. Hopefully you will be reminded of my words, if you find yourself somewhere stressed out!


1.Presuppose the positive solution!

Do you really care about your stress or are you trying to ignore it? If you find yourself stressed out, then there were something before that stage which had triggered you. Limited time could be one stress factor, or high expectations of yourself or interactions with others. Whatever you have to face, believe me its just temporary.

Try to be aware of the fact that stress can deliver great results, if you stay calm. That is the reason why you are totally prepared for this… its all about your mental focus, your mindset decides about the outcome. If you focus on a solution and believe in yourself that you will create a way to get through tough times, then you will stay calm and solve every issue.


2.Focus on deep breathing!

Imagine one of our stressful situations in the past… How did you feel? Perhaps your heartbeat went faster then usually, your muscles got tight, your face were cramped and you just felt despaired.

Normally people tend to pause breathing if they get into a mental panic situation. Scientiest will confirm to you that this „emergency reaction“ of your body is not healthy and will not find a solution to get out of that stress. Rather a proper oxygyn supply cannot be provided. That is why your brain function will not be as good as it should be.

How can you increase your brain function? By taking a deep breath in and out you will release the leck of concentration soon and feel calmy too. Why calm, please? Because deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.

Its so worthy. If you feel stressed out, try to focus on your breath. Deep in & and deep Out. Why are those yoga-experts always so relaxed and easy-going? Because they deep breath on a daily basis with focus.

You could give it a try to integrate 15-30 minutes of deep breathing in your daily schedule. After 30 days you will not think about it anymore, it becomes a routine and you will feel energetic and calm on a daily basis.


3.Take care of your sleep habits!

That is a tricky one, because hey, who is really aware of sleeping enough? We are busy, some of us have kids, others have pets and we are busy with social media too ;O). Yes, I suppose that you as a person of our modern society are consuming media stuff too, no matter if its a movie, or a youtube video, a book, or a podcast… we are all in that.

I have a nephew and I am really proud of her, because she really focuses on her grades and her job beside the school…and she exercises too and reads lots of books, BUT she does not care about anything, if her time for sleeping is coming.

She is so secure that she does not care of visitors or anyone else, she will brush her teeth and  kindly say goodnight… in order to give her body enough power, to be active and smart again for the next day.

How often do we try to be awake until midnight? How busy are our brains with nonsense or doing stuff which is less important then recharching our brain, heart, soul and the rest of our body? You can try to get into a certain routine. It would be great if you can realize 7 hours sleep per night. Who can get 8 hours, congratulations.

People get easily stressed out, if they are tired. Toddlers also often meltdown in a temper tantrum, because they are tired and overwhelmed. Try to improve your sleeping habits. Do you sleep next to your phone? Do you assume thats a good idea? Be honest to yourself, if you find yourself scrolling on social media plattforms, then you should prefer an oldschool alarm clock next to your bed, instead of a smartphone which will hinder you from getting enough sleep.


4. Limit your caffain intake!

Oh that is a hard one, especially for me. I usually drink black tea & coffee every day. Its proven that an active person like me will even get more active with a high affain intake.

Believe me I tested myself and did not drink coffee and black tea for two month. Firstly it was horrable, I got that bad headache and I felt like I will attack somebody because of my withdrawal.

But after 3 or 4 days, the headache went away and I slept like a newborn. It was really good to take a pause of that hamster wheel of feeling like a coffee-machine. Instead of black tea and coffee I had chosen herbal tea.

I observed myself that I was more easygoing and got relaxed, perhaps because I was so proud of being in control of my unhealthy habits.

After a while I start drinking coffee here and there. But I found out that it is a bad idea to drink caffaine if you already are stressed out. Lavender-Tea would help you more to quieten down. So how many cups of coffee do you drink? Can you replace some of them with other drinks?


5. Be grateful!

Thank you. Try to be thankful. Be grateful for the little things. You can write your gratitute down if you like.

Some people journal daily about those things which make them feel grateful. If you are thankful for what you already have, then you are aware about yourself and your surroundings. Gratitute is the key to a happier life.

If you feel grateful, then you remember even in tough and stressful situations what you already have or did achieve. And that is the reason why you can stay calm in stressful situations. For which things are  you grateful today?


Try to be honest to yourself. If you find the connection to your heart, you will not feel insecure anymore. Every stressful situation will be executed by you with calmness and dignity.

Its up to you… are you ready for a change? Do you think one of these points could decrease your stress level? Which is your favorite one? It would made my day to read your comment. 

Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger

Emotions are very powerful. If you feel excellent and positive it is quite easy to establish something belonging your business and become more successful: You meet people, interact, cooperate, feel valued and can achieve magical improvement.

But what about these other emotions, which suddenly occur? The most powerful negative emotion is anxiety. Why? Because anxiety is like the hand-break of your car. It will stop the process of going forward immediately.

Anxiety is full of self-protection. Actually many people have to deal with anxiety. Therefore I thought it might be helpful to write about it and how you can deal with anxiety, in order to grew bigger.  Weiterlesen „Learn how to deal with anxiety if you grew bigger“

How can I offer love and appreciation to my spouse if I am very busy?

