Hopefully you feel happy and thankful right now. If not, I will teach you to focus on positive thinking and adopt an attitute of gratitute. It might sound crazy, if you hear or read about it at the first sight. But believe me, it will change your life to the good. There are crisis and times of sadness in everyone’s life. It does not mean, that a happy and thankful person does not have problems in her/his life. BUT you decide, if you enjoy your life generally or just put your head into the sand and surrender. Read more about the journey to a joyful life…

Everytime I am sad I try to focus on the WHY! Not like WHY does this or that happen to me? Why this problem or this circumstances make me uncomfortable or sad. Sometimes life is really hard. Believe me, I experienced a lot up and downs in the past. The reality of every human being ist not like those Insta-posts and the snapchat-version. Everybody has some crazy stuff going on, which cuts your heart deeply.

Again and again we try to do our best and then some unexpected is happening and our plans and directions will be destructed. It is a long journey, but if you listen to me, you will change your life to the good. You will arise in the morning with a motivated heart and you can catch your dreams with a power that you felt never before.

1. Change the point of view!

It might sound weird, but it does work. If there occurs a problem in front of you, change the point of view. How? Ask yourself, why does this circumstance bring me in a state of trouble? Why am I feel so angry/sad/depressed/disappointed right now? The WHY is the key for solving the trouble you are in.

mindset change

I will give you an example:

Sarah had a big fight with her boyfriend John. Why? She feels angry because he does not meet her expectations. John feels angry, because she is always complaining about him and has this negative attitute. She feels not heared because he does not understand why she is not thankful for their relationship and time they spend together.

Now its time to change the WHY for Sarah. To focus differently. Before she always just focused on, why he does not do this for me? Why he does not want that?

After changing her mindset, she is asking herself: Why am I so disappointed or angry? Why am I expecting things from my boyfriend, which he does not want to do or is not able to realize? Do I need those high expectations anymore? Why do I like him to do this or that? What can I do for myself to change my mindset? The answer to that question is gratitute.

2. Learn to focus on gratefulness!

Mostly our focus is on improving our lifes, ourselve and our surroundings. People love to go forward and to reach a certain level in their life. But with all those goals and plans we have, we usually forget to be thankful for the things we already have. Most of the time we think about what could be or should be. But do you know, where those successful people find their power through? Its called gratefulness. That is the key to a joyful life with the maximum of positive vibes.

A couple of days I started a private journal. Every morning I try to sit, have a warm drink (hot water with lemon) and write down, 3-5 things I am thankful for. Everything is allowed. Whatever comes through my mind, I will write it down. I am really a kind of optimistic person, BUT I often get overwhelmed by others and their emotions and I am that kind of person who is overthinking so much and having so many plans, that I will forget to breakout of that hamster wheel.

If you read that journal of thankfulness, you will see what you already have. You will read, why you are happy and grateful. You get a new version of yourself, because you focus on the positive, not the negative point of view.

positive journal of grateful thoughts

People who always take a look on others and are comparing themselves, will never be satisfied at all. It does not mean, that another persons drives a porsche car, that this person is happier then you. Nope. In Germany we say: Put your own house in order. („Kehre vor deiner eigenen Haustür“). It is not important what Mr. X or Mrs Y are doing. Its important what you want to do. Every human being is different. And that is a big chance for all of us. We can learn to invest in ourselves, to improve ourselves and we can be learn to act with gratefulness.

If Sarah would focus on her relationship with John, she could try to be more grateful for having that great guy by her side. She could think about his positives attitute and that he makes her feel special and loved. John would not be bothered by her anymore, because she would be shining and joyful towards him. That is way she changed her mindset, and suddenly she would enjoy his company more then before too and be happier more then ever.

3. Keep things as simple as you can!

The danish people are famous for beeing the luckiest on the earth. Why?

Because they are keeping thinks simple and „hygge“ (thats a combination of a comfortably and easy lifestyle without negativity).

Life can be easy, if you go with your own flow. If you force yourself to live a life, you don’t like to be in, that means you will be frustrated and unlucky. Overthinking is one of the most common reasons why people feel depressed. If something happens to you, calm down. Take it easy. You will find a solution for everything. If there is occuring a problem, it does not mean that the world will end right now. Change the point of view. Try to think out of the box. Think about: If somebody else would have that problem, how would this person react? Which hint would I give a person with that problem?

solve problems easily

Don’t make yourself stressed out because of your own mindset. Trust in yourself and in your ability to solve your troubles. Every problem which crosses your journey in your life, is a lecture. You will learn from every mistake you make as well as you will change your mood, if you think positive and believe in the good.

Sometimes problems are so overwhelming that you are not able to react. There are circumstances which does not need to be solved ad hoc. Some crisis can be „paused“ and if you create a solution to solve them, you can press „play“ again.

Last month I really had some big issues. I am that kind of person, who can easily solve troubles, but those I felt not able to handle at all. After a couple of days, I just changed my mindset. I did not like to be depressed, stressed out and feeling weak. I stand up and put that crown on (like a queen ;o). I created a plan A, B and C and found a solution, finally.

Believe me, just positive thinking and looking forward helps you to life a joyful life. If you thinking of your past or overthinking the now and then everytime, you will questioning your whole life without enjoying it. Focus on the little things.

danish hygge

10 Hacks to make yourself feel comfortable and destressed:

  1. Have a wellness time (lotion, bathing, shower, massage etc.)
  2. Enjoy a good lecture (reading books destress a lot), pull cozy blankets on your legs while reading and have a warm drink (thats typical danish hygge attitute)
  3. Keep your home out of clutter and as clean as you can.
  4. Wear clothes which are feeling good on your skin.
  5. Connect with the nature, have plants in your house, take care of your garden or find time to walk in the woods. Greenlife is like a warm embrace.
  6. Do something creative (like painting or crafting, wood-working) to get those emotions out.
  7. Have a special time for work-outs (doing sports will increase your hapiness level very fast)
  8. Take care of eating mood-food, which looks nice and tastes great.
  9. Connect with people who think positive (even if those people are on social media ;O). Read positive quotes to increase your positive thoughts every day again.
  10. Read your journal of gratefulness, to realize what you already have and reached in your life.

Hopefully you fill find more joy in your life. If you like this article, I will be happy if you share it with others. Sharing means Caring. So if you know somebody who should bring some more joy in her or his life, share this blogpost with that person!

What makes you feel happy? Which hacks do you have for a joyful life? Comment if you like.