Since I was a child I wondered about people who try to fake it until they make it. I am sure it’s the easiest way to loose the game! Do you pretend to be somebody else sometimes? Read more about the power of authenticity and how you become successful through honesty…

Okay in Germany, especially in Cologne we are not far away from the „Karneval-days“ which is an event about a couple of days where people dress up and pretend to be somebody else. The origin of those celebration days was to get rid of „bad ghosts“ who could destroy the harvest. Furthermore it was established before the christian fasting time period of 40 days started. On the wednesday  (called Aschermittwoch) is everything finished and people who believe in the bibel start to fast until eastern. Over the time people used the „Karnevaldays“ to critizise politics. On those crazy days they allowed themselves to inquestion the whole politic situation by writing provocating claims on huge cars which are decorated and fitting to the dressing up topic of themselves.


In Cologne things are going wild every year. Tourists come there to enjoy the so called „Narrenzeit“ (the time of becoming crazy)! Many people get drunk and loose their mind or if you want to say it nicer: “ they free their mind for that time period.“


Don’t get me wrong, I accept that people love to escape from their real life’s, especially if that life is full of fears, struggle and not in harmony with themselves. At Karneval those introverts will come out of their shell by overdrinking and showing themselves.

If you observe those people, you can find joy in their easy-going mentality for sure. But you can also feel sad about those souls, who are not able to express themselves without drinking wine, beer and shots and are just longing for such an event to loose their reality.


Being clear minded is pretty boring for some people. But awareness is so powerful. If you pretend to be someone who you are actually not, that is really hard, emotionally and physically too.

For example if you want to pretend that you are in the game, successful and wealthy then you might overspend in order to show off. After a couple of time you will face the truth: That you actually did not earn enough and that the amount of unpaid bills is overwhelming you.

Credit card dept is common, its so easy to buy things and pay later on. But rich people don’t think like this. Many rich people live a life for a couple of month and years which is not „rich“ in order to invest or to build an empire business. They stay grounded and spend less, to live a high standard life afterwards. Thats being focused and aware.


On Instagram you see guys next to privat jets and cruising around in fancy cars… and they are just pretending that they are successful in order to get an audience or many likes. Perhaps people will work together with them here and there and they will have some sales, of course. But building a brand and being real is the key to success.

Their habit just shows how inconfident those „pretenders“ actually are. Because if you are in the game and actually made it, you don’t need to show off at all. If you have a certain image of who you want to be in the future that will be a great motivation to plan and optimize yourself and your life.

The difference between people who are authentic and those pretenders is huge. An authentic person will not trust nor believe in a „fake-person“. So I recommend to you that its better to be absolutley yourself, because you will live and enjoy your life to the fullest and can easily connect with others by being „HONEST AND REAL“.


I really enjoy those people who look under the surface. And being real and honest is the only thing which will work in our future, because of all that social media life we become so invisible. Nobody will know those pretenders in 10 years. People will lough at all those face people and they will really loose their mind.


Hopefully my thougtful wednesday post inspired you to overthink your behaviour, and your own reality. Can you be yourself in front of your spouse, your family and your friends? Do you prefer to show off or do you try to be yourself? Kindness will bring us to all the places we are longing for. What do you thing about my insights? Please feel free to like that post, share or comment. If you like that kind of content then consider to subscribe to my blog. Have a nice day!