Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Do you feel, like you got a little bit out of control? Do you need a time out? As a child you are allowed to have a nap time, to recharge your batteries. Children get refilled by napping and can handle all these impressions they have while they are awake. It is really interesting. But what can you do, to release all that stress around you as an adult? We are living in a world full of technology and it is always crowdy and loud all around us. People expect us to be available all day long. We have all these apps which are ringing and all that input you are reacting towards on a daily basis. Its rarely possible to escape of all these irritations all day long. I like to share five hacks with you in order to slow down and reconnect once or twice per day, to easily release stress in your future life.

adorable-21998_1280.jpgAs I was a child I observed adults with my personal scanner. I recognized that a lot of adults were not able to express their own emotions and thoughts without a certain filter. They felt bad about a certain situation but disclaimed the reality. Instead of getting on their feet and speaking about those things which would offend them, they just start to escape of all these uncleared items by drinking alcohol or eating something sweet or salty.

Drinking as well as eating does not help you to release stress. It might seem relaxing to you that you drink a couple bottles of beer and you will feel numb. But that is not a  release of stress. Alcohol will make you vulnerable and dull. Those who love you will find out that you need your addictive drug to get through your daily life. This circumstance is a disaster. Because the people who love you cannot demonstrate respect for you, if you get drunk on a regular basis. You will appear weak in front of them and they will feel sad about you.


A similar situation is somebody who eats food to give comfort. A child felt down? „Give him or her a piece of chocolate“. No, why? You should give that child a hug instead of sweets. But a lot of people grew up with that peace of chocolate (or a bar of chocolate as I was used to as a child) which was always on hand if I felt sad or dismotivated. The consequences of eating food to getting in a better mood is that you will constantly gain weight, which is more stressful then the sad situations you went through before consuming the food to give comfort.


These two simple examples hopefully show you that a lot of people find elopement with drinking and emotional food consume, but it does not release their stress, on the opposite their consumption will enlarge their stress level slowly but surely.

Now you have a view on that Fake-Stress-Releaser. Hopefully you are not addicted to those. If so, you should think about the WHY? And be reflecting about the why you can find a solution to get out of that bad habit. We can unlearn dependence as well as we got accustomed to that.

Don’t feel guilty for the fact that you got used to act in a certain way. We are embossed by our surrounding field. But the great news for you is that you can change to the good. It’s up to you to measure your personal goals, your flaws and bad habits. Its never to late for changing your mind. Start wisely.


But let me introduce you to my five personal hacks to release stress in your busy life:

1.Relaxation, meditation, prayer or sleep

I know your life might be very busy. Perhaps you are just running from one appointment to another, or you are working and having a family life going on. Believe me, I know how it feels like, if you have a business deadline, a family with noisy kids, unexpected visitors and a never ending to do list. But every single person on the earth just has 24 hours per day. So you need to be smart and productive with your time. The biggest mistake of people who try to be successful is to sleep less. They think they will get more done, but in reality they are exhausted and on the verge of a burn out.

The rest is very important to become successful. Its okay to be an early riser. I admit that I am an early bird, but you need to get a few couple of hours to recharge your body and soul. I totally recommend to listen to your inner voice. I am a spiritual person. That is why I find a lot of peace by praying. All those thoughts which orbit my head, will have a big time-out. As a muslim I am praying at least five times a day. Means five times to reconnect with your soul and to find a quiet moment in your busy schedule. The prayer will calm you down and create inner peace. If you are a person who does not find peace by praying a meditation could help you to reconnect with your soul too.


Personally I have that tired point at afternoon. I will drink a hot beverage and then I will lay down for a little while. I like to listen to music, but that is my personal taste. I am using the screen time of my children to get some relaxation for myself. It would be totally exhausting for me if I turn on tv for them in order to get my home cleaned and organized. In the past I did that mistake and then my kids were finished with their cartoons and I was totally tired while they were asking for doing action stuff with me.

If you are tired and your children are actived and ready to take off that is really a disaster. It feels like you are very low-key and you get attacked by a swarm of bees. So take care of recharging yourself.


