Todays blogpost is about men, real men, those kind of men who consider to get married soon. Those men who really love their spouse and want to hit the jackpot by making a real commitment.

As a wedding visionary I am organizing wedding appointments for couples which roots are from all around the world. Its really mixed. There are german couples who want an elopement wedding, which means just having a time out and a wedding alone without a big blast… there are those binational couples who are really excited to marry at special places, like at the ocean, in a lighthouse, in an airplane or elsewhere which is not standard, but a little bit extraordinary.  And of course there are those who just want to get married in a wedding office and be sure to stay together afterwards.

I am so grateful for those heartpeople who contact me in order to arrange their marriage date, which is hopefully the start of a great future for them.

I admit that I am very emotional. I am quite moody. And somebody really gave me a compliment last week about the wedding I had arranged for him and his wife. His lovestory really melted my heart, because it felt so surreal for me to hear the view of the how-we.met each other- story of the groom. I never listened to those kind of emotional speech before, except of lovemovies, which are mostly exorbitant. It has proven to me that men are really deep beings but rarely show their emotions to anybody. Thanks for trusting me! The groom, who revealed his own lovestory preferred to stay anonymous.

He told me, that he knew right from the beginning, that she is the one for him. It was love by the first sight. His emotional state was really moody as he met her, because his last relationship was badly broken. He met her at a business meeting in London. She was really smart while the whole meeting and clear with her speech. Her confidence really impressed him and he felt melted away as he observed her explaining about an technique innovation system which would increase the sales volume of his company and the other businessmen which were invited to listen to that presentation too.


After the meeting she handed out her business card to all participator of that congress and advised them to sleep on night about her ideas in order to settle that input of information. Then she smiled at him and said: „If anybody discovers doubt or has any question, feel free to contact me via email or give me a call. I will be available today to give you the best feedback then!“ As he felt her eyes on him, he knew that there would arise a lot of questions in him very soon and his heart started beating faster.


So after one hour in his hotel room, tackleing to check the next appointments, he decided to quit another meeting and gave her a call. He asked her, if she would be available for a talk at afternoon and if she could recommend a place in London to have a piece of cake together. At first she laughed, but then she accepted his invitation and gave him an adress of a nice place called Patisserie Valerie. I added that place to my bucket list for my future trip to London. If you are a Londoner please give me a feedback in the comment, if you can recommend that place too.

Anyway the two met and ate cake and sat together with their two mugs of coffee. And as she asked him about the reason why he invited her and about the questions which are laying on his tongue, he was totally speechless. Yes, she blowed his mind away, just by nipping at this cup of coffee and taking a deeper view into his eyes.


Men often don’t know what to say, if they have deeper feelings inside themselves. They will not confirm that, but I am quite sure that they are afraid about an unexpected reaction of that other person who means something to them. It’s easier to stay safe, quiet and unsealed then being hurt, right? Many men love to have the control over the outcome, but if you fall in love with somebody and that very spontaniously you want to impress her, instead of saying something meaningless.

She focused on her cake and took a bite and then she mentioned that she did not expect that he would invite her. That speech finally broke the ice between them: He told her that he really was impressed by her confidence in front of all those entrepreneurs. He never sat in a congress before, where all members just were so interested and focussed. „You really did a great job today, you impressed all of those men by 1 hour of passionate speech and you made me sitting here like a stupid guy, totally speechless!“

She smiled at him and reacted grateful. „Thank you. I am sorry, but it was not easy for me. Perhaps it seemed like I did a great job, but honestly I barely enjoy to convince people about their improvement. I would love people to explore those magical tools by themselves instead of putting my finger on this or that software solution in order to let them realize that they can increase their growth very easily.“


He wondered because to him her passionate speech while the congress was full of power. „I worked hard to reach that position in our company, but I like to create more then to present. Now I am representing our company, because they think I can perform quite good in front of others. If Eddy spoke today instead of me, I assume you would not invite him to eat cake and connect with each other. Eddy is a very smart softwarecreater, but he is quite ugly, shy and fad too. Do you know what I mean? They put me in the front, because they think the male entrepreneurs wo are invited will snag and buy our products or do sign a contract or would subscribe to a certain service of us. So I am obviously an appetizer and I don’t like that position at all.“


