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Why you should focus on yourself firstly!

This article will help you to get things done. It will support you to focus on your own stuff! Weiterlesen „Why you should focus on yourself firstly!“

Motivational Monday: Figuring out that you can be happier with less

New year, new goals, new challenges, right? Perhaps you are already quite happy and don’t need that visualisation of that huge change to the good.

But although you might seem to be pretty happy by the first sight you might be struggling in a few parts of your life too, as I do and everybody does…

I had an awesome experience. At one of my last weekends I was searching in my home office and the whole house for an urgent document which I was quite sure about that I did copy it before sending it out via mail.

Honestly I had a bad time and really freaked out about myself on that moody saturday, because although I have systems I am still searching for things on a regulary basis, which I cannot enjoy at all.


Paper clutter is one of the things I really hate and if you need to store so many papers belonging to different issues of your private life and professional life it’s more then worse.

So I am still optimizing here and there and searching for great systems and schedules to get over those paper piles which are constantly growing in our house as quickly as weeds does in the garden.

I decided to cross the administration building on monday and told the person who was responsible that I did not copy that file and would like to have a copy of it please. It was really easy. The woman at that office was so calm and more then kind to me. I wondered about my own phantasy which I had belonging that person on the weekend: I assumed that it would be more then embarrassing to admit that I did not copy that document nor stored it in a proper way.


In my mind on that saturday I really was full of negativity… I was overthinking that I am too messy, that it’s a huge problem to not have that important paper ready to tackle a certain issue which I needed to care of.

I created a nightmare in my own brain because I thought of bad consequences which could propably happen to me. Furthermore the visualisation of how bad the office person would think about me was incredibly dark.

But after one workout in the evening and night with sleep I just spontaneously decided to change my mind. At that morning I had that aha-moment:

I did literally find out that I did waste my whole weekend time with searching for a piece of paper, which was just a copy. I got to that certain point as I asked myself if I just thought I would have copied that document or really did. It was so embarrassing! I really got mad about myself and did create a home of hell instead of enjoying the weekend with my family. I was running around like a chicken and was unpatient and careless because my attention was all about finding that piece of paper which seemed to me like the most important thing in the world, but I was not able to find it anywhere.


Searching for things makes me more then aggressive. I completely assume: It’s a waste of time, really. How often do you miss something and search for it? How often do you questionare yourself where you did put something?

I am already well-structured and I really love organization and the idea of giving every item in the house a home. But I struggle with executing like I want to. Do you execute like you wish to?

If my mind is busy I will put things to places where they not belong to not paying attention to it and later on I will search for items and really get angry about myself. I am always amazed about the fact how easy rooms get messy, especially with kids who put things from here to there and bring their toys everywhere. I know now how my mum felt as she cleaned the floor and we just run around with a huge smile on our faces. Her housework skills were totally not valued as they had should be…and it is not because people expect us to be clean and tidy. But if our minds get messy and we feel bad and cannot tackle our scores… who can help us out?

Are we not deserving a magical hand which saves us from feeling gripped by that untidy monster, which just renews clutter and messes everywhere?


Do you care about your feelings? Sometimes I over organize and later I think I did not put all those stuff properly away, although I already did. Does this sounds familiar to you? Did you ever put something to a great place but finally did not discover where that place might be? Serriously?

I decided that I want to try to live more minimalistic in 2019. It will help me to focus on the important issues in my private and professional life. I literally want to let go of things which just make me busy and messy.

People who live a minimalist lifestyle are less busy then those with lots of stuff. They can focus on the important things in their life. Did you ever started a hobby, bought stuff for it and did not really find the time or muse for it? Why you should not get rid of that stuff? Because you invested money in it? But those things are just reminding you about the fact that you could not find time for them. They will trigger you if you see them and remind you about the fact that they make you feel strange, because you don’t use them. Don’t hold on those things. Get rid of them and that feeling of not paying attention to them in a proper way.

Our minds are already crowded and if your surroundings get easily messy then you can not relax at all, because you are always busy with cleaning, organizing and still searching for things… which takes a huge amount of your time which you could spend with activities you really love to do.

It’s not of being perfect stiril-clean and the possibility to eat from the floor. But I really love to get rid of stuff, bad thoughts and self-created stress in 2019. It’s one of my goals for this year to feel in charge and happy.

I really want to downsize all our stuff. It is a huge challenge because I will do that beside my job, being a mom and lovely wife. But I am sure that it will feel great to just have those things around you which you really enjoy and use… instead of holding on emotional stuff and things you might use once a day but if that day occurs you will not be able to find it.

I love the input of clutterbug. She is a YouTuber which categorizes people into a certain type of clutterbug. There are butterflies, bees, crickets and ladybugs. You can try that test and find out which kind of organizing type you are… then you will realize your strengths and weaknesses and easily learn which kind of organizing system works best for you. It’s a gamechanger. Inspired to live with less and to declutter your space too? Hopefully you will get rid of lots of stuff as I do to free your mind and be more relaxed in 2019.

Perhaps this video will inspire you too. I like the videos of Matt D’Avella. Its more then worth to subscribe to his youtube channel. I really recommend to watch his videos:

What do you think about clutter? Do you to get rid of stuff and items which you not really love or use? I hope we all can free our minds and houses by decluttering and giving things to those people who need or use those we actually don’t.


von Anders Noren.

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