Many people enjoy reading lovestories and most people love to get advices for a happy relationship. Why? Probably because we love that feeling of reading romantic stories or listening to someone who can show us, how we can be happier then right now?

I personally like to watch romantic movies and I like those kind of movies where couples go to a lot (!!!) of struggle but at the end of the movie there is a kind of happy end. Okay, sorry that is to much illusion for you? Might be, because the reality is not about rainbows and butterflies…

Why do we need a partnership in our life at all? Would it not be better to stay as a lone wolf and be totally unindependent? Sometimes I think about that being alone stage and imagine to be alone and just responsible for myself. It would definitive be easier to stay solo and smart in some cases. But the human being is a social creature. We were not build to be alone and isolated for a longterm-period. And I really feel loved and valued by having a strong partnership and an own family.

Why do singles try to find the right partner? In the main time being alone is not so great as it might seem by the first sight.


As I was a child and my mom asked me about my personal dream for my future life, I answered with over-confidence: „I want to be a happy wife with having at least four children around me!“

No kidding. That was my goal as a child. Why did I not thought of being a surgeon, allthough I was highly interested in helping people and medicine knowledge?

Because for me the most important thing in my entire world was: Listening to my heart, means to find my soulmate and creating a relationship full of love and happiness with that person and building a strong family. Love comes first!


I always admired mothers of many children who really put all their love and care in building a strong family with their husbands. I personally believe that we all become better humans if we build up a family. There will be lots of conflicts to solve and you need to share and care everywhere. Some humans are not interested to have an own family. They focus on other values in life. It’s okay if that person is sure about that.

But I am sure about the fact that the personal development can be very effective for each member in a huge family: People who grow up in big families act often very socially and can handle problems quiete easily.

For example my husband was born in a large family and his social skills are amazing. I always wonder about his ability to find a clue to some people which need help. He is generous, funny, spontaneous and a great problem solver. All members of his family love to call him to get his advice, although he is not the oldest but I suppose the smartest one. I am grateful to be a part of his life so far.


I always kept on looking deeper into many lovestories of other people observed their troubles and ups and downs. If somebody had a crisis belonging a conflict with his/her spouse, Sometimes I was asked to give an advice.

And if people met me personally, most of them felt comfortable to speak about their feelings with me. It is tricky for me to find the best words for that circumstance, but I always put the focus on their heart, not just on thoughts and actions belonging a certain problem they went through.


If you think and try to hide your feelings you can do it for a while. But after a certain amount of feelings your mind will not work probably anymore.

It’s like you have a huge barrel filled with water and it’s totally filled. If you put more water on it, it can break the walls and the water will rinse over and over. Do you understand what I mean? If you are feeling angry and you try to put that feeling beside, it might work for a while. But then suddenly something small happens which triggers youvand you will explode without controlling your emotional anger anymore. It is important to be connected with your feelings on a daily basis, in order to be aware of your personal status quo.


Having a happy marriage is not usual. If you want to live in a happy marriage you have to invest day by day. It is comparable to entrepreneurship. It’s a commitment. If you want to be successful with your business you have to train your skills and to work on your performance in order to reach costumers who will pay you for that value you offer to them. In a happy marriage the costumer is your spouse. He/She will not pay with money, if you can offer a great value he/she will reveal a positive feedback to you.

People often don’t care about that process of a relationship. After honeymoon stage some people just lounge back and then after a while they wonder why their relationship is having so much struggles and is full of conflicts.

big love.jpg

I am convinced about the fact, that everybody, literally everybody is able to live in a happy partnership. The path to that happiness might not be easy, but I am sure that you can handle this.

I am currently working on creating a programme for couples in order to bring their relationship on a higher level. I want to offer them top solutions for their problems. My purpose is to help couples becoming happier in the future.

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