There are a lot of variants of showing your love towards the person you really feel connected with. Unfortunaly some men are not able to show their feelings in a directly way. Saying „I love you“ is not everyone’s favorite „to do“.

Some men grew up with a father who did not show his love directly to their mother. Others feel weak and at liberty if they tell a woman whats going on deep in their heart. I can tell you how you can show your love without given up yourself anyway...

As a weddingplaner and a happy marriage consultant I am always showing others how important it is to listen to your inner voice. I am really excited to tell you more about the process how you can learn to show your love but stay protected as a man.

I know there are some kind of women outside who appear like women but act like man. They are the reason why some men feel unsure about how to act currently. If they open their hearts, they will be afraid to be injured later on.

The globalization goes on and on. People connect with each other worldwide. Social media makes everything happen, but people loose the connection to those who are next to them easily. Most people are online, that means they are busy with their phones, ipads and laptops. To connect in reality with each other is harder then years before, although we all got a great value with all these technics, its also a big killer of love and pleasure.

Just imagine that couple, who wants to put some candles on and have a great time together, listening to music and enjoying each others company. Really think about this twice. We are not in the 80`s anymore. Who really switches his smartphone off?

Who will not get an whatsapp massage, or a viber call or an important email, while you are hanging up together? Who can wait? Who is not addicted to check his/her facebook or instagram account, to see if somebody liked your post or if your social media friends did a new great post?

It might sound crazy to you, BUT 80% of men does not use their smartphone to connect with their girlfriends. Why you don’t use that tool to express your love? You don’t need to write: I love you. You should, perhaps. But imagine you are somewhere. For example on a businesstrip. Often men forget to connect with their girlfriends, because they are busy. While she is controlling her mails and sms, she is hoping to get a sign from you, that you are thinking of her too.

stay connected while busy

And its really easy. If you are having a great time, just a 5 minute call of you will make her day. If she knows, that you are thinking of her, that’s really adorable. If you are drinking or eating something she likes, shoot a photo and send it to her, with the words: Would like to share with you!

If you text a message in the morning and the evening, nobody will cut of your leg, believe me. Its nice to show your spouse, that you think of her. If you feel not able to say: I miss you so much. Then there are so many ways to show her that you appreciate her. Buy something she really likes and give it to her if you come back home.

ihr geschenke machen

If you are together (that means you are living together already) some routine will make your life strong but brings your love in danger too. Why?

Because if you are together all the time, you can easily be stressed out and get rid of some quirks of your spouse. That is quite normal. Imagine you could have a steak every single minute of your day. Do you like to eat a steak all over the time? Normally after a while you will completely lost your taste towards steakmeat. Because you had it all around. It might sound crazy to compare a woman with a peace of meat, but its similar. The stimulation is not the same as it was at the beginning. You have to find new ways to get that peace of steak on a higher level.

every day a steak

If she always looks the same, smells the same and is always around you, perhaps its not so attractive as if you meet her wants in a while. That does not mean, you should have different homes, nope!

But you should live your own lifes, allthough you are living together as a couple. Connecting with each other is really important as well as releasing that karabiner and having some ME-TIME.

Often I got asked how my own relationship is as happy as it is right now. Believe me, my husband is not that kind of person who tells me „I love you“. But I know what he is feeling about me because of his attitute.

As an expert belonging partnerships I am really blessed to be in this longterm-relationship. Allthough we are a lot together both of us have very different interests and points of views. That is way we go our own paths as well as we go a certain path together.

type of man

Women feel unsure about men, because there are two different types of men...which really confuse them:

  1. The one who offers a lot of love and appreciation, that man is kind of overwhelming, because the woman has no possibility to breath deeply. He is gentle, and kind and expressing his feelings a lot and waiting for her to respond in a similiar way. She is unsure, if she has those deep feelings too or if she is acting to masculin while the man is like a female.
  2. The one, who does not express a lot of words the whole day, and does not openly speak about his feelings towards her. His feelings are a mystery and he protects himself for beeing hurt in any kind of way. The woman is asking herself often, if he loves her, but will never be sure about.

Both situations are not funny. Its hard work to be in a relationship which does not just look successful, but really is. We are in a relationship because we have feelings. Men can show their love in many kind of ways:

11 Hacks to show your spouse that you love her, but in a masculin kind of way, so you don’t be at the mercy of her:

  1. Texting or Calling her, shows that you think of her.
  2. Buying a bouquet of flowers or something nice she loves shows your appreciation towards her.
  3. Telling her that she did a good job, means the world to her, because it comes from you.
  4. Doing something extraordinary for her, makes her feel special.
  5. Listening to her words carefully must be learned, because usually women speak a lot throughout a day. If you find 10 minutes per day to listen to her sorrows, you will show her, the importance of her thoughts. Allthough she has a lot of friends to speak with, your opinion will be very important for her, because she is sharing her life with you.
  6. If you are blessed with a wife who cooks well, tell her sometimes that you like her food. She will be motivated to cook something special for you and happy to hear your feedback again.
  7. You should be aware about a new hair cut, a new parfum or new clothes of her. Taking attention and asking her, if that is new, will show her, that you are observing her quite well and that you realize changes. Having your eyes on her makes her feel more attractive at all.
  8. Allthough women are more likely romantically tuned then men, you can go an extra mile for her, by buying some candles or some nice dessous for her. (Check her size, before you buy something to small ;O). )
  9. If you know there are some daily tasks who really exhaust her, think about to hire somebody to get the score done. For example if you need a cleaner home, don’t complain, because for sure she has already a lot on her plate. Suggesting to get somebody paid for helping out could make her day. It shows her, that you really take care of her healthiness. Because often women does not knew their own switch off button.
  10. Write a secret note. Write something nice on a piece of paper and leave it for her, so she will read your words if you are not around. It will show her your love undirectly but in a deeper way.
  11. If you are not married right now, perhaps marrying you would mean the world to her. Asking her, if she wants to be your wife, will show her your love!


Showing your spouse your love is not an act of weakness. Loving somebody makes you feel stronger in life, because you have an open heart and will be rewarded for your love. People who are in love, are better in business and can put up with crisis more effective as people who are by their own.

If you are not sure about her feelings you can easily find out how the clock rings. Mostly woman will speak about her feelings. Knowing that their spouse is feeling the same is important to get a relatonship on a higher level.

Feeling connected is not just about sharing a bed or a home with each other. Love can lose its taste very fast if you don’t care about the partner in a deeper way. Having somebody around does not mean that you deserve that person. You should never stop to use the potential of a powerful relationship. Man and woman have strong feelings, allthough they express them in different kind of ways.

Hopefully you will connect with your spouse and show your love and how much she means to you.

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