If I am traveling I always have so many impressions that it takes some time to assimilate all the stuff my senses are overwhelmed by. But I admit that if you are going on a travel you are learning a lot of lessions. You can read books at home about places which other people went to, see pictures of those places, but you never feel the mood of a place until you are visiting that place by yourself.

The best education I have ever received was through travel.

Our mindset decides about our life. People are always striving to live a successful life. But how can you achieve personal fulfillment? There are so many people running around and trying to earn money and reach a certain level of wealth. But while they are so busy, do they really enjoy what they are working for? Do they love their job? Do they really enjoy their working routine or are they just longing for the weekend to get recharged a little bit to keep up?


While I was traveling around a few countries some places made me change my point of view. I was inspired by those people who do not work because of getting rich, but doing something which is their passion. An artist for example personally does not feel it’s a hard job he does while his heart is totally involved in the process of creating a sculpture.

A passionate musician who writes lyrics for a new song might be inspired by his surroundings. The words will just arise in his mind and it feels easy and warm to write those down. Then he senses some certain sounds deep inside himself and uses his instrument, i.e piano or guitar to express the melody which was already created by his heart.

success is born out of faith, an undying passion and a relentless drive

Did you recognize those musicians who are asked how they had that great song idea and just feel a little bit weird about the production, because it’s their passion to do music and not a bad task to work, but a great pleasure? They sometimes cannot answer why that sound is so special or why people love it so much. They just express themselves and are so happy if they receive a positive feedback by their audience. It does not feel like hard work, it’s *working by heart*

passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Oprah Winfrey

People who love their work, those who really enjoy to improve themselves, those people are the most successful ones: They don’t give up, even if they do mistakes. They go forward and invest in their improvement. They find solutions for problems, create things and invent something. They stay high motivated because their work feels not like a burden. Working with passion is such a personal gain.

I am quite sure about the reason why people are successful. It’s that fire inside which arises every day again in them to go further and live that passion unlimited.

My wedding agency offers me so many experiences I am really thankful for. My work does make me feel like a magician who solves others heartpeople problems.

Helping others to bring their love on a higher level makes me feel very happy. I am really thrilled by the thought of creating solutions for couples who want to get married. It makes me feel very lucky and I am grateful, because I followed my inner impulse to do a job which I really appreciate. As a high-sensitive person I am very emphatic and that is why my costumers feel so comfortable. Its really exiting if they feel heard and respected by me.

Therefore I am always improving my performance and always searching for flexibility and innovation. By traveling I get a lot inspired, sometimes just a view on a certain theme inspires me to create something new belonging my business. Following my heart and using my inner voice in my business are my personal success boosters.

If you don’t want to live a life like a human robot, you need tobe self-determined and do something which you really love. Than working is really not feeling like work, its fun and you feel free and satisfied.

Changing to the good is the best goal which you can have. If you want to be successful you need to be sure about your passion, which activity thrills your heart.

Never do something because you will be paid great, if you feel bored or unchallenged by that task. The reason why successful people are so great with what they are doing and why they earn so much money, is that they really feel passion for what they are doing. Passion motivates you to do better then others, to go forward and to improve yourself while others already would fail.

Always ask yourself, if you feel passion about what you are doing. If not, be sure that the job is not a business which leads you to long-term success.