Love is magical. But remaining lucky with each other in a long-term relationship might seem as a hard job for you. Obviously some couples are not happy on a daily basis. That is the reason why I like to pay attention to those habits who make you feel happier as a couple, especially if you live together in a long-term relationship. Today I want to share with you three love habits of really lucky couples. You easily can transfer those habits into your own partnership and hopefully you will bring your relationship on a higher level as soon as possible.

I few weeks ago I had a cozy evening and watched the movie „Hope Springs“ with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. These talented actors represent a middle-aged couple, which attends an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship. After 30 years of marriage and a really dull routine the wife want to change their relationship to the good. Divided bedrooms, no touches, less of speech… its enough for her. Every morning she is preparing his breakfast (fried egg & bacon) and pouring him a cup of coffee. Silently he will eat while his face will disappear behind the newspaper. Every single morning, the same attitute.

Okay I don’t want to bother you with the movie, but its so typical for long-term couples, who loose the connection to each other. After establishing a certain routine you will be fixed in that routine like a hamster running in his wheel. The therapist points out a great phrase, which seeems so true to me. He told them, that if your nasal wall got crooked, its in some cases necessary to break the nose in order to fix it. Same for relationships. If you have established a habit which is a destroyer of your relationship, you logically should try to break with that habit.

As a believer in the quality of successful long-term relationships and as an granddaughter of a couple which celebrated their 60. year of wedding day this summer I truly like to advice you how you can learn to enjoy the company of each other.

Check out the three main love habits which leads to a lucky and long period as a couple

1. Kissing each other

A little kiss here and there is a game changer for every relationship. Did you remember the first days as you just kissed for no reason? Just kissed because you were longing for getting kissed by the person you felt in love with? Kissing is one of the important things in a relationship. Those who kiss each other more often, can achieve a deeper connection on a daily basis.

kiss each other

  • Kiss for hello
  • kiss for goodbye
  • kiss for good morning
  • kiss for good night.
  • Kiss for no reason, just to show you love that person you are living with.

There are studies about kissing and the phisique consequences of kisses.

Did you know that a deep kiss can burn 12 calories? Did you know that kissing helps to release stress? That is why our brain is producing neurotransmitter while kissing each other. Did you know that people who kiss a lot protect their immune system and that those kissers are slow-aging? Kissing each other stimulates the vibe between lovers. You should never stop kissing. Try to add more kisses to your relationship. You will be surprised that you will feel more balanced, if you kiss more often. Kisses are the messenger of love and tenderness. Try to integrate kisses into your daily life as a couple.

2. Hug each other

„Oh, hey give me a hug!“ Do you now those moments if kids run into your arms and they feel like they get embraced by the clouds? As a child you hopefully got hugged by your parents and those people who were close to you. Hugging each other is a lovely tradition. Especially in germany people who know each other a long time love to hug each other if they meet and say „NAAAAA?“. Its so typical german, but its pure and feels great.

hug each other

If you give somebody a hug you physically put your hearts together at this moment. Even if its just a few seconds, heartpeople will be touched by these embracement. If you hug somebody your brain will produce oxytocin, dopamin and serotonin. While oxytocin releases stress, dopamin and serotonin are happy hormones which immediately improve your mood. A person who more often is embraced by others is tended to be less depressed in her/his life.

3. Communicate about your day

The key is communication. And if you live together it is so easy to loose that key! Because our life is busy and full of other things. You might think about your feelings and expect that your partner does know what your emotions are all about. But the bitter truth is that most people cannot read your mind. You don’t need to speak a thousand words every day with each other. But you should try to brief your up’s and downs of the day to your favorite person.

communicate about your day

The last weeks I asked my children before bedtime: Which was your favorite thing today? Which thing was not nice today? The answer just takes 2 minutes, but:

  • 1. It releases stress,
  • 2. It helps them to reflect about their day and themselves
  • 3. Its so easy to get a deeper connection if you know whats matters to somebody else.

These routine is really great for couples too.

  • Which thing was a challenge for you today?
  • Are you looking forward to something?
  • Which thing made you happy today?

You don’t need to sit and speak about hours with each other. It is just so nice to connect here and there. You should try it. Its like a meeting with the stuff of a high quality team at work. You will share each others goals, progresses and emotions.

If you know which thing is bothering the other person, you can support each other in a easier way. Sharing happy moments and sorrows helps to feel more connected with each other. Crisis might seem very problematic by the first sight. But if you can be sure you have somebody in your life who is building you up if you are down, then you can be de-stressed more easily.

A long-term relationship was not build at one day. And therefore you need to have love habits on a daily basis which are supporting your long-term relationship in a good way. Laughing with each other, joking and being funny is a part of a good relationship as well as being serious and taking attention to the fears and sorrows of each other.

Stay on top! Hopefully my blogarticle inspires you to invest in your relationship. One’s you add those kindly love habits to your daily routine, you will never want to miss these habits again.

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