Honestly the question is not easy to answer. But I want to replay that question as a professional wedding planer, who thinks sustainably. If you decide to marry somebody, it should be a decision which comes directly from your heart. Never ever marry somebody because of her or his financial status or because somebody is famous or seems to be well educated. That might be great reasons for a marriage bound. But it is a big difference to marry somebody because of some advantages or to deeply love somebody and tie a knot. Believe me. If you make that vow and tell somebody to love her or him until you die, that is a big promise. If you just respect somebody, but you don’t feel physical attracted by that person, don’t marry that girl or guy. Forget about it. You will not be lucky with a person, you don’t love. Which feelings and which points are important, to be sure to commit the rest of your life to Mrs. or Mr. Right?If I speak about butterflies that occur and about your heart beating faster, if you see that person you are in love with, that means you are in the first period of love, that means fallen in love. It is the first step. You see somebody and you feel so attracted and its magical. In your phantasy this person might be perfect. But that is just your own imagination. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has some mistakes, bad habits and quirks. Mrs. or Mr.Perfect are just existing in our day dreams. After a while you will be awake and realize that the love of your life is for example very messy, or does not like planing as much as you love it, does not be present if you want that person to be there…

loving each other is important for a stron marriage

Being in love is not loving somebody. Its an unrealistic, wonderful hormon status of your body. If you know that person a little bit longer and being in love changes to loving that human being truly, then its time to think about getting married. After you know those quirks of the love of your life and you still have strong positive feelings for that person, you might think about sharing that life together as wife and husband. So how do you know, it will be worthy?

My grandmother is older than 70 years right now and she told me, as I was 15 years old: „If you know you would go through a fire for that person, than you know thats the right one to choose!“.

Really my granny gave me that proove. She had to decide between two guys as she was young. You might think that is a big chance, because she could choose, BUT it was not easy. The first candidate who asked her to tie the knot with her, was a rich guy in the village she was living in. He was smart, well dressed and had good manners. His family was wealthy and well educated. My granny told me he was a „langweiliger Schnösel“ that means he was a boring and spoiled guy.

She imagined which kind of life she would live with him, she would be the attractive wife of a boring guy. He could buy her clothes and realize a good life, BUT she felt honestly bored if he was around. Her mind would tell her, agree and tie the knot with him he is a good husband for you, but her heart disagreed on that. She would live just like a decoration next to him and because she did not feel attracted by his attitutes, she refused his question to tie the knot after a couple of days.

dance party in the past

Then there was another guy, who she got to know at a dancing evening in another village. He was just funny and nice and she felt suddenly in love with him. He was not rich and he did not wear any fancy clothes, BUT he made her laugh. After a while he asked her, if she want to marry him and she decided to give him a heartful yes.

My granny was lucky with him (they had their ups and downs too as every married couple has once in a while), they shared their life together, had four children and they managed many crisis together. Their love was strong, they shared their life together until my grandfather died. She told me that it was the best decision of her life to marry him and refuse that rich guy who wanted her right from the beginning.

really loving

So how do you know, that the person is the right one for you?

10 Facts about true love:

  1. You love that person so much, that you can easily overview his/or her quirks.
  2. You feel physically attracted by that person.
  3. You like the smell of that person (that is important, because you will smell that person a lot in your life).
  4. You can imagine a life together, not just right now, for many years..
  5. You miss that person, if he or she is not around.
  6. You feel a deeper connection to that person which is not explainable (love magic).
  7. You like to share with that person your own feelings and sorrows.
  8. You are able to offer that person respect and honesty.
  9. You don’t feel ashame for that person in front of others, you are proud of that person.
  10. You would easily go through a fire if its neccessary to protect that person.

Hopefully that list gives you the right answer. If you agree to all thouse 10 facts, than contact me to organize your civil wedding right now. Than you can be sure you have chosen the right spouse for the rest of your life. Feel free to mail me: agentur.herzensfreude@yahoo.de

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