Even very self-confident people feel insecure sometimes. Perhaps you might consider that those successful people, which are standing in the public are untouchable and straight. But even famous, incredible successful people have those sore points you will know from yourself. That is the reason why we are humans, not robots or technical devices who just function if they are in good order and condition.



We all have our flaws and some weak points. For example it might seem to you embarrassing if you frequently appear late if you have an urgent appointment. Perhaps you already preschedule your day and totally seek to be on time. But probably you get easily distracted or somewhat unexpected happens to you, although your intention to be dead on time is huge, the reality is not according to your goal.

There are many things on a daily basis, which you might want to change to the good. The end of 2018 is not far away any more and perhaps you already consider about your own New Years resolutions. A wilful intent feels strong until you realize, that the reality is totally different then your intention was.



Whatever you want to change, you should think smart about your future. I know, people always say things like:

If you believe, you can achieve!

And that might really motivate and help some people somehow. But please before you start jumping into something which is totally against yourself….

at first be honest to yourself. There are some character traits, you might work on, but you cannot switch totally from a edgy character to an even-tempered person. Imagine you are curious, active and getting easily nervous. Do you believe, that you just because of good intentions and some meditation, nutritions changes and awareness totally change into a desinterested, passive and calm person?


I truly believe, that we should change ourselves to the good in a certain frame of possibilities. You will always keep some flaws, even if your try hard to fight them.

There are people who carefully try to create tidy places and focus on organisation, but even if they get smarter in that point, their messy heart will have some accidents like dropping a bootle of milk by moving the arm without intention, or leaving the tube of the toothpaste without the cap, because it falls down somewhere…

drop the milk

People try to optimize themselves. And you can really get better in everything if you try hard and want to change. But sometimes the best idea is to focus on your talents and jut get over your insecurities. Laughing about your own flaws and putting more effort in the real skills of your own, might be an awesome idea.

Why you should try to fix a pipe problem, if you don’t like it? Just call an expert and do those things which you can, like writing stories, improving and inspiring other people. Probably if you try to fix a pipe problem even with good intentions you will not solve the issue, but making something more worse.


Try to be authentic. It is okay, to be an imperfect being. It would be boring, if nobody would have flaws and weaknesses. Those small mistakesare important, because they connect us with those around us and even with strangers. Perhaps you feel familar right now to me allthough I am far away and a stranger to you. But by reading this article you perhaps feel connected with your own flaws and see your own life a little bit brighter then it was before reading this content.

If you cannot do something probably you should ask, somebody else about it and connect with that human. Don’t bother yourself anymore for being untalented in some places of your life.

In a society where most people show off and try to perform perfectly you should consider just to be your true self. You don’t need to defend yourself. Anyway even if you would not have any sore spot, people would judge you, just because people love to speak about others and to claim against somebodys mistakes.

The truth is: Try to love your flaws, and other people will wonder about your smart, thoughtful behaviour. Embrace your weaknesses, just because you can and you will grow your strengthes immediately- If we refuse something, we give a certain issue too much power. That is the reason why it always will steal our energy. If you try to live with your insecurities and focus on your talents and skills and all the positive results, you can achieve so much by living in accordance with your determination.


Hopefully you will find the right goals for 2019 which fit to your life and your character.Do you already find your determination? What is your purpose? Write it down and you will be more aware about yourself. Selfawareness is powerful.