Are we lost? Did we loose those brave men, which are always shown in those history movies? Those man are honest, brave, loyal and they know what they want and what really matters. Brave knights, action heros or wise wizards…where are you? Hello?Our society changed a lot all through the years. Most human beings are spoiled with an excess of entertainment, peace and higher standards. We all are involved in social media, high technology and emancipation. The emancipation of woman brought a lot of benefit to our society. Women skills and their selfexpressing attitute changed the world. Woman are leaders right now. They own high positions and „rule the world“. But did we think about the consequences? Not about those 10 or 20 years. Did we find positions for brave man as well? Or did we execute their male attitute? I will show you, how a man can be a real guy in this female-changed world…

Oh I am not afraid about what comes next. As a believer in the truth and a game changer I am really enjoying observing the attitute of female and male. It might sound strange to you, but I do believe in the power and strengh of woman as well as in the power and strengh of man. But sometimes I am really embarressed, if I see men acting like women and women acting like men. Currently it seems like a surreal experience.

Its not about feelings. I really like man to show their inner thoughts with women. What I feel a shame of is that a lot of women think, if they act like a man but combined with a lot of sexy attitute they will go forward and be successful in every area of their life.

The reality is, that a lot of woman in higher positions strive after having a lucky private life, but they cannot have everything at the same time. Having priorities helps for a while, but if you are focussed on a certain career goal, you often forget to take care of other parts in your life, for example having an intensive relationship. The challenge of productivity is bigger then ever.

Frankfurt skyline

Are the women really luckier today then before? I will show you an example. The example of Petra T. . She is a woman, working in a big company which helps customers worldwide to increase their benefits. Her job is to minimize risks and to offer her customers new markets which they should use to earn more money. Petra is focussed on data information and numbers, as well as trends. She loves her job as much as the company loves her work. She is sitting together with global players and give them a certain advise.

We could say: She is married with her work. More then 8 hours per day she is in that big building in her well arranged office, with all these expensive designer furniture and the panorama windows, showing that big cityskyline of Frankfurt in Germany. Her make-up is truly perfect, she is well-dressed and she is aware and proud of her success so far. Often if their is an emergency case she will stay longer at work then normally scheduled. Working overtime is not a problem for her. The collegues respect her, they know that she deserves her position. Her secretary cares about her more then any person in private does.

global player

Do you think that woman is a gun? A perfect businesswoman? One of those strong girls of our society? She is, thats true. She is successful, intellegent, well-shaped, beautiful, as well as stressed out, overwhelmed, scared and lonely.

Perhaps you think. Why? Whats her problem, she has that great position and a lot of money on her bank account. She is attractive, if she goes out she can decide, which guy will share her bed!

Oh, guys believe me. Its a little bit more complicated:

stressed out

  • She has no quality time. She is always on the run, on-line, if the company needs her (and that is very often, even on saturday or sundays). She needs to check a lot of facts everytime, to stay as smart as she is.
  • She is aware of her body, she knows that she is attractive and can have almost everybody for a night, but where is that man, who likes to share his life with her? She got rid of one nightstands and being hurt because a deeper love might be impossible with her. She really thinks that she is a kind of freak, impossible to stay in a relationship, longer then 6 month.
  • She is over 30. And the bell is ringing. That baby bell, which tells her, if you want to be a mom, you should start to find Mr. Perfect and try to get pregnant as fast as possible. If you don’t want all these hormonstuff and artificial insemination…then you have to find a solution or you will stay as a lonely woman forever, without the dream of seeing your own tribe.
  • She is afraid of failing… there are a lot of people, who would like to work in her position. Being aware of this, frightens her, because she is not sure about how many years will the company like her to stay in that position. If there is a younger person, with better skills and younger skin, would her boss replace her, allthough she was that kind of loyal to the company all through the years?perfekt sein geht nicht

Often a man does not know that the woman are freaking out about their „supposedly successful lifes“. Most women do not have a good picture of themselves. They are always striving for perfection. That is way, they are always acting in a kind of ungrateful status quo. BUT life is not perfect. There is a lot going on. You cannot control everything and everybody!

I am a working mom. I am really proud of it. But I found a solution, which is in balance with my husband as well with our children. How I am working like is a female style of working, not a masculine one. I am aware of my female power, and I go forward but it is in an indepenent mode, where I decide what is going on in private and in my business. I decide how many hours I invest in my business, its me who is scheduling my work-time as well as selfcare-time, children-time and time with my spouse.

I always say:

If ewe (mother of sheep) is feeling great, then the flock of sheep can feel good too. If the ewe is feeling bad, she cannot take care of her flock of sheep in a good way.

That so true. If a mom is exhausted and striving for having some time for herself, but does not realize that she needs time to reconnect with herself and her own needs, she will suddenly burn-out. No husband loves a wife, which forgets about herself because of the childcare nor forget about him either. How can men, support strong women, which are really doing their best? How can a man be strong, allthough his wife is a foundation of power?

Men are still strong. It is a pity that a lot of men are not aware of their strengh anymore. Its a question of awareness to be strong.

As a mother of a son I like to show him that he can achieve everything if he is burning for it. That he is as strong as he is aware of it.

A weak man could not love a strong woman. He won’t know what to do with her.

How can men install the programm for being strong, loyal, honest, brave and real?

real men

10 rules for being a strong man:

  1. Be honest to yourself and to others. If you don’t like something, you don’t need to proof it or explain it. One word is enough: No! Showing others your personal limits is useful to earn that kind of respect which you need.
  2. Keep your promises. If you promise somebody something, then you have to commit to the fulfillment of that promise.
  3. Be proud of yourself. Being confident is important to be strong. Its important that you realize which talents you have and what skills you are proud of.
  4. Respect others. It does not matter how rich you are or how poor, respecting others and being kind is an attitute of a loyal and brave man.
  5. Take care of your mouth. Does your speech help others? Or does it hurts others? If you can bring a benefit to something speak, if not stay quiet. The words of a real man should not sound like gossip.
  6. Be aware of possibilities. A brave man is always aware of danger as well as his opportunities. Always being ready for achieving something new, is a great skill of a wise wizard.
  7. Take care of those you love and protect them. Be nice and loyal to your spouse and (if you have) to your children and the rest of your tribe (mother, father, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandmother…)
  8. Offer your help for people who are suffering for something. Go out and help those poor people, as well as old people or those who are ill and depend on others goodwill.
  9. Be grateful for what you already have and take care to stay on top. Men who don’t have goals and don’t take advantages in every challenge of their life, forget that the life is full of lectures. If you are aware of a change, you can adapt your habits.
  10. Don’t complain, if you are unsatisfied. Observe your own attitute as well as that of your surroundings. Set a certain goal and then go for it. Women love men who know what they want and what they don’t. Be sure about your values, belief and your future. Reflect about the past, but go forward. A brave man is not afraid of the unknown. His strength is inside himself: His inner voice is the strongest weapon ever.

Hopefully you find some help in this advises. Perhaps you think totally different? Oh, that sounds interesting. I am sure, that a lot of men strive to be some kind of hero or a brave man, but they did not have a certain role model, who taught them the right path. It was really funny to write this text, because I thought a lot of businesswomen will hate me for my speech. But it is the truth. If the strong woman has a strong man behind her, or next to her, that means that they are a strong couple with a successful future. My theory is that every human is able to have a great relationship. The successful humans as well as those you are just starting something. Being loved by somebody makes you a better person.

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