Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Do you feel, like you got a little bit out of control? Do you need a time out? As a child you are allowed to have a nap time, to recharge your batteries. Children get refilled by napping and can handle all these impressions they have while they are awake. It is really interesting. But what can you do, to release all that stress around you as an adult? We are living in a world full of technology and it is always crowdy and loud all around us. People expect us to be available all day long. We have all these apps which are ringing and all that input you are reacting towards on a daily basis. Its rarely possible to escape of all these irritations all day long. I like to share five hacks with you in order to slow down and reconnect once or twice per day, to easily release stress in your future life. Weiterlesen „5 Hacks to release stress in your busy life“