Finally we ended up in 2019. If you wonder that you are not totally exited about the new year…then you are not alone with that feeling. Some people assume that everything changes with a turn of a year…but it’s pretty the same until you switch your mind to do things better in the new year then you did in the last one.

Many people set goals already in december and after a few weeks in january they struggle with realizing those things they wanted to achieve or those habits they wanted to let go. I personally believe in the magic of 21 days to change a certain habit and creating a routine for a new habit. If you don’t trust yourself and don’t believe in your journey then you will already fail after one week.

Sorry, that’s the bitter truth. It’s all about your motivation, your believe and your own confidence. If you feel insecure you will perhaps start asking other people about their opinion…and if those people like you they will not be objective at all. They will prettify the truth and help you to be happy with your comfort zone and your status quo.

Be honest to yourself! Are you really satisfied with your status quo? Or do you have some areas where you want to improve yourself or change to the good?

Do you like rocket ships? Sorry that I switch a little bit, but they are pretty awesome.

Did you ever observe a rocket launch? No? You should watch a video on YouTube about rockets and see how powerful they start into the order to cross soon thinner air spaces.

After a while the rocket will continuously lean into a horizontal direction. The technique of rockets seems magical to me, especially because it’s all about maths and physics which is one of my weaknesses.

And I am really not an expert belonging rockets…it’s just enough to tell our children some exiting stories about Elon Musk and his ideas and innovations for our future. In general we can learn from the power system of that amazing vehicle: a rocket


A rocket pushes itself with a lot of power into the air… and if it gets to a certain point it leans to the horizontal direction. A rocket will start after the countdown is finished …3..2..1 bääähhhmmm. It will not hesitate, not overthink, not questionare if it is a good idea to fly to the moon or elsewhere. It will just raise with a lot of power and then after a while lean into a horizontal direction. Some of those rockets get rid of stuff on their journey in order to loose weight. That sounds great for us too. We can get rid of old dogmas and bad thoughts in order to accomplish our dreams and free our minds.

Imagine you have a great goal. You know that this thing will improve your life. At the beginning of every year the motivation to change our lifes is pretty huge. So why not starting like a rocket does? Just stright into the air?  Without any hesitation, doubts and without overthinking if its right or wrong?

I am sure that you already overthought your goals as you did set them. So if you want to chase your dreams and realize those things which matter to you… then just remind yourself of the power of a rocket, which starts 3..2..1.. and does need often a lot of time to reach a certain goal.


While flying to the moon takes just three days… the spacecraft „Polarlander Phoenix“ which started in 2007  to drive from the Earth to reach the Mars needed 10 month of time to reach its goal. With a rocket which would be filled with astronauts it would take probably 15 to 16 month to reach Mars from Earth.

I like you to put that picture into your mind. If you think something is pretty impossible for you and you get weak and less motivated belonging your goals after a few days…then think about the power of a rocket or a spacecraft and that you can use that imagination to get your things done.


I am pretty obsessed with the believe in positivity. I don’t like to think negative, because I know that our thoughts are powerful and attract certain circumstances. If you believe in your own power an your ability to reach a certain goal, then you will achieve it, finally. Stay patient. I know that is soooo hard. But there is not only one way to reach a goal.

Make it fun, challenge yourself on a daily basis, document your progress, be proud about every step you make to approach your dream.

Honestly, I pushed myself a little bit to write something, which motivates you. My time-schedule is filled with to-do’s and I need to prioritize and to delegate to get all those things done. Sometimes I really don’t know what I should write which could be helpful or meaningful… but today I had that inspiration as I observed our son. He has that playmobil rocket and I just thought about the firework at 0.00 at the change of the year and how those small fireworks rockets flew in the air without any hesitation. Amazing!

For sure I am exited about my own goals, because I like to challenge myself pretty often. It is one of my character traits, I am sometimes overambitious. But that is the reason why I can help others, I am ready to solve problems and to get creative no matter how bad a certain situation might seem to be, while others already quit.

Just tell yourself: „Nobody can’t stop me, from doing what I want to do!“ And then start to what you need to do. Over and out!

So get those things done, which bring you closer to your goals, to your dreams…and please focus on the important stuff at first. We get so easily distracted nowadays. Important: Leave all those doubts behind and just imagine the power of a powerful rocket!

So I am pretty sure your 2019 will become amazing, if this blogarticle inspired you just a little bit! Consider to follow my blog in order to not miss a blogarticle again… I will regulary publish new content in German as well as in English in 2019. Being a blogger and having a readership which feels better after reading my stuff is very motivating for me. Hopefully I will inspire others and motivate myself too. If you already follow me, thank you for reading my content.