Hopefully you enjoy your life so far no matter which problems you have to face. Do you ever thought, that everything is too much for you? That you can not handle a certain issue which bothers you? Did you ever felt exhausted by your own thoughts and overwhelmed by your surroundings?

The reality is sometimes surreal. Do you feel deeply but cannot express all your insights because other people might think you overreact?

The idea of being aware is a beautiful one. But in reality awareness can be really hard sometimes. We tackle things and bring our ideas in but it’s not easy to live in a world where most of the people cannot dive deeper because they are just surfing on the surface.

Yesterday I realised how much we try to fit here and there in our society in order to please other peoples needs. Sometimes we get so creative and try to edge through a thin path allthough it hurts ourselves a little bit here and there.

If you love somebody and that person hurts you, you might rather close your eyes and ignore the failure or you really get messed up and attack the other person too, no matter what will happen next. The current generation is very social, especially in the online world. You might feel comfortable with a stranger who likes one of your posts on your Instagram account, also you never met that person in reality. Unfortunately we lost the ability to really get to those people we really find adorable and which are in front of us, in our lives in reality.


Simon Sinek describes it in a very beautiful way. We are all a little bit sticking to our smart devices aka our smartphones. Hey people get used to bring that technology even to their toilet time, right? Did you ever find yourself sitting on the toilet seat and scrolling through an online article or a social media feed? If so, you might know what I am speaking about.


Is it part of our reality that we are checking our whatsapp messages and speak with friends and relatives in another country via vibercall or skype and thats literally for free. Its an enrichment by the one hand and by the other hand a possibility to escape from our own reality.  The reason why I really love the input of Simon Sinek is that he does not blame the technology.

He actually supports us to use it in a proper way. Sometimes you might not realise how unpolite it is to speak to those people around you while you are playing with that device in your hand. It does not matter if you check the weather, or your social media feed or read the daily news… you will find a reason to scroll with your finger(s) over and over again. And if you could observe yourself how that looks like, you would probably stop to do it so often. It seems like your are in another world, another timeline, another place then those people are who need you in reality, physically and psychologically.


  • Look into other peoples eyes, if they speak to you.
  • Be present.
  • Be aware about the importantance of a social human behavior in front of those people who share their lives with you.
  • Take care: If you see that somebody is not happy, ask about the why.
  • Try to be involved in their lifes by paying attention to their needs and wishes.

A couple of days ago, I was really obsessed with the idea of unfollowing a bunch of blogs I follow so far. I actually did not unsubscribe but I admit I tend to do it. WHY? Because my email account got messed up. People try to produce a lot of content in order to be present for their readers and they sometimes assume that if they offer not enough they will seem to be less important in that online world which is so fast changing and people might to be replaceable so fast.


But honestly all those messages which came in made me mad, because as I tried to read through those information I realized that I was totally drifting away from the reality which I am actually living in. I was reading all those articles and sitting on the couch while our children complained that I would just run around with that smartphone in my hand. And the input was overwhelming me, because I felt I need to read this new article but could not concentrate, because it was a huge amount of new articles and 1000 of words. That was a overwhelming feeling for me. Because I love reading and need usually that input but I already felt full!


And yes I did read the articles, but it felt not good anymore. It felt like I need to in order to be accurate and up to date, instead of having fun by reading new stuff which could inspire you to improve your life. I forced myself to slow down and ignore some of those messages and simply erase them. Instead of reading new published fresh content I started to focus on our children and played with them boardgames and other things too.

Having quality time means to be focussed on that people we love. We get so easily distracted by our phones and we sometimes need to force ourselves to overcome the need to check all those things which suddenly come in, wheather it is a post or an email which is popping up on the surface of our smartphones.


We cannot stop technology, we should not because it offers so many possibilities and oppurtunities to us. But sometimes it is just neccessary to catch up with the others in reality, to laugh and be childish and act without inhibition. Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes by the input of that technology we use daily? Did you ever realise how many time we spend online instead of creating lasting memories with those real people who are sitting next to us? I hope you find a great balance between the online world and those people who are in front of you.

Do you have a golden path for that issue? I am curious about your opinion and how you personally deal with the huge amount of fresh information and the developement of technology and how it can offend our friends and familymembers if we get distracted too much.