Really I am existed to inform you about the fact that I cooperate with an airline, so you can get married on a plane in denmark. If you like an intimate wedding ceremony with just a handful of people, that will bring you really joy. The registrar will fly with you, also a professional photographer, who will be one of your witnesses. Sounds interesting? Read more about this innovation…

Which documents are needed for a danish Island Marriage_

Beeing close to clouds is magical. More often a lot of couples ask me for a wedding ceremony with just a few people. On an island wedding you just need a few documents. That is way lots of agencys bring many couples to islands in order to tie the knot. So sometimes its crowded, and other couples are already waiting for their wedding ceremony, while you get married!

That is the reason why the romantic mood will not be as strong as it should be sometimes, because you see a lot of other couples who will marry before and after you. For some bride and grooms it looks like a drive-in for weddings. Not for everybody that is a problem. Mostly the couples are totally happy to get the chance to marry. But I am realistic enough, that there are couples too, which want to feel unique.

Therefore I often thought about a charming place, which can make my couples feel more special then those others. On your special day you deserve to feel special!

I am proud to say, that I found a great solution for that: airplane weddings!

If you will marry on a plane, then this will be a very special moment for you two. Hey, who else can say: We got married in the air??? That’s amazing.

Which package can I offer for your civil wedding?

Danish island wedding in a plane:heart-529607_1280

  • civil marriage date
  • incl. two witnesses
  • incl. wedding fee
  • incl. flower bouquet
  • incl. wedding photographer (1h)

price: 2000€


The wedding ceremony can take place in German or English. If you need a translator, this person can be a witness instead of the other witness I offer for you. The photographer will take pictures before going on the airplane, while the wedding ceremony in the plane and afterwards (1 hour at all).

Heiraten in Dänemark (2)

Procedure: One day before you will show the documents in the registrar office, so one overnight stay is necessary. At the next day is your wedding day in the air. After the wedding the registrar will give the marriage certificate to you. The danish wedding certificate is multi-lingual (english, german, danish, spanish and french).

If you want to marry soon, feel free to contact me. I am honoured to realize your airplane wedding soon. Email:

You like that idea? Sharing is caring. If you share the possibility to marry in denmark in the air with just a few documents, hopefully others can tie the knot there too. So share this post with your family and friends. You like to comment? I am looking forward to see, how people like my idea of an airplane wedding.