Who still wants to get married this year in december, should start to prepare all the documents and contact me… because there will take place a holiday break between 21.12.2019-3.1.2020 where the danish authority will have a time out and not check on any cases.


It is still possible to get married in denmark, there are a few appointments left. Important to know is, that we have a close communication so I can consult you in the best way I can offer. Its not to late, to get married in december, and even if you want to save your date for the next year, its the right time to do this.

In some townships the last day for a wedding is 23.12, in one of my townships I am working with a civil marriage could still be possible on monday december 30th.


So what do I need to know about you? If you write me something about your relationship, your nationality, residence permission and your family status aka single, divorced or widowed, I can easily tell you which documents are necessary for your specific case. So if you write me an email, with the important XYZ, I can really pretty fast react and help you to bring your relationship on a higher level!

Heiraten in Dänemark ohne Ledigkeitsnachweis

Write me an email or use this contact form, if you want to get married in denmark!