  • Most of my clients run their own business. Entrepreneurship is what all people speak about today and it can bring a magical impact to your life:
    • If your good in what you are doing, hopefully you can earn a lot of money
      If you are successful as an entrepreneur you decide about what comes next and that is really powerful
      If you run a business successfully you define the rules about your life instead of working 8-5 for others.
  • There are lots of others advantages to be an entrepreneur. But one disadvantage can really eliminate your happiness. Perhaps you already guess what I will write about:
  • Relationship- aka private life!
  • Who wants to build an empire does know how it feels like to overwork and invest every second of time into your „business thing“. I really have a lot of experiences with that issue because I know that a qualified, wellstructured and successful business does not arise overnight.
  • To some people it seems like your success was gifted to you by a witch overnight. But I need to inform you about the fact that most successful people are full in their zone and that they did go through tough times until their finally succeed. And many of them are always working on innovations and taking care about their success because it is easy to loose the game.
  • Every person is offered 24 hours daily. You need to be aware about your priorities, especially those besides your business.
  • I know it’s really hard to switch the off-button sometimes. I personally went to a lot of extraordinarily mental issues of my costumers. And because I am so empathizing with other people, it is sometimes really hard to not overthink problems of others after my work is finished.
  • Imagine you run a business for technical devices. That business was build with all your heart and you feel connected with it every single moment in your life. You are sure about the fact that it will grow if you put more effort in it.
  • But then you see that face of your wife who loves that fancy clothes, and that house you bought a couple of month to show her that you love her and just want her to enjoy all the best things in life. But something is not okay with her. She became quiet. She is looking sad although in your opinion she should be happy about all that higher standard your smart business offered to her lifestyle.
  • While you are hustling, working day and night you did not realise that she feels lonely. Even if you are sitting beside her your mind is just thinking about the next meeting and how to convert that company which you are going to meet into an high- paying client.
  • Perhaps she does not want to be ungrateful. But time can be a big issue in a relationship. While one person might be happy with a functional sex life, the other person wants to connect and spend time with that person. Quality-time is the keyword to a happy marriage. It does not matter how many hours you can offer for your wife. But you should take care of her emotional needs. If you are physically present but your thoughts are flying to another area, then that does not mean quality time.
  • I really know how you feel about that because I really thought that if I invest more time in my business it will be more successful then before. That might be a great thought, but it will have private consequences.
  • If you still want that partnership while you are building your business then you should take care of it. Investing time in that partnership is necessary in order to offer appreciation and show your love.
  • Gifts might be a possibilty to build a bridge in busy times. But it should not be the main issue in your partnership. Your lady rather want to consume you and be entertained by you then being lonely in that house with a lot of gifts.
  • You can show your appreciation on a daily basis and this hacks don’t take a bunch of time:
    • Before you leave the house kiss her and say to her that you are looking forward to meet her again
      Write a post-it which really blows her mind
      Give her a phone call in between to meetings. Hey you find time to check you Instagram account? Call her and tell her that you just asked yourself what she is doing right now
      If you need to go on a travel because of your business, ask her to take a piece of clothes of her with you. That is way you want to have her smell close to you if you need to stay overnight in a lonely hotel room
      Use Skype and other divices to get a short personal review of her day
      Ask her which issue made her sad and which issue made her happy
      Hold her hand, touch her neck, put your arm over her shoulder
      Ask her about her personal wishes
      Surprise her by coming out of your comfort zone
  • You see there are lots of possibilities to connect with each other and to show her that you love her. Going out with her and having a dinner outside, having a movie night together…meeting for a lunch in a restaurant… there are lots of options.
  • I hope that you reconnect with your spouse this weekend. I am really busy all week long, but on my weekends I am just that mom of our children and a caring wife of my husband. Finally I realized that I am more successful if my husband and our kids feel loved and appreciated. It’s like recharging a battery. And my battery needs to be full too.
  • On mondays I will feel totally ready for business action. And on fridays I need to be totally aware of checking out of my business zone.
  • If I find enough time for those I love then I will be happier and can create new ideas and realize dreams for my business. If I feel bad about my private life, I will not have that huge potential and I will be emotionally distracted.
  • Being aware of your current situation is really important. It does not matter if you had a fight and if you feel depressed. You just need to focus on your partnershipgoal- like on your businessgoals. If there arises a problem you will be able to solve it immediately.
  • Why should you wait belonging relationships? Invest in your partnership and build a strong empire of love and appreciation. If your wife feels loved and respected by you, she will support you business too.
  • Have a nice weekend. What do you think about entrepreneurship and marriage? Do you think that my hacks could help you to improve your relationship? What can you recommend to connect as a couple while you are growing a business?
  • Commitment: Happiness and Entrepreneurship

    The last couples of days I was very busy. It made me feel strange about myself. I felt productive as well as innovative, because I dealt with so many issues on one plate for a certain time.

    Do you know that feeling if you are in the flaw and want to realize something and could literally spend hours and hours with realizing a certain project? Yes, I was totally into that.


