So we already crossed a half of January 2019 and I felt it’s time to thank all those people who made me feel important, helpful and lovable in 2018.

It was a year full of lectures for me. I got through tough moments like the last minute emergency surgery of my lovely husband. After that happened I changed a lot. It made me strong because I did fight for him as I always do if somebody needs my help and full attention. I realized how impossible it is to plan, because you need to stay flexible for all those unknown things that might happen to you and to those you love.

I obviously become more spontanious in 2018, planning is great really, don’t get me wrong. But in the past I got often pretty moody if the things did not run as smootly as my plans were.

Now I am more then flexible and open-minded for everything new which crosses my path. My husband was surprised a few time how spontaneous I finally can be.

If things, people and thoughts are helpful and improve our lifes, why we should refuse them just we did not plan about those? Stay in the flow, that is magical and productive too!

I did not stop working while that tough time although it was very hard to stay on top of all my responsibilities. I spent a lot of time at the hospital and I became more grateful for the little things.

The shock was still in me but I did function. I remained strong for all the others who were confused and needed my confirmation that he is on a good path and that I care about him as a wife should do.

Our children were strong too and caring towards their mom and dad. They had great ideas to improve the first weeks after coming home and they helped me as much as they could. I am more then blessed to be their mom…and I often forget that if they refuse to sleep or are too loud…;-)

People literally get stronger if they conquer struggles in their life. I learned a lot, especially to find joy in those little things and being grateful for what I already have or did achieve. Are you aware of all those achievements of your own?

If you always want to improve, to become better, faster, stronger… the best of the best… you are kind of just in the future not in the moment which matters most.

Actually I am pretty grateful for the great cooperations I have, the nice people I am working with, those people who are always there for me, especially my brother in-law. The whole family of my hubby has proven their greatness and love again towards that time.

As I had that huge task to tell every single person of them about the surgery, my heart was in my mouth. They suffered about those bad news. But telling the truth is neccessary in those cases. You never know how it ends up so hoping and praying in a group and staying strong together is better then pretending that everything is fine but it actually isn’t.

Thanks to God that he saved him, that the surgeon was so kind and professional towards me. I will never forget how caring that doctor was and his honesty towards me about the diagnosis and the high risk. The fact that he promised to call me after finishing his job and how much relief he brought to me and my father in law by giving me that great news that he could save my husbands life… I found out that nothing matters anymore.

Suddenly the time stands still at those moments. You find out who is close to you and cares about you.

I am grateful for every minute of that lecture. It made me stronger although it was a freaking hard time with lots of trouble and unexpected surprises. I don’t know why I write about that. Perhaps it’s too personal but hopefully you will discover too by reading my words that our life can come to an end very fast. And that’s better to be aware of that fact. Enjoy minutes, seconds which might be the greatest ever!

It is more then necessary to be honest, to be authentic and real. I don’t care about superficial people who try to impress others. I like real people who stand up for others, who really care because they think it matters. Those who discover what there are passionate about it and give 100% just because they love what they do not just 20% because of earning the money and finding somehow security in it.

I want to help people like the surgeon helped me. He did his job as best as he could in order to save my husbands life. He send me home with our children and promised me to call me immediately after finishing the surgery. His call made me cry and laugh all together. It was a moment of stress relief and hope. He saved him. Thanks to God.

The whole hospital stuff did an amazing job while the time of recovery. I am more then grateful. No words can describe how much their care meant to me.

If I help couples to get married I am pretty the same like that surgeon. I tell them the truth, I am aware about the facts, the risks the whole scene. And then I am in my game. I literally burn for it. I want to help them as much as they need my help. I do the unexpected. I care. And I am more then happy if I get an confirmation for the wedding appointment. More then the couple can ever be. Today is a special day. One of my difficult cases finally will become bride and groom.

I did more then the bride had ever expected me to do. Her happiness is my happiness. Helping her to get her dream come true was a stony road with lots of difficulties. But it was totally worthy. I am grateful for the learnings in 2018 and her kind words.

I am grateful for all the couples who trusted me to organize their wedding in 2018. Especially those beach-weddings and weddings at other special occasions were a great opportunity for me to realize dreams of heartpeople. Thanks for all that great feedback!

If you decide to get married in Denmark and you want me to organize the appointment for you, be sure that I will be emotionally there for you. I will help you to stay patient and trust in my work and in my cooperation partners. I am sure you will be grateful and happy at the end of the road too…

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