Honestly the question is not easy to answer. But I want to replay that question as a professional wedding planer, who thinks sustainably. If you decide to marry somebody, it should be a decision which comes directly from your heart. Never ever marry somebody because of her or his financial status or because somebody is famous or seems to be well educated. That might be great reasons for a marriage bound. But it is a big difference to marry somebody because of some advantages or to deeply love somebody and tie a knot. Believe me. If you make that vow and tell somebody to love her or him until you die, that is a big promise. If you just respect somebody, but you don’t feel physical attracted by that person, don’t marry that girl or guy. Forget about it. You will not be lucky with a person, you don’t love. Which feelings and which points are important, to be sure to commit the rest of your life to Mrs. or Mr. Right? Weiterlesen „How can you be sure, that your spouse is the right one to marry?“