It is really important to analyse your circadian rhythm. While my husband is an night owl and really will start being active at afternoon, I personally need to reconnect with myself at this time period of my day. If he is going out with the kids it might be possible for me to have a short nap time. But more often I just lay down and close my eyes. All the impressions of the day will be converted and I will be recharged afterwards.

In any case you should try to ask yourself which time you feel tired on a daily basis. That is your quiet time. While one person will find relaxation by reading a novel, another person will recharge by listening to sounds of the ocean or rain. Its up to you, but you should consider to find a „pause“ at least once per day.

2. Music

Music moves our mind and our soul. It can release stress and recharge ourselves very quickly. A lovely voice can bring you in a certain mood and that is beneficial, if you want to release stress.

I bought that wireless earphones which are connecting with my smartphone via bluetooth. For me music is a great motivator to get things done, for example scores like dishes & laundry. I use music also for sports.


But I like to use music especially as a stress releaser. My brain will get a time-out and I just can fly with the vibes into an emotional plattform of myself. My thoughts will be quiet and my body will relax.  Just a little bit daydreaming here and there helps you a lot to be more creative and productive afterwards.

I am sure music has a therapeutic influence of us. You always have certain songs which you prefer and which help you to calm down.

3. Sports

The best outcome especially if you are an emotional person you can reach with doing excercises. Whether its running, swimming, riding a bicycle or a pilates workout… believe me it will release stress.


Naturally your brain will produce endorphin, hormones which are making you happy. There are a lot of studies about the fact that people who do sports are more powerful, smarter and less depressed then those who just prefer to stay on the couch.

I recommend to work-out on a regular basis. That is why your positive mood will help you to tackle any problem in your life. Your mindset will change to the good.

Your body will be shaped and you will feel self-confident.

But is is important to know which time is the best for you to work out. Do you need an excercise in the evening to let go of all the stuff you got through your day? Or do you need an excersise in the morning to activate yourself and come into your power flow?

4. Green Nature

How often do you go for a walk? Do you think it is necessary to breath deeply? Most people are breathing in a short period. Their brain will not get enough oxygen to work properly. We are sitting in buildings, driving around in our cars or using the crowded train and we will go to shopping malls and all these other activities like a gym or a doctor appointment.

But at these places there is always a lack of oxygen. If you go outside, for example into the woods you can easily release stress. Why?


If we are outside, we well breath more deeply. That is why oxygen is automatically  delivered to our muscles and our brain area.

Additionally because of the higher light intensity outside our body will produce a lot of vitamin d. The hormon of hapiness, called serotonin will flood our brain. That is why we will feel more happier.

Because of being outside in the nature the defence system of our body will be trained and protect us for having infects.

The colour of green will lighten up your mood. Depressed people should have a walk on a daily basis in order to release stress. The air outside consists of a certain bacteria which is called mycobacterium vaccae. Studies have proven that this bacteria has an influence of our brain activity. People who meet with this bacteria are increasing their brain power.


Water is the elixier of life. You should drink a lot of water. Moreover water is a hugh stress releaser. How does it feel to lie in a hot tube with a lovely smell? That is a really nice thought.

For me having a shower is the biggest stress releaser ever. That is why I love to be in the water. Its like an inner cleaning process, while the water is dropping down on me. I really can switch off all thoughts if I am having a shower or a bath.

Furthermore seeing how water flows, is a gamechanger. I am happy to live close by a river. So I can have a walk and see the water and observe its path. Water does not need to fight, it will pass all over the barriers which occur in front of it.

I love to compare my business with that flew of a water. A certain couple got stocked in a situation and needs my help. And because I am able to find a great solution there is no obstacle anymore.


Did you ever stand in front of the ocean? Observing the waves how they come close and go back, is really relaxing. The salty smell of the ocean and that wind can make you feel calm and relaxing too. A lot of therapist use the power of the water in order to release stress of their clients. (for example dolphin therapy & water yoga)

I really recommend to go to the water (sea, lake, ocean) in order to release stress in your life. For me its like a reconnection with myself. If I am close to the water, I will be totally present with my own needs and can increase my creative power. I am in the flow if I am close to the water.

Hopefully you find my hacks helpful. If so, I would love you to comment my post. Do you have another hack, which you can recommend? I am curious about your experience with habits which can release your personal stress.

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