    As I had a little smalltalk with my husband, abruptly he asked me: „When are you going to plug out? Didn’t you want to do sport exercises instead of sitting every single minute of your me-time in the home office?“

    Oh. I suddenly became silent! Guilty! Totally right. He caught me just by one or two specific questions. Really, it hurt me, because I felt bad about the fact that I wanted to do more sports, but did not exercise right now. He definently did hit the mark.


    I am so greatful to have this guy around me who literally puts the truth into my face. I cannot ignore it then. He always helps me to find time to reconnect with myself. And he is that kind of guy who probably is saying nothing at all or just announcing an emergency case which needs a quick solution. At this point the emergency issues belonged to my overwhelmed me. He announced it and reminded me of my personal goals.

    The main problem of entrepreneurship is, if that most people are plugged in all day long.

    They are available with they smart-phones, have that „rings & peeps“ if an email is coming in. And because they fight for their business to be more successful, they miss to set boundaries for themselves.


    In the past I  was all day available. Customers called me even in the evening and I answered, because I just thought: Okay, one more couple will help me to achieve what I want to realize with my business.

    But then, I realized I am busy all day long and my mind is cruising around all these problems of other people I need solve. After a while I felt like I am a bad mom and a horrible wife, because I got addicted to push my agency day and night. I caught myself once or twice by being careless about those people who love me. My mind was just full of thoughts and  random feelings of others. If  I was having an ipad or smartphone around  I was just searching for stuff belonging my business in order to push it further.

    Workaholic? Yes. And it might be great for people to work 100 hours a week, if they are unmarried and without any other responsibility.

    But if you also have high values and you are running a family with children besides that „business“, then you need to be smart and effective instead of just investing hours and hours into that „businessbaby“. If I would not have that husband and our children, I would spend a few more hours in my home office or would be traveling a lot belonging my company.


    But the reason I started that business was to realize a business which depends on my own skills and abilities and which delivers cash flow in order to realize our dreams as a family and my personal ones too. I wanted to run an online business to be present for my children and to be available as a wife too. I started with good intentions and believed in my vision of business as nobody else did, because I felt it deep inside.

    I wanted to do something I am passionate about and which did not depend on somebody else favour. I wanted to have a business which is not just at one place. Being flexible and not limited to a certain location was the most incredible thing about it.

    I could work by traveling around the world as well as moving my home, because I just would need WLAN and my technical equipment and beside this also all of my heart.

    I always pushed my agency in order to realize a better future for us & our children and to give them opportunities and to teach them high values. If I am an idol for my children, a lovely mother and a person who helps others, they hopefully will recognize how important it is to share thoughts and feelings with other humans and be caring and kind to people.

    being kind to people

    It was very important to set boundaries, rules and a certain plan for me in order to run a successful business but still being a happy person with a private life, hobbies and a family so far.

    Now my time for phonecalls is limited for monday-thursday between 9-11 am. If costumers call at other times I will not answer my phone anymore. If they are busy at my phonetime, they can write an email and ask me to call them back ( That’s different. How many times I got distracted, because I was doing certain things and then somebody calls me with a bunch of questions?

    In the past I learned a lot belonging business in general. Entrepreneurs often think, that they need to be available everytime. Most of them assume: „If I am not available for a specific costumer, he/she could contact another entrepeneur instead of me!“

    Perhaps that can happen, of course. But for me that is just a bad thought. You can change your mindset about that. If you are an expert and you are the best, people will call you even if you are just available once a month.

    Why there are so many restaurants out there, where people truly reservate a couple of weeks before in order to get a desk with food in that place? Because the restaurant is a special place and people love to go somewhere they feel important, even if they have to wait to get an appointment, or just because of that!


    So if you are an expert and doing your job well, people will be thankful to reach you and not consist on that being available everytime thing!

    There are so many musicians out there and their fans are begging for releasing the new album, but they just constantly wait. Do all these fans reject their music? No, they are longing for hearing something new of their favorite band and still stay tuned.


    So I literally pluged off and set a new plan for my new working schedule. I really felt guilty, because I know I am really passionate about my job as a wedding visionary and relationship expert. Honestly I firstly felt like I would do something wrong, because if I invest more time in my business I will also earn the fruits of my dedication.

    But I need to be happy too. If I am just stressed out, I will not be that person who can help others to solve their problems nor think positive for them, if they nearly turn apart. I truly recommend everybody, especially to people who run a business: Find the time for a certain hobby, some kind of activity which melts all your sorrow and creates happiness instead!

    For me its having a great, intensive workout. I feel bad about the fact that I allthough I really love it, did not find the time for it for a while.

    But this blogarticle is a personal commitment to myself and a great reminder if I will jump into that workaholic hamsterwheel again. Put yourself first. Find time for the things you really love and you will be lucky and more productive then before!

    Because if you do something you love and then plug in to work, your ability to create something new and be productive is amazing und you will become unstoppable.

    So let’s plug off and get those sportshoes on! ;O)


    What is your opinion about happiness if you running an own business? Do you find time for those things which bring joy to you? If so, which things do you love? Are you feeling more productive if you increase your happiness level on a regular basis?

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