This article will help you to get things done. It will support you to focus on your own stuff!

People are very busy. It does not matter with what, but the average person is seeking for one thing: TIME. And every person has that timesequence of 24 hours. So we should take care with whom  and with what actions we spend those hours carefully.

There are people who work a lot, some spend their freetime with additional education and try to get better and more productice for their career. Others spend their time at the gym or meet friends. Some people are spending hours with their smartphone or with netflix and thats okay until they are happy with it.

The last couple of month I had that great idea to overcome my own guilt of not having time for those things which mean the world to me… and I did found a new routine for my life which really makes me more productive and happier.

So I thought I should share that with you. A couple of weeks I did not write blogarticles. You might have recognised that if you followed my blog for a while.

I din’t had the intention to quit blogging at all- no… but I felt like its time to focus on other things because I had nothing to say or write which would make a difference for you. Usually I published on mondays, wednesdays and fridays for the last couples of months… and it should be fun, right? But as I just focused on writing to publish on time— I recognized that it made me angry if I wasn’t on time, because I had so many other things on my plate.

And then I realised to quit a few things on my schedule and to set boundaries and prioritise those things which matter to me on my day-to-day routine. It was not easy to say no to volunteery stuff I always did before… but helping out at school or kindergarden, and translating for refugees took so much time and exhausted me, because my day was already full of to-do’s, phone calls of costumers and household scores.

As I went to Iraq for two weeks, I realized that I had too many things on my plate in my life. I were spoiled by my sister-in law who were cooking daily, which I normally do at home. Everything was different from my own schedule at home. I realised how much potential is in a minimalism lifestyle and I started things like creating a capsule wordrobe and living with less stuff in order to easilz clean up the home and being calm and organized. At this point I really love to recommend the youtube channel of Matt D Avella .

He is an awesome filmmaker and really inspired me a lot belonging my life, routines and minimalism. I am sure you will love his channel as much as I do.

Before my travel to Iraq  I thought I would be more productive out of my home and would write a lot of blogposts in advance in order to publish them automatically the next couples of weeks.. but as I was on a travel I realised that I was just exhausted from all those tasks I had at home…and needed to recharge myself. So I decided to just have whatsapp calls and emails with potential costumers and focused on organizing wedding appointments, instead of producing video content or writing blogposts which I usually just did as an addition to all my „real“ work.

Back to Germany I felt strange. Leaving my home for two weeks made me realise that it was necessary to change my habits in order to prevent a burn-out. I really felt torn apart at first, because my guilty conscience not having everything in order made me feel weak.

At a point were the weakness was very intense, I realised how powerful and creative I was the last couples of month and focussed on my results instead of my goals. I felt grateful for all those improvement which I had established and I really had a meeting with myself in order to prioritize the things in my life in a new way. I got to that point were there is no return.

Every „no“ to things which don’t help you to move forward to that place you want to be, is a „yes“ to your wishes and your own goals.

I recognized how easily we get distracted by nonsense. How often do you get lost in the social media hole? Looking at other people and their stuff? you could use that time for so many senseful things which brings you closer to the things you really appreciate.

Do you get inspired by all those posts? Really? Or do you get envious sometimes about the achievements of others, why you are still working on your goals and drifting somewhere? Do you get inspired and motivated or somehow insecure and questionare your own life…

Our society is full of showing up but there is still a huge room for improvement left. If you search on Pinterest for something creative you will find 1 million ideas and even more… but they are not your own. If you have a problem, you can ask google for a solution… but does that satisfy you, really? It is so pleasing to create something which is totally you and you will be proud to find solutions for your own problems instead just helping others to get their things done.

I recommend to you to take a cup of tea or a mug of coffee and sit down for a few minutes. Perhaps you will need a hour… take your time!IMG_9803[1].JPG

Ask yourself about your wishes and goals in your life. Focus on yourself firstly.

  • Which action can bring you actually to that goal? Which steps are necessary to reach that goal?
  • Are you already working on it?
  • What do you do daily to realise your dreams? Nothing? Are you just busy with the stuff of others? Do you just please the people around you instead of fullfilling your own dreams? Be honest to yourself, even if it might hurt. Awareness is powerful. You can change to the good because of awareness.

I met a mother, who was very busy by taking care of her children. It was her ambition to raise children in a proper way. She had really high standards and I told her that she did a great job, but asked her about her own hapiness level. That question broke her „pattern“. She started crying and told me that she neglected her own wishes and goals in order to be a good mom and offer a better future for her children.

I asked her, if she does not wish a better future for herself too. Because usually every child will leave his/her parents in the future… she realised how important it is to take care of your own emotional state and that it is a great idea to help others but it is necessary to be happy too.

In the airplane you will find instructions for an emergency case. If the oxygyn level will get low, as a parent you have to put on the oxygyn mask firstly and then as a second step rescue your own child. If you put the mask on your child at first and then you will die because of the lack of your own breath, you can not support you child anymore.


That might sound weird to you, but that is the advise which is given to you at a passenger of every flight. And this advice is a great advice for all of us in general. If you take care of yourself and of your happiness level you will be a better human, a better friend, a handsome spouse, a happier parent and a loving child, neighbour and collugue and so on…

I will publish new blogposts for sure…  I really love blogging. But do you know what I love even more? If you comment this blogpost and write your insights. Do you think it is good to focus on yourself firstly? I am lookig forward to your comment and hopefully I will find time and new ideas for new blogposts. Any questions? You could inspire me of course…thank you by the way for subscribing to my blog. You did not? Just scroll down and fill out the form with your emailadress and you will not miss any post in the future.