Are you in a relationship? Fine.

Do you want to boost that relationship a little bit? Do you want to spice it up here and there and bring it on a higher level?

Many couples get stuck in their long-term relationships… but that must not be your reality. You can become happier with your partner if you choose to be happy. Sounds weird, right?

But believe me its all about purpose, intention and magical skills. It does not matter if you are 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or even more with that person… you can create a magical atmosphere over and over again. Read more if you are interested in how you can be a great spouse and having a happy relationship on the long run…


  1. Build your spouse up. Be supportive and engaging!

nature-3306655_1280A couple of weeks ago I paid attention to a small family which appeared in a drogerie market. While the older daughter was running around, the mother was concentrated on her shopping list and her husband was pushing the shopping trolley with a baby in a maxicosi on top around. As he came back to his wife she advised him in an ackward kind of way, aware that I am listening too, that she already stored a bunch of shampoos at home so why he needed to buy shampoo again? It might sound so small and non-important to you, but I felt how that man felt hurt because his wife was neglecting his new founded bottle of shampoo which he wanted to buy, especially in front of me.

I know we all buy sometimes stuff we don’t really need, but sometimes we are inspired and like to try new things out and if our spouse supports us with new input, we can easily re-new ourselves. Would it be a bad deal to say: Hey you love to try that shampoo for 1,99€? That smells pretty good! Good choice! I am looking forward to smell your hair after you have a shower with it!”

Please imagine you are a that man and the two different reactions of your wife… which one would you prefer, please?


  1. Find time for your spouse, quality time is the key!

water-3021652_1920Honestly those persons who are in a  long term relationship have a great load of responsibilities on their shoulders. Whether if they care on their growing business or taking care of their children… every person is quite busy. On a daily basis it might seem hard to connect or to find time for each other.

Our generation of technology is quiete different. People got glued to their smartphones and screens, they share their lifes with others on social media… but often they loose the connection to those people who are close to them physically.

Paying attention to the other persons needs is necessary for a strong, sustainable and happy relationship. I am a mom and I know how hard it is to find really time to reconnect sometimes. Its so easy to just switch on a great movie and enjoy each others company without any speech.

But what if your spouse needs more attention? Perhaps its just about sitting together in between afternoon for 10 minutes and having a great cup of coffee together: “How was your day? Which thing made you happy today? Which thing made you sad? Do you have any sorrows right now?” Lets share those insights in order to re-connect and dive deeper then anyone else could ever get.

Many wives don’t realise how they pretty ignore their husbands if they are too busy with the childcare, their jobs and all those other responsibilities. Share the load and spend time together. Its possible. And if you think a babysitter is not worthy, then try it out. Or take care of children of your friends once in a while so they can have a date, and then let them take care of your children another time. Having a date night is a great idea for every couple once in a time. We connect with each other through experiences. If you don’t explore the other persons world and if you are not open for new things, you can easily be deleted after a while. Take care and spend quality time!


  1. Be respectful even if you are angry!

musician-1658887_1920Many relationships loose their taste because of being disrespectful towards each other. I remember a wife and a husband which I saw twenty years ago. I loved their balanced marriage and asked them about their secret. They told me: Respect comes first. And that is so true.

If she makes you nuts, then you should try to calm down. If you are angry and use swearwords or act disrespectfully towards her… she will perhaps forgive you later on, but she will not forget it, never.

Its like a broken piece of paper… you can try to put all those pieces together and repair it, but it will not shine and look like as its beginning.

A marriage or a long-term-relationship goes through many stages and there are time periods were you will fight or disagree. There will be moments where you will find things difficult and challenging.

If you stay respectful you will win on the long run. Its better to take a step back, overthink the issue, put yourself in the position of the other person, instead of just consisting to be right.

Relationships who are build on love & respect will be very successful. Do you want a spouse which knows your value and encourages you or a person who drags you down and disrespects you?

Try to get out of your comfort-zone… it will be worthy.

  1. Be creative and exiting!

map-2530069_1920It might be nice to have a certain routine and to stick to a schedule which gives you safety…but being always the same, can become very boring. You need to spice it up and to explore new areas.

Some people don’t like changes. They live in the past. Those people always say: Yesterday was better then today. We don’t need those innovations.

But honestly those people are just afraid of the reaction of those people around them. Changing to the good is a huge win, for you and your spouse.

Get exited about new things, try new things out. You use one kind of perfume over the last 10 years. Great, but you can also try a new one, perhaps your spouse will love this too.

If your partner wants to try new things out, don’t stop him/her, get exited about adventures and updates in your life.

Being creative is stunning. You can have so much fun together, if you open your heart for new input. Traveling, going out, supporting each other to try new activities… meeting new people.

If you are limited, then you can not put your relationship on a higher level. Don’t hold on to those old things, don’t try to live in the past.

Be aware of the good things you already went through and build a strong bond with your spouse. Be aware about all those challenges you went through together. Then push yourself forward and get exited and creative to build an empire together. Live in the present and create a great future. Being concerned is not the key, be exited and look forward to a great future!


Hopefully you are inspired to be a great spouse! Being magical is so easy, if you open your heart for it.

Which of the 4 skills is your favorite? STOP! Do you want to tell me what you think about that post? Please use the comment function to tell me your insights.