Recently I have recognized how many people show all their sequences of private life on social media plattforms: There is this girl laying in bed, starting her day by a selfie shot in the morning. There is that guy who needs to share his trophy he had this night because he went out with an attractive woman, who does not complain to have a morning picture with him in his sleeping room. And that stuff goes all viral and people see those private moments of others and they give that pictures a like too.

Obviously some couples might feel a certain pressure on themselves to show their privacy too. I truly understand that it is quite normal to share food of the day or a photo of your private life to be more authentic… but I will never recommend that you should follow that social media pressure which might exist right now.

Do we really need to see pictures of dogs who lick off the face of their owners? Do we really want to see other couples being as private as possible in front of their camera? Does this feel like an ideal couple? I might be very conservative in that case. But love speaks so many languages. I suppose that showing off as a couple is a really nonsense activity.

  • If you are happy with each other do you really need a confirmation from the outside?
  • Do you feel more connected with each other, if other people are aware of your great relationship an give you a like?

The new generation might function like this. But I assume that these kind of relationships who show off their privacy as well as their ups and downs are not for a longterm period. It is just an superficial time in life and those people might feel better to do photo series of their love life like a daily soap, in order to get more likes and more followers.

It might surpise you, but that reputed ideal couples are not the reality.

Last week I read an article about those Insta-girls who have such kind of boyfriends who have the task to shot photos at the beach, in a club or elsewhere in very special postures in order to fit to their girlfriends profiles. HEY? GUYS? What kind of boyfriend might this be, please? That does not sound like a real man.

Would you personally crawl on the ground in order to get the best shot of your girlfriend, which wants to have a great photo of herself in her bikini to have a new InstaPost? I suppose that guy is a big fan of that girl but not a real boyfriend. He might just to be hapy to share her body, but doed he feel a connection to her mind or her soul?

As a happy couple you can laugh at all this faked happy relationships, where men and women travel somewhere just in order to show off!

You really should have a travel as a couple, that is highly recommended by me. But you should share the private time you have at your vacation with each other, not with preparing pictures of your „pretended happiness as a couple“ for social media. Actually there is no need at all to show others what you are doing in private. That is way private life is called private.

If you are going out and having a great time, taking a selfie and posting it might help you to remember that great evening afterwards. By publishing that moment it might feel bigger for you. But please think about it just for a while… do you really want to share it or not, before you just publish it in order to have that great daily post?

I am following a lot of persons on Instagram and my own profile is a public one. There are some I follow who post on a daily basis, others who just post something after a couple of days. Not the amount of posts does make the difference is the value you offer with that post you want to publish.

As a couple your goal should be to stay connected with each other, to improve your performance „inside“ your partnership. I am always laughing about that couples who are kissing and hugging indescretly in public. Sometimes that feels like they need to show off in order to show others that they are truly in love. But do you really want to know which kind of appreciation is the most underestimated one? It is showing respect to the person in love, especially in public. 

As a gentleman it might mean to just see all over her flaws and help her if she feels a little bit assailable. Being kind and respectful might show more love then kissing that person with your tongue in public. Be sure that you should know your own border. Things which cross your border will not make you feel better, they will make you careless for your own feelings and that of your spouse too.

I highly recommend to be as private as you can with your personal relationship. There are a lot of couples which are happy with each other because they dont feel the need to show off themselves. You can use social media and can find friends through the internet of course, but please take care of your privacy and be selfaware of your status quo.

By reflecting about your partnership, your own personal developement and your circumstances in general you might take a lot of advantages. Focus on the reality not on the faked reality of those who want to be liked by you.

How do you feel about that topic? Do you feel that pressure in social media too? Do you think its dangerous for your love to show off or do you think totally differently about that?

I love you to comment and share your thoughts with me!