„For me you are not an appetizer!“ he told her. „I did not expect that you did not enjoy the meeting, because you really acted smart, friendly and kind to all of us. So that was just your marketing technique? To get all of us on your boat? Hhhmm… so if you create all these devices, you could create a specific software which totally fits to my own company, right?“ She did nod in agreement. „So as a private person, without that commitment to your company and your boss, would you recommend me to buy a certain product of your company or would you recommend me to let you create a special product for me which I will buy exclusive from you?“

So now she was speechless. What for a surprise. „Okay, I assume you want to be loyal to your boss. But I recognized that you are smarter then your boss will ever be and the whole company you are working for. So let me give you just that option: Her is my businesscard. I will book you a flight to Germany, I will book you an exclusive appartment and I will show you Cologne and the best places to eat cake and drink coffee there. I would appreciate to meet you again and I would love to work together with you too. I need an expert in my team. And I did not expect to meet that expert in England. But today in that world of online business and globality you could work from London too. But I prefer to have you close to me, honestly. The paycheck will please you and my company is a place where creative people get the option to grow and show their talent in order to achieve great results. So what do you think about my offer?“


„I think I need another piece of chocolate cake!“ was her laughing answer. He ordered it for her immediately and asked for more coffee too. They did not realize how much time they were sitting together. It was like the chocolate melted every shyness away. They spoke about a lot of emotional stuff and about their private lifes too. He told her about that he splitt with a girl, and she told him about the death of her mother who had died a few month ago, after her husband was injured by a car accident and died afterwards. „They loved each other so much. And after the death of my father I saw how her soul was disappearing every day a little bit more and more. Her heart was just seeking for him. She stopped eating, stopped speaking and one day as I came over to bring her some flowers, she was laying in her bed with those opened eays, her body already cold.“

As the Patisserie closed they decided to go to an art exhibition where she was invited to. She told him that the artist is the boyfriend of her little sister and that it means she is obligated to appear there even if its just takes 20 minutes to show off. So they went there and he got to know her little sister and that boyfriend of her sister too. Both reacted very positive towards him. It was already dark outside after they did leave the place full of paintings and sculptures.


Spontaneously she gave him a hug: „Thank you for today! I really enjoyed your company and I loved eating cake with you.“ He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered:“ We can repeat that, if you say „Yes“ to me, if I give you a call next time“. Then he told her to think about the business idea overnight: „Just let it settle and if you need my advise or have any question feel free to contact me!“ He smiled at her with the same smile she gave him while the ending of the congress.

At the next morning he was sitting in the hotel lobby, while she appeared suddenly. „Coffee and cake again?“ she asked him with a huge smile.


He confirmed and they went to the restaurant of the hotel. „Normally I should sit in our company right now and be available for those businessmen of our congress yesterday. But I told my boss that I will meet one of them and the secretary  told me where you checked in. I have questions. A bunch of questions to ask you… so she started to ask him about his favorite colour, movie, singer, hobbies… it was like two soulmates had met each other and connected so deeply that they would not be aware anymore about their surroundings.

As he realized that he needed to check out in order to get the flight back to germany, she asked him to stay one night more in London. „If you stay here, I can decide about coming with you to Germany…!“, she finally revealed. So he canceled the flight and decided to spend the whole day with her…

the story ended with a one way ticket to Germany. With an happy end and a marriage in denmark. She did quit her current employment and started to work with her soulmate. After some weeks working together and dating each other they knew that magic can happen and that the meeting in london was one of these moments were life stands still and the other people around get meaningless, because you find that person which means everything to you!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading that lovestory.

The power of love is really underestimated. I am convinced about the fact that everybody will meet his/her soulmate at least once in a life time. I love those soulmates to make a commitment. To live the life and their love to the fullest. To let them say „Yes“ to marriage and arrange appointments for those who deeply feel connected to each other.

If you want to get married in denmark soon, feel free to contact me! I will give you a feedback as soon as possible: