The post today might surprise you a little bit, but I feel it’s important to point out that daydreaming is a good tool for letting superficial people as they are and succeed as a person who is driven by his/her heart.

The reality is not always easy. Our society is not perfect. People around us are not always fitting our needs. Sometimes you have a bad day or just a bad week…everything goes wrong although you just give your best and invest all of your energy.

In general there is a lack of relaxation in our society. Everybody tries to do more and to achieve more. But people who get out of a certain balance cannot live like this for a long- time period. You can work hard and be focussed for a certain time but if you miss to recharge you can easily be a victim of your habits and end in a burn-out. Being a workaholic means to think about your business all day long. Its quite difficult to switch off the thoughts which are cruising around you.

But believe me success and being productive does not mean to be busy all day long! Successful people know which steps they have to go to be more productive and how they can achieve their goals easily. Especially those people focus at a certain time and afterwards they relax and recharge themselve again.


Daydreaming is an act of kindness towards yourself. It’s like reconnecting with yourself, with your body and soul. Usually I like to take a walk or twice ones per day. Yes, its a typically german attitute to go out of the door and take some deep breathes. I know some americans who are laughing at us.

But believe me most people forget about breathing deeply all day long. Inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply helps you to calm down. The act of deep breathing releases stress and cleans our brain, literally. I love to go for a walk even if it’s just a short one to the river nearby our home or just a short walk to that station of the schoolbus of our son. As I am walking on that pavement I often catch myself by daydreaming.

And do you know how relaxing that kind of dreaming is? I take a look at the trees blowing in the wind or observe a yellow butterfly which is flying around…. and my mind will drive to another place…

You see and feel your own future, kind of surreal but if you know that you create your own world by your mindset you will realize very soon that the habit of daydreaming is a good one which brings you forward.


Same process if you have a run. Did you hear about the so called “runners high”? It’s a special mood which will come over you if you have a longer run. Your soul will find peace somehow and there are runners who always try to get to this point to calm down on a daily basis.

In the past people where stopped daydreaming by others, because in our society people thought its unhealthy to daydream. “You are dreaming again, honey?” is one of the phrases which was often used by mothers of daydreamers in their childhood.

But do you know what daydreaming can achieve? The most creative people find solutions for something by daydreaming. Its different to sit there brooding about a certain topic. If you are relaxing and start daydreaming you will not focus on a problem. Your imagination will get activated. You will just relax and have a time out from all the stress and noise around you.


Last time I had a lot of family in my house. I suppose it was the end of ramadan, the muslim month where faithful people fast to feel how those people who starve feel like. It was noisy and a lot of big voices where speaking around all the rooms in our house. I saw our three year old daugther sitting at the table and taking a look to the tree in front of our kitchen window. Her aunt asked me, why she is daydreaming so much. I should take her to the doctor. But I just informed her, that daydreaming is healthy and that our daughters brain relaxes and that she needs to inwardly digest her experiences first.

Her aunt did not knew about the power of daydreaming. I asked her if she would not daydream by herself sometimes? She did not seem so be connected with her own attitute. After a few days she called me and we speak about it again. One of her daughters was often daydreaming and she thought it was a bad attitute. After our dialog she reflected about my speech and did found sense in my expression. Her daughter usually daydreamed more often if she was in a loud crowd or if she was stressed out. She changed her point of view all of a sudden.


While daydreaming your brain converts a lot of stuff. The psychologist and author Steve Ayan wrote about a phenomenon: The unbusy brain shows a stabil pattern of activity. He describes in an article that the brain does not stand still, even if we are sleeping at night. The brain does not know a button of pause. That means: The brain is always associating or its dead.

The connection of our brain is very interesting. Neurologists found out that the connection in our brain influences how creative a person is, in which level a person can reflect about himself/herself and how a person is present about his/her own thoughts and feelings (so called metacognition). People who daydream on a regular basis are stronger in their own mindset, because they give their brain a certain time to reconnect and digest all their impressions.

Sometimes I got asked: Hey, how do you find those ideas for your blogposts? How can you create so much content? Do you have a certain schedule? Yes, I have a certain schedule. Its called: HYGGE. Just a few minutes of being in a cosy mood, which converts your day into a stage of a soap bubble: If you relax your thoughts will fly around, you will release stress and you will be confronted with future ideas, innovations and creative input.

Did you know about one of the famous daydreamers? Let me introduce you to 4 famous daydreamers who were really successful:

Albert Einstein: The creator of the theory of relativity got the great idea while not thinking about mathematics anymore.

Archimedes: The mathematician, ingeneer and inventor Archimedes one of the brilliant minds in the ancient world discovered one of his best ideas while daydreaming in a bath tube.

Kary Mullis: The biochemist Kary Mullis got that great idea for how to duplicate DNA fragments   while driving on the highway.

Arthur Fry: The idea of post-it notes was created by Arthur Fry while he was daydreaming in church.

If somebody told you in your childhood that you are a dreamer and that this attitute is bad, you should say good bye to that dogma. People are afraid of stuff which they cannot explain nor control. But you should be happy for being aware of that powertool “daydreaming” you already have in pocket. Use it to go forward!


Being slightly bored can help us to be more creative and successful in our lifes. By daydreaming we release stress and our brain delivers information and ideas, which we would not find if we are busy and concentrated all day long. Sometimes its really good to let things go, to not think about a certain topic anymore. By doing something non-stressful you will suddenly find a solution by the way for any kind of problem you need to solve.

Children does not need to be entertained all day long. If they have the possibility to go out and spend some time in the nature, their brain will develope quicker and release stress too. If my children are getting loud, active and aggressive towards each other its time to go out in order to take some deep breathes and run around.

Televison is often used by moms to slow their children down. Firstly they will be quiet for a while and afterwards they will be overstimulated and you will not be able to handle them anymore. Furthermore a couple of studies proof that the developement of speech is worse of those children who have a high consume of television. Toddlers should not be placed in front of tv, although a lot of people think it would help them.

Outside children observe small insects and leaves and flowers and they have the chance to find the beauty in small things. Often if I see how they can calm down and have so much fun just by being present in that moment-that helps me to daydream more too.

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