So this message I want to give to you is a little bit tricky and it needs a big portion of courage to give that advise… But its so important, especially in our modern world we are living in right now.

We all are getting trivial, without realizing it. That mood which is recently in the world, needs people who stand up and give some advices.

Its really feels a little bit strange, but I need to open my heart and tell you about the meaning of a true man. Read further, if you want to explore my personal opinion and a small guide to be a true man in this crazy world.

As never before there is a pressure of everybody out there. People want to be successful, intelligent, funny, rich or/and famous. Mostly they try to perform something to get better and faster in that society. We are visual touchable, we can be observed by others and people can start a shitstorm on us very quickly.

As a woman who is wearing a scarf and strong in her believe it is a lot to show her pictures online, to be present in multimedia and youtube, believe me. But why do I do that? Because my costumers need to know me in order to put trust in me and my work. I want to solve problems for people, help them to get married and be happy with their spouse as long as possible. How can you trust somebody you don’t know? Most people need somebody, who they can identify with.

Tell me the reason why man show off in order to be famous, rich, or get liked? There are many men who put off their shirts showing their perfectly shaped bodies on Instagram and on the other social media plattforms. Do you really think, that people respect you more, because you have shown them your sixpack? Okay its hard work to get a six pack and I really understand that you like to show it, BUT it does not mean, that you are more worthy then for example a musician artist who neverever puts off his shirt, allthough he has a great body and lots of groupies who are longing for seeing him without a shirt! In my opinion that person who does not show off his body is looking more professionell. It depends on the work. If you are a professional swimmer, then it might be right to show your upper body parts naked. ;O)

profisportler schwimmer

I like you to tell, that you need to know about your own value. It is really important. I am not speaking about who you are, it is about how much do you know yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. It is necessary to be in love with yourself firstly, before you go out in the world and want to be successful. You have to burn for it, from the inside.

Nobody else can be like you. Even a twin, is just a twin, not you. Your talents and your skills are the key to live a life, which you always were dreaming of. Beauty is a temporary thing. We all will get older, and you really should not built up your selfconfidence for a short time period. Think about the next 5, 10, 15 years. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to hear about yourself? Where do you want to be? How can you realize the journey to your personal fulfillment?

Rich men as well as famous men they have the oppurtunity to live with a beautiful woman and show this woman to others in public. Do you really find joy in it, that others are envious about your relationship or that people look at the person you really love? Or do you show the world the perfect girlfriend, to look better, more successful and more worthy?

Read carefully, because the next Infographik can decide about you, if you are just a player or already a true man:

Player versus True Man


Hopefully you did enjoy that comparison. Hopefully you rank among the right side (True Man), if not you should think about yourself. Do you really want to live your life as a player? It might have some advantages. BUT:

I like to inform you about the reality of a true man:

  1. A true man is that person, who is successful. A player mostly will fly high and fall deeply soon. The success of a true man is a long-time story.
  2. A true man is that person, who stands up for others.
  3. A true man believes in his skills and knows to use them, without pretending to know something. He is real. Therefore people look up to him and he is in a state of honour. If he is not sure about something, he will research until he will know the answer to a certain question.
  4. A true man does mistakes as well as every other human being does, but he will learn from his mistakes and change to the good.
  5. A true man knows to respect the people around him. He is a respectful husband, father, friend, mentor, boss, neighbour and a loyal son too. People love to be respected. So it opens his doors to other peoples hearts.
  6. People love a true man in general, because they are aware that a true man closeby means an added value for them.
  7.  A true man is able to help others and grateful by helping without expecting anything.
  8. A true man has deep roots. His wife and family give him strength and courage to build an empire of success. He feels blessed by what he already owns and what he has achieved. He is grateful and curious that is why he constantly grows inside and outside.


I truly believe, that there are a lot of men outside, who really like to act like a true man does. Perhaps they are thirsty for that kind of character, a true man has. If a man acts like a player, but changes his mindset suddenly, he can become a true man by realizing his reality.  People can change to the good. Being honest to yourself is the first step to shift your attitute. A true man does not need to show off, because he will be honoured, respected and be seen by others because of his great values and his good manners.

Do you believe in the importance of a gentleman aka a true man? Do you love players?

What is your opinion about a true man?

I am curious about your opinion. Comment!

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