Are you in your zone? Do you feel comfy right now? There are some of those dark hours in everybody’s life. But just a few people have the courage to be aware of this.


I am one of those and I often have moments in my life where I feel pretty overwhelmed. Its like you are standing in front of a volcano uncertain if the lava will break out and burn you totally or stays calm and disappears after you become clear and powerful again.


The fact that we are humans with feelings might not surprise you. But did you ever lose your sanity because of the lack of control? Once emotions overwhelm your body you might feel insecure or mad.

At first I thought I should not write about craziness nor how you can overcome feeling low. That is way I am afraid of the reaction others who might not feel as deeply as I feel.

I imagined that it is kind of weak to write about it. The possibility of being criticised by those who are just rational hindered me to find the right words.


But after a week of high emotional clients I decided it’s the best idea to write about insecurities and being out of control.

There was a costumer who really asked so many questions and called me a lot of times to tell me about his worries. All though in generally I am very friendly I kind of got lost in the dialogue.

I realised quite soon that the person wants to be in control of the whole process. But if you ask somebody else to organize a wedding appointment that means you book that person in order to manage and be in control instead of yourself. You don’t organize it, you let somebody organize for you.

I know he was just insecure if the documents will fit and if I can realise his wedding with the love of his life…but I felt like he wanted to get rid of all his sorrows by calling me.

I was trapped in a situation where I did not want to be. A part of me told myself: Hey Nicole, stay calm and kind, he is totally concerned and overwhelmed. Give him the space to get all all his fears out of his heart. And then there was another part inside me which told me: hey Nicole! You are a professional wedding organizer, not a psychologist! You don’t need to listen to all this no-brain-stuff. You totally got distracted because of his Q&A!

So I fought with myself. I am aware of the fact that I am not a psychologist. And I am sure that „listening“ was the right thing to do, although one part in myself felt argued and misunderstood because the bunch of fears sounded absurd to me.

I remembered a speech of Garyvee, which is really great: the best marketing strategy? CARE!

Gary is totally right. A lot of people are really lost, because they have nobody who cares nor listens deeply to their inner state.


By caring and being present you offer the other person unconditional positive regard.

At the end of the week I am happy that I listened to my heart. Finally the wedding date is organized too and the gratefulness of the costumer was awesome! He felt listened and secure, because I was present as he was concerned and I did not judge him, I just gave him that space to breath and put all that insights to the outside.

I am really sure about the fact that you improve your life if you listen to your heart, instead of listening to all the thoughts which hinder you from being smart. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, because people don’t understand your thoughts, nor your emotions or plans. But its your life, and that means your choices.

I am far from mother Theresa, but until I die I want to help other heartpeople to listen to their heart and connect with their inner power. I am a businesswoman thats right, but what is striving me the most, is to change people to the good, to help them to feel complete. You can totally put trust into your inner voice. Don’t ignore your